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Chapter 12: After school, see you in the playgroun

  The next two days Li Dong did not go to school, Pingchuan's two deliveries he went with, very smooth.

  Business has just begun, he did not feel comfortable letting the bearded man put the money into the card, each shipment has 50,000 to 60,000, which is not a small amount in this era.

  Lobster wholesaler he also found a third, today's batch of goods is the third to provide.

  Now he has almost 150,000 on hand, of which about 60,000 is not paid for the goods, the rest of the 80,000 is more than he earned.

  Three days to earn 80,000, for the average person is almost a dream, but Li Dong easily ran a few trips to earn so much.

  This is the advantage of the born-again, like a hang-up.

  If placed in a few years later, the rapid development of the Internet, cell phones are becoming more and more common, want to earn this money is difficult to heaven, not to lose money is good.

  Lying in bed at night, Li Dong is a little worried, this morning's wholesaler inadvertently made him a little worried about a sentence.

  He said that the recent acquisition of lobsters in Dongping a lot more people, many countryside peddlers yelling for price increases, which is not a good sign.

  It's only three days, 30,000 pounds of goods is honestly not much, counting down to just fifteen tons.

  Dongping under the jurisdiction of more than a dozen townships, spread to each township but a ton of goods, or the amount of three days, how will not cause this situation, unless they choose a few of the acquisition overlap.

  Li Dong thought about whether they want to change a wholesaler to continue to buy goods, and fear that the scope of their activities and the first few overlap, then the trouble will be more.

  Some headaches, but things for the time being is not a big impact, Li Dong prayed to last through these two months on the line.

  The main concern is that these anomalies have attracted the attention of other fishmongers, they entered the field a day earlier they can earn a day less money.

  Not to think about it, Li Dong secretly tomorrow morning to go and old Wang inquire about it, by the way also the first payment to the end of the goods……

  Li Dong came to the Dongping Market when the day was still young.

  The old wang has been waiting at the entrance of the market, see Li Dong looked at Li Dong's eyes a little different.

  Li Dong heart hairy, laughed: "Uncle Wang, so look at me why?"

  Old Wang looked up and down for a while before whispering, "Dongzi, do you have any other ways?"

  "What kind of ways?"

  Li Dong's eyebrows rose, a little unsettled.

  "Recently there seems to be more lobster collection, the front of the package Lao San, Anshun Xu Daitou, these two guys are also collecting goods recently, especially the Xu Daitou guy, actually grabbed with me down the line." Old Wang muttered, the heart does not know what to think.

  Li Dong cursed, said such a small amount of goods how can attract attention, the feelings of the guy yesterday and the old Wang rob business.

  Cursing, Li Dong did not dare to talk nonsense, these people essence you say a little may expose what.

  Even and the other two transactions Li Dong are not choose Dongping Market, but in other places, or these guys would have known that they are receiving goods.

  "Uncle Wang, I think it's the heat of the day, recently there are many more people eating lobster. I shipped those few restaurants stalls recently good business, the last lobster all sold out, catch up tomorrow you enter some more, I see this period of time to find you into the lobster people must be a lot."

  "That's true ……"

  Old Wang nodded thoughtfully, thinking that recently into the lobster is indeed some more.

  In fact, not more, but the old Wang subconsciously think Li Dong also sold in Dongping, so a count down than before is naturally a lot more.

  The old Wang did not give time to continue to think deeply, Li Dong pulled out two piles of Mao grandpa, and then counted out two thousand, handed to the old Wang.

  Old Wang's eyes lit up, no longer think about the other, whether he has a doorway, anyway, they have to earn on the line.

  After receiving the money once, the old Wang some emotion: "I did not expect you kid really sold out, and today to buy goods, it looks like not less earn it."

  "Oh, luck, if not for Uncle Wang to take care of which have earned. Besides, what I earn is small, earn some pocket money, Uncle Wang earn is the big one." Li Dong looked hypocritical, thinking that old Wang this guy is too fine, it is better to change one.

  Now he is not short of money for goods, it is easy to change one, so as not to be seen by the old Wang what is broken.

  The company has been in the business for a few years, and the company has been in the business for a few years, and the company has been in the business for a few years.

  familiar with the road again to Pingchuan, the bearded boss more and more enthusiastic.

  During this period of time, the trend of eating lobster in Pingchuan signs of a rise, business is doing a lot, Li Dong's goods he sold out almost every day.

  And the price of lobster also has an upward trend, now Li Dong is the largest supplier of lobster in the South Gate Market, the price is also cheap, the bearded man naturally to warm hospitality to do.

  And the bearded man chatted for a while, Li Dong said: "Boss Chen, you see I'm a little busy lately, the next delivery I will not come. Weighing what I have statistics on my side, as long as the difference is not too much on the problem, I'll give you a card number, next time you pay directly to my card on it."