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Chapter 7 Inquiring about the market

  Outside the sky is still dark, the sound of small footsteps has come from the living room.

  Li Dong rolled up with a fish leap, hurriedly dressed and pushed the door out.

  Li Chengyuan was just about to go out, saw his son dressed and came out froze for a moment concerned: "Did it wake you up? You have tomorrow off, go back to sleep a little more, it's only two o'clock."

  "No, I got up by myself." Li Dong hurriedly washed his face with cold water and said, "Dad, I'll go with you!"

  Mom was not up yet, so Li Dong lowered his voice.

  Usually Dad goes to buy goods first, and then Mom follows to open the stall, so she can sleep a little more than Dad every day.

  "What are you going with me for? Go back to sleep, it's cold outside ……"

  "Dad, I'm going to see, our family has been selling fish for so many years I have not been to the place where you buy goods, anyway, during the day when nothing to come back to catch up on sleep on the line."

  The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market.

  The April day is not cold, but the night dew is still a bit cool.

  Li Dong tightened his shirt, Li Chengyuan has taken out the pedal tricycle placed downstairs to transport goods, greeted Li Dong sit down and pedal tricycle to ride in the direction of the suburbs.

  The father and son did not have much to say on the way, the father and son are always silent most of the time.

  Until nearly 20 minutes of riding, the darkness came a light, the faint sound of people coming.

  Li Chengyuan found a place to stop the tricycle, patting Li Dong's shoulder while walking and introducing.

  "This is the Dongping Market, usually in here, not only us, what vegetables and fruits are also in here to buy goods. It is night delivery to the big trucks, dawn on the go."

  "Usually there are also the countryside down the second way dealers also in this shipment, come early sometimes can meet some good things, cheap not to mention good sales."

  "But also to look carefully, these guys are not a good match, not once or twice to substandard good, under the lights, there is often a blind eye. For example, live shrimp mixed with part of the dead shrimp ……"

  "Also, sometimes some wholesalers come late, the first to call the high price, not into the goods and fear that the back of the people do not come when the goods are broken, the teeth into the high-priced goods, the results of the wholesalers came back, the price fell, the front of the purchase will be a loss, sell the high price can not be sold to break the capital ……"

  Li Chengyuan all the way to Li Dong introduced, not thinking of letting his son take over his class, but let his son more life experience.

  These experiences only they such veteran vendors know, otherwise they are making money why so many new stalls closed at a loss.

  No matter what work you do in the future, years of experience is always good.

  Li Dong obediently listened, from time to time to survey the various large trucks in the aquatic products.

  Li Chengyuan has familiar suppliers, leading Li Dong for a few minutes before stopping by a truck around the corner.

  "Old Wang, is there any good goods this time? Yesterday you that shrimp are dead half you still pit me, lost more than a hundred ……"

  Across the distance Li Chengyuan greeted loudly, the truck side squatting a few people are looking at the goods, a short fat middle-aged man hastily turned around and scolded with a smile: "I know it is you this big mouth, stirring up my business you happy, right? Yesterday the shrimp died some I have told you, not to you cheap it ……"

  Two people chatting Li Chengyuan began to look at the goods, Li's stall is not large, into the things are not much, so do not have to run several suppliers, this one is enough.

  Li Dong also did not idle, taking advantage of his father to look at the goods themselves around, to see if there is no sale of lobster.

  Before and after looking at seven or eight, it is true that Dongping here is not this thing, there is, but very little.

  Several together, I'm afraid not five hundred pounds, here is the largest wholesale fish market in Dongping, the entire Dongping County, the sales of lobster a day actually only so little.

  Even if it is not yet the official season to eat lobster, but nearly 400,000 people in Dongping County eat lobster is too little.

  Li Dong somewhat disappointed, do they have to go to the countryside to acquire?

  Although Dongping is located inland, but there are many rivers and lakes, lobster this thing to breed quickly and well.

  The countryside is a lot of that thing, but not many people sell, rural people like to use to feed chickens and ducks, the rest of the top also eat at home, not many people specializing in breeding this thing.


  Sighed, did he go out of his way, the first bucket of gold still have to think of other ways not?

  Just worried frown, just talking to Dad's old Wang came over, handed a cigarette and laughed: "Wa Zi, the old Li family?"

  "Well, thanks!"

  Naturally, he took the cigarette and lit it by the fire, Li Dong took a deep breath, then he remembered that he had actually forgotten to smoke when he was reborn.

  This is a good thing, their last life dry sales smoking, a smell of smoke on the body can not be washed off, for this also lost a number of single.