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Chapter 10 The first bucket of gold

  2004, April 13th, Tuesday.

  Li Dong woke up before four o'clock, and waited for Cao Fang to leave before getting up and washing up, and hurriedly rushed to Dongping Market.

  The truck he contacted yesterday afternoon was waiting at the intersection on the side of the market, and Li Dong went up to greet the truck master, and the two of them chatted for a few minutes before Lao Wang also rushed over.

  "Dongzi, the goods are ready, you see for yourself, no problem we will pass the scale."

  Li Dong is not pretentious, this is their first transaction, whether or not acquaintances have to look carefully, if they pitted themselves in trouble.

  Besides, he and Lao Wang are not too familiar with the business like to kill familiar and not without.

  Old Wang's truck up and down neatly yard dozens of plastic frames, red piece, Li Dong casually grabbed a few lobsters weighing the weight, not small, the size of half open.

  The main thing is to look at the spirit, if not shipped to the provincial capital on the dead, then they will be a big loss.

  Around a spot check, fortunately, the old Wang business or careful, the spirit are good, dead and not much, Li Dong nodded to indicate that it can.

  Weighing, settlement, some busy work.

  Remove the dead ones, count down there are actually 11,000 pounds of the same.

  Old Wang casually pull off a few dead lobsters, lying on the stool to write and calculate a moment to look up to Li Dong Dong: "Dongzi, a total of 11,096 pounds, the change to you erased, 22,000 yuan right?"

  "That's right, thank you Uncle Wang."

  No need for old Wang to speak, Li Dong continued, "I'll give you a note, fingerprint, three days later to settle the bill."

  Old Wang laughed and said loudly, "Open! You kid is a quick person, if the sale is good, next time continue to find me, Uncle Wang guarantee to give you the best price!"

  The two said while writing down the note, Li Dong pressed the fingerprints, old Wang also greeted people to help Li Dong on the goods.

  The day was already hazy after all the fuss, and Li Dong looked at his phone, 6:10.

  And old Wang said goodbye, Li Dong got into his rented truck quickly to Pingchuan.

  As for the truck master also did not ask Li Dong why the freight to the provincial capital, Li Dong out of a thousand dollars of freight is not cheap, as for not being able to say to others he also did not take it seriously.

  This year, each do their own, he has money to earn on the line, Li Dong said if this time smoothly later also find him, if a month can pull on ten times eight times they make a lot of money……

  Arrived in Pingchuan has been nine thirty, halfway Li Dong has called the bearded boss.

  The truck was parked in an open space behind the South Gate Market, the bearded man was already waiting, followed by a few people, should be his cousins.

  Once the car stopped, the bearded man was in a hurry to see the goods, Li Dong did not stop.

  Unloaded a basket of lobster down, the bearded man looked at it, picking a few nods towards the back.

  Several other people saw the situation and hurried up to check, after five or six minutes before the bearded man was satisfied: "Good, the spirit is quite good, can guarantee that the future is this color?"

  "Don't worry, I can still pit the boss Chen?" Li Dong also smiled, "look at the time is not early, or we unload the scale? The dead ones are on me, the first transaction can not let Boss Chen suffer."

  "Ha ha, happy! Then I'll take advantage of you, let's unload the goods!"

  A greeting, and do not need to find someone else, a few men are selling aquatic products, doing this very skilled.

  It was even faster than Dongping's side, half an hour to take stock.

  Road bumps died some, but not much, a few dozen pounds of the way.

  Plus shrinkage of some, counted down 11,000 pounds a little short of the bearded man and Li Dong do not care about the few pounds of things, and finally settled by 11,000 pounds.

  The bearded family business is not small, tens of thousands of dollars of cash out is not difficult.

  On the spot and Li Dong settled the payment, throw away the previous three thousand deposit, the remaining fifty-two thousand wrapped in newspaper and handed to Li Dong, accompanied by Li Dong's ID card.

  Li Dong took the money himself also counted once, to determine the accuracy of the sigh of relief.

  Immediately after that, his face showed the uncontrollable joy, twenty-two thousand of the payment, one thousand of the freight, the workers did not ask for money for loading and unloading, this change of hands is more than twenty thousand into the account.

  Some unbelievable, but also some unbelievable, so profitable things throughout Dongping actually no one to do!

  This thing is too simple, a little technical content is not, those fishmongers in Dongping slightly willing to take some risks this meat is not his turn to eat Li Dong.

  But then think about how soon this is not a one-man business Li Dong and a little lost, if you can keep doing so which still need to do other, 20,000 a day, less than a year they can sit and wait for death.