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Chapter 13 Open a supermarket!

  From a distance, Li Dong saw Feng Jinsong sitting alone by the flagpole, half-rolled sleeves lined with more Prince Charming model.

  Li Dong skimmed his mouth and looked around, not like hiding someone.

  The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market.


  Feng Jinsong tone is light.


  Li Dong face diaphragm, this tone, as if he begged him to come.

  "Something to say, nothing to play eggs, no time to play with you."

  Feng Jinsong face is not very good, feel by the aura can not suppress Li Dong this second-rate, square face said: "Li Dong, this time to find you just want to talk to you."

  "What do I have to talk to you about?"

  Feng Jinsong somewhat adapted to Li Dong's rogue, his face slightly cold and said, "Then I will say it directly, and you do not blame me for speaking too straight."

  "You used to have good grades, but now you can only say it's average, try harder to get a second grade should not be a problem."

  "Your family is a fish seller, the family deposit is not more than 100,000."

  "Say the appearance, not to say that men must look good, you think you can compare with me?"

  "And ……"

  Li Dong found a place to sit down, listened to Feng Jinsong blah blah blah said a bunch, no more than he is high wealthy and handsome, he is short and poor and so on.

  After listening for a long time, he yawned and interrupted: "Almost done, anything else?"

  Feng Jinsong tone a stagnant, forced to suppress the anger said: "I said so much you still do not understand? Do you think you are worthy of Qin Yuhan?"

  Li Dong's eyes stared straight at Feng Jinsong for a long time before snorting, "Calling you childish is a compliment."

  "What do you mean?" Feng Jinsong gritted his teeth and stared fiercely at Li Dong.

  Li Dong stretched his back, a little bored.

  Originally thought Feng Jinsong this guy will give himself a little surprise, but now seems to be a completely spoiled two fools.

  You say you can at least make a threat to lure, or carrot and stick can also be, or simply throw their face money, how better than to say some empty words to it.

  But you make a careful, the result is to compare with their own achievements, than family, than handsome, there is no girl looking at the side, is not two fools is what.

  Lazy and this two more to say what, Li Dong and not just adolescent little teenager, just too lazy to distinguish anything with him.

  Waving a sleeve does not take away a cloud, Li Dong simply do not even think of refuting, directly flash.

  Stopped in place for a long time Feng Jinsong speechless, has not experienced the big storm he simply do not understand why Li Dong can be so calm?

  To himself, in his opinion, he said these words not to say that Li Dong anger, at least will also feel inferiority loss, and later do not dare to face their own right.

  But the result is that Li Dong is like nothing, not even a little bit of shame!

  Shameless guy!

  Feng Jinsong gritted his teeth fiercely, he finally some understanding of what Li Dong is really……

  Said it does not care, but was despised a pass Li Dong naturally could not not mind at all.

  Not to compete with Feng Jinsong, but he also has to consider for his future.

  Although recently made a little money as a second dealer, but this is not a long-term business, after all, as a reborn high-end people, by selling lobsters to make money is indeed not on stage.

  Of course, if you can make a large amount of money every day in the future as now, he does not mind selling lobster all the time.

  What will make money in the next ten years or so?

  The Internet is developing quickly, but unfortunately, whether it is Dounian or Tencent has now gone on track, he is a layman simply can not intervene.

  Even if you want to intervene, there is no that opportunity and capital, at most later buy some stocks to save to earn a sum.

  There are also real estate is also profitable, but this thing no contacts light money will not work, just a variety of land approval procedures are enough to drink a pot of their own.

  Can consider buying a few sets of property sitting waiting for appreciation, but the development of real estate even.

  Then what else can you do?

  Li Dong somewhat hated himself uneducated, in the community for so many years actually always know how to do sales, other industries have not been involved.

  Even before some contact with their own half-understood, for a while they simply can not think of what to do to make money steadily.

  After walking for a while, Li Dong mouth a little dry, looked around to find a kiosk to buy a bottle of water.

  Just a sip of water, Li Dong seems to have thought of something, fiercely patted his head!

  Not caring about other people look like a fool to stare at themselves, Li Dong hurried back to just buy water kiosk to look around a bit, and then began to turn around along the street.

  This turn is more than an hour, and Li Dong automatically forgot that he was going to go to the evening study later.

  "Yes, there is no supermarket, Dongping City has not even a large supermarket until now ……"

  Li Dong muttered, if not just buy water subconsciously to find a supermarket, he simply did not think of this suffer.