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Chapter 6 Who to send first

  And Wang Jie two people almost drank up a case of beer, several girls drank a few cups, at the moment the little face are flushed more beautiful three points.

  Li Dong did not expect Wang Jie this kid can still drink, before it was not noticed.

  A barbecue to eat down the relationship between the crowd is obviously a lot closer than before, China is really a food society, eat and drink to talk about feelings.

  Even Yuan Xue, who usually doesn't look too good, now looks not so mindful, beauty is to have this capital, even if a little flaw is easily forgotten.

  A checkout, Li Dong was greatly impressed, there is no inflation in the world is really beautiful.

  Five people ate and drank enough to spend eighty dollars, you know in the latter days no two or three hundred can not get down.

  But after the checkout Li Dong was shy, only a fifty and a few dimes left, even to buy a meal of money.

  It is really a penny hard to fall heroes, if you do not earn a little money, not to mention supporting the family, and even pick up girls have no capital.

  But Li Dong is not in a hurry, in addition to the process some trouble, want to make money for him is not too difficult.

  After dinner is more than nine o'clock, the crowd did not want to go shopping.

  Wang Jie red face to send Chen Yue home, it is not known whether it is drinking or other reasons.

  Li Dong was just about to accompany Qin Yuhan back together when he heard Chen Yue say, "Li Dong, Xiao Xue and I are not on the same road, why don't you help send Xiao Xue?"


  Yuan Xue refused without even thinking about it, Li Dong opened his mouth and cooed, "You promised I wouldn't agree."

  Chen Yue simply ignored Yuan Xue and continued, "It's so late, it's not safe for Xiao Xue to go back alone, Li Dong, I'll leave Xiao Xue to you, I'll go first."

  After saying that Wang Jie, the guy who forgot his righteousness, also followed Chen Yue and ran away, leaving Li Dong three people staring at each other.

  Looked at Yuan Xue, and then look at Qin Yuhan, Li Dong a face of grief, really a difficult choice.

  From the bottom of his heart, he certainly wants to spend time with Qin Yuhan and swing the road together, but Chen Yue is also right, the security environment today is not as good as in the future, if you really let a delicate beauty like Yuan Xue go home alone, there is no guarantee that something will happen.

  Without much hesitation, Li Dong said, "Let's do it this way, Yu Han's home is close to here, we will send Yu Han back first, and then I will send Yuan Xue home later."

  Qin Yuhan did not make a sound, Yuan Xue just want to open his mouth to refuse, Li Dong will not refuse to say: "So it is settled, after sending people I have to go home to sleep!"……

  Li Dong silent all the way, Qin Yu Han and Yuan Xue followed behind whispering something Li Dong also did not deliberately to listen to, no more than some girl's homely words.

  Ten minutes later to Qin Yuhan home downstairs, Qin Yuhan and Yuan Xue said goodbye.

  Looked up at Li Dong did not speak, until almost on the stairs before turning around and said with a cheeky smile: "Li Dong, remember to send Yuan Xue home safely, next time I have time to invite you to dinner."

  Said also did not give Li Dong the opportunity to reply, stomp a few steps and disappeared in the darkness of the building between.

  "Let's go, where does your family live?" Looking at Qin Yuhan disappeared, Li Dong then turned around and asked.

  Only then did Li Dong remember that he had no idea where Yuan Xue's family lived, and had to say it was a failure.

  The person is at least the school flower level beauty, also and their own front and back table, they actually did not think to inquire about this.

  Yuan Xue seems to have realized that Li Dong does not treat himself too well, aggravated in his heart, sniffed and said: "Ming Yuan District!"

  "Uh ……"

  Li Dong did not dare to say anything, this oolong is a bit big, no wonder people are not happy.

  Not for other reasons, only because the famous garden district he knows, in fact, the county is so big, this piece is still the center of the county, the general upscale district are in this area.

  And Yuan Xue's house is located in the famous garden district and Qin Yuhan's house across a road, and just a few people happened to pass that.

  Hold for a while, Li Dong looked at the bored gourd like Yuan Xue some depressed: "Then why you just did not say?"


  "Say what? Say my home is actually closer than Qin Yuhan's home, let you send me back first?" Yuan Xue's pretty face was slightly cold, "I'm not your good friend, of course I have to be close to your good friend first."

  A dry cough, Li Dong did not make another sound, sullenly walking towards the place where they came, the two did not speak on the way.

  After all, they are not far apart, two or three minutes away from each other to the famous garden district.

  Standing at the entrance of the community, Li Dong fixed his feet, Yuan Xue also paused, the two were silent for a while.

  In the darkness Yuan Xue bit her lips and asked as low as a mosquito, "Li Dong, do you hate me?"