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Chapter 9 Ordering

  From the second-hand store out, Li Dong hands more than a semi-new artifact - Nokia.

  It cost a whole four hundred and fifty dollars, this thing ten years later thrown on the ground I'm afraid no one picked up, now the second-hand is actually still so expensive.

  The actual fact is that the actual time is already 11:30, Li Dong hurriedly embarked on the bus home……

  At three o'clock in the afternoon, Li Dong arrived at Dongping Station.

  In the station to buy a cell phone card to install, Li Dong took out the old Wang left his business card to call over.

  "Hey, Uncle Wang?"


  "I Xiaoli ah, I talked to you in the morning ……"

  "Yes, yes, I told you in the morning to get some lobster, I want the day after tomorrow, 10,000 pounds, all to the red shell, you see if you can be cheaper?"


  "I just test the water, two dollars five is too expensive, and 10,000 pounds can be quite a lot."


  "That's fine, let's meet and talk, where are you now I'll go over."……

  Dongping Market.

  Old Wang is busy greeting people unloading, see Li Dong came to wipe his hands handed a cigarette over.

  The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market.

  "That's right, you think the night shipments on the line, but also have to run around, otherwise where to get the goods." Old Wang took a deep breath of smoke and greeted Li Dong to find a clean place to sit down.

  "You kid really want so much?"

  Old Wang some doubts, thought or said: "10,000 pounds is not a small number, if really lost, after the meeting with the old Li embarrassed."

  "Uncle Wang don't worry, I'm busy all day today looking for a way, and several hotels in the county stalls have talked about, a few hundred pounds, even if the loss is not much."

  And old Wang Li Dong naturally can not tell the truth, said the county hotel to even if the old Wang know that they earned money will not be moved, one is no access, the second is afraid of trouble.

  Sure enough, the old Wang stretched his thumb praise: "Good boy, have the ability! If my son has your kid's ability I can wake up laughing in my dreams!"

  This is not against the heart, is really admire Li Dong, a day's time can negotiate several hotels, ordinary people do not have this ability.

  "Oh, then Uncle Wang will have to give me a little cheaper. I'm young and want to earn some money is not easy, Uncle Wang must take care of." Li Dong smiled and approached, said a basket of good words, anyway, talk and not cost money.

  Old Wang's eyes squinted into slits, not because of Li Dong's closeness, but this business is not small.

  Ten thousand pounds of lobster, he received up a catty of cheap dollars, even if expensive will not exceed one dollar five, 10,000 pounds to throw away other expenses, profits will have five or six thousand.

  Do not look at his business is not small, but a make on the five or six thousand is not common, otherwise would have made a fortune.

  "Just because you call me an uncle, my old Wang is not likely to pit you! Two dollars a catty, the dead are counted as mine, I'm going to contact the goods, not more than a day to pull you!"

  Li Dong did not return the price, two yuan a catty, five yuan on the bearded side, which is more than double the profit, what is not satisfied.

  "Cheng, but Uncle Wang and I'll talk to you first, the payment must wait three days to settle ……"

  "OK, no problem!"

  Old Wang promised too quickly, Li Dong previously prepared to say all useless.

  Some depressed, but also know the old Wang not worry about the reason, anyway, he knows his own father, where his own stall he also knows.

  Ten thousand pounds of capital but more than 10,000, even if Li Dong lost no money to him can also go to Li Chengyuan, Li family ten thousand dollars or can get out.

  The two said a few words about Li Dong and said goodbye to Lao Wang, turned a few corners and went to another place.

  Pingchuan side every day to 10,000 pounds of goods, just looking for a Lao Wang can not, and more shipments out of the Lao Wang will be suspicious, Dongping can not eat so many lobsters……

  The same rhetoric, the price and the same old Wang, the second wholesaler is happy to have a big business door.

  It is about three days after the payment of the other party some hesitation, Li Dong also know that it is impossible for everyone and Lao Wang that, on the spot paid a deposit of one thousand dollars each other to put down their hearts.

  Li Dong is also ready to talk about the next one, three just right, one person a day, three days 10,000 pounds although still seems a bit much, but the other side should not be suspicious.

  But now there is no hurry, but also to see the first transaction of the market to say.

  Leave the Dongping Market Li Dong directly back home, this day to speak too much smoking, voice are a little mute, plus the whole back and forth in the car are exhausted.

  No time to clean up, took off his shoes and lay down on the bed Li Dong fell asleep……

  This sleep is very happy, Li Dong woke up when he looked at the time has been nine o'clock.

  Cao Fang, who was cleaning up the living room, saw her son come out and quickly said: "Come eat, just hot! You have to go with your father to buy goods on vacation, you are tired."

  "Mom, I'm not tired, you don't have to clean up the house, I'll do it later after eating, you go to bed."

  Cao Fang was full of smiles, her son was more understanding these days, she was very happy.

  But the mouth still said, "No you, your task is to study well to get a good university, then Mom died happy ……"