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Chapter 11: The rich and handsome coming

  Wei Yuan did not wait for Li Dong after school, when he came to class 8, he found Li Dong still reading a book, and was immediately amazed!

  After circling around Li Dong a few times, Wei Yuan was amazed, secretly saying that the sun came out of the west today?

  "Dongzi, what's wrong today, so hard working?"

  Li Dong raised his head, rubbed his temples tired: "are almost college entrance examination can not work hard, mock test results down, 520 points, last year a 562 points, at least try to get a test a line."

  "Holy shit! You kid sleep on the Internet every day and still can test so much?" Wei Yuan face resentment, hate: "I went to ask, I just 456, our class teacher said I test undergraduate are difficult."


  Li Dong grunted, who let this kid run to talk badly about himself with Qin Yuhan, too shameful!

  "What are you proud of! Qin Yuhan this test 645, although the arts, but the famous university is not running, you still pressed her head in the middle school exam, what is there to be proud of!" Wei Yuan was not willing to show weakness and sneered back.

  Li Dong did not bother to pay attention to this guy, and waved his hand in a good mood to drive people away.

  Wei Yuan came to Li Dong naturally not to talk about the results, he came to find Li Dong to go online.

  But Li Dong is not interested in the slow speed of the Internet cafe, refused without turning back.

  Wei Yuan had no choice but to take out the killer again and said, "Then why don't you go block Qin Yuhan again?"


  Li Dong was furious, this bastard used to like to use himself as a shield, in fact, hated to follow Qin Yuhan tail every day to turn.

  Today's Li Dong naturally did not agree, viciously said: "Qin Yu Han can be the sister-in-law, next time do not go to her!"

  "You think so! Toad want to eat swan meat, I have thought about it, and when filling out the volunteer where Qin Yuhan where I will apply, after dedicated to guard her!"

  "Which one of us is the toad?" Li Dong held his head high and said with contempt, "Look at you, you're short and thick, you think Qin Yu Han can look at you?"

  Wei Yuan looked at his own figure and then compared it to Li Dong, very inferior and of course very annoyed.

  Angrily, he glared at Li Dong, "You're not better than me, you don't reveal your shortcomings! Qin Yuhan also can't see you, people can't even see Feng Jinsong."

  "What does Feng Jinsong have to do with it?"

  Feng Jinsong this person of course Li Dong know, a popular figure in the first middle school, this time there is no school grass evaluation, or Feng Jinsong can certainly win the crown.

  The guy's good grades not to mention the typical high wealthy handsome, a lot of young girls in a middle school to see him can not wait to swallow him.

  "You do not know it, this morning Feng Jinsong to Qin Yuhan confession, but also sent a lot of roses, the teacher knows." Wei Yuan's tone is sour, and Li Dong rob him and competitive, but and Feng Jinsong rob for his own will not choose wrong.

  Li Dong teeth crunching, their own plate of food also dare to move?

  "What about Qin Yuhan?"

  "Hey, of course, refused, but also threw the roses downstairs." Speaking of this Wei Yuan face excited, with a tone of gloating that can not be waved away.

  "Go, go find Qin Yuhan!"

  The original is still ready to read a good book Li Dong is not in the mood to read, without saying a word pick up the school bag and go.

  Wei Yuan followed, to say the least, this guy has very little guts, generally do not dare to go alone to find Qin Yuhan, otherwise it would not always find an excuse for Li Dong to follow along……

  This time in the alley can be blocked not only Li Dong two, Li Dong and Wei Yuan came just when the topic of the person Feng Jinsong is stopping Qin Yu Han to talk.

  Li Dong saw from a distance is a stomach of fire, the speed of the feet a few minutes faster, three times to shake off Wei Yuan.

  "Yu Han, you see it's almost dark, I'll send you back."

  Feng Jinsong speak softly, with a faint melancholy face, half-length hair fluttering with the wind, indescribably dashing.

  Li Dong teeth are very sour, said this guy is like the protagonist in romance novels.

  The first thing you need to do is to take a look at yourself, Li Dong did not inferiority complex, but a deep sigh, yourself this is the standard of tough guys, Feng Jinsong typical white boy one!

  Not waiting for Qin Yu Han to make a sound, Li Dong said loudly: "Yu Han, I'll send you back, in the future there are not three guys to harass you again come to me!"

  Qin Yuhan rolled her eyes, a little helpless.

  Looking at Feng Jinsong, who was stopped in front of him, and then at Li Dong, who was following him, she said sullenly, "Are you guys stupid or am I stupid? My home is only ten minutes away from here, if you hadn't stopped me, I would have arrived home, need you to send me?"

  Feng Jinsong is obviously not thick skinned enough, a little embarrassed.

  Li Dong is full of care: "Yes, next time you dare to stop Yu Han do not blame me not polite!"

  Just catch up with Wei Yuan face admiration, secretly said or Dongzi thick skin, to stop people who have more than he stopped.