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Chapter 8 Exploring the provincial capital

  Pingchuan, the capital of Jiangbei province.

  In his previous life, Li Dong lived in this city for twelve years, four years of college, eight years of work.

  Thirty years of life nearly half of the time stayed in this city, Pingchuan is his second hometown.

  Dongping County is about two hundred kilometers from Pingchuan, almost three hours by car.

  Li Dong caught the early bus, about nine o'clock again set foot on this familiar land.

  Touching the remaining change in his pocket, Li Dong secretly rejoiced that the fare had not increased at this time, just enough for a round trip, or else even the money for the ride was not.

  Throw a dime, on the bus to the nearest vegetable market, Li Dong sight skimmed the familiar and strange scenery outside the window dazed……

  No matter where the food market is a constant noise, a mixture of smells make people frown.

  Li Dong has long been accustomed to this scene, as a child, his parents are busy, many times Li Dong is brought to the vegetable market to let him play alone, sometimes a stay is a whole day.

  With the flow of people Li Dong quickly found the aquatic area, the South Gate vegetable market is much larger than the Dongping vegetable market, the vendors are also more.

  The aquatic area is also different from Dongping one stall at a time, the aquatic area here is a family of storefronts, much cleaner than the messy and dirty small market.

  Li Dong a glance, red lobster is easy to see, selling a lot of people.

  Although not yet the official listing of lobster season, but at this time, Pingchuan people's enthusiasm for lobster consumption is on the rise.

  Heart slightly relieved, Li Dong turned around and chose a slightly larger facade stopped.

  "Boss, how do you sell lobster?"

  The store owner who was busy did not raise his head and said loudly, "8 for the small ones and 10 for the big ones."

  Li Dong squatted down and looked, are red-shelled lobster, small not to mention that the large one almost two two weight.

  Estimated for a moment Li Dong put down his heart, the market retail price is not low, compare their profit ratio, the purchase price is almost five or six dollars a catty.

  Did not speak again, has been waiting for a bearded boss busy finished Li Dong before getting up to talk.

  "Boss, it's only April, lobster is good to sell?"

  "Not bad, the weather is hot this year, the people who eat quite a lot. Mainly or large stalls barbecue stalls to, you buy some back to try, the taste is not bad."

  Li Dong pulled out a packet of Yuxi from his pocket, this is the New Year's Dad bought to pretend to be a facade, has not been able to smoke, the morning when he left Li Dong Shun to.

  Handed one to the boss, the bearded boss wiped his hands and took the cigarette and lit it, smiling: "Little brother face is very raw, own store?"

  Li Dong inhaled a cigarette, shook his head and said: "The family contracted hundreds of acres of lake in the southern suburbs, this year the lobster is quite a lot, which is not thinking about finding some way to sell. Door-to-door collection of dealers to give the price is a little lower, I came out to see for myself."


  The boss nodded to show his understanding, this kind of thing is very common.

  The fishmongers who came to the door to buy the fish were so desperate to press the price that some farmers were unwilling to go out to find a way.

  There are many lakes in the southern suburbs of Pingchuan, many private contractors, and a lot of aquatic products in Pingchuan come from there.

  "Little brother is not looking at me here?"

  The bearded man smiled hideously and said, "Don't see me shouting the price is not cheap, in fact, a day can not sell much. Besides, sell to those restaurants to be cheaper, if the little brother has the goods, I have no problem eating some down here ……"

  To say that the business can be done successfully are the human essence, Li Dong did not open his mouth people understand the meaning, which began to pressure the price.

  "Don't, Chen boss is too modest, I just looked, you're a moment I'm afraid sold no less than a hundred pounds."

  "Little brother knows me?"

  The bearded man was a little surprised that Li Dong called out his surname, as to how much was sold Li Dong just looked and there was no need to deny it.

  Li Dong smiled and pointed to the store sign, which left the owner's last name and phone number.

  The bearded man laughed, turned to indicate his wife to receive customers, pulled Li Dong stood to the side and said: "To be honest, I have not seen the goods do not know how. Besides, my side of the goods are acquaintances, take the goods convenient not to say also cheap, if the goods are less to say that these are also meaningless, business are trying to a long time is not."

  Li Dong nodded, no matter what business is to seek a long time convenience, Li Dong is doing this family naturally understand.

  But money is the truth, as long as they are a little cheaper than the wholesalers these people keep on rushing to beg for themselves.

  "Boss Chen, let's not be polite. This time I came to inquire about, you say a price, if you can get by I give you a daily 10,000 pounds of goods is not a big problem."

  "Oh, jokingly, I can not eat so much. Two thousand pounds a day, three for the small ones, five for the big ones."

  Li Dong turned around and left, two thousand pounds of lobster pressure so much what profit, he might as well just go to the big stall shipments forget.

  "Do not rush, little brother, then you say a price?"

  The bearded man hastily pulled Li Dong, small business price negotiation is not a large company negotiations, what face rules are not important money.

  "Size mix, six dollars a pound, most of the large." Dongping lobster market Li Dong looked in the morning, only divided into green shell red shell, the size is not divided.