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Chapter 14 - You're a liar!

  The next few days Li Dong very busy.

  In order to raise money to open the supermarket as soon as possible, Li Dong upselling lobster market expanded to half of Qingyang City.

  Near Dongping Nanping, Hechuan, Yanghe three counties, all by Li Dong as their own territory.

  Like Dongping, the three counties belong to Qingyang City, the lobster market remains depressed, but also gave Li Dong the opportunity to take advantage of.

  In order to figure out the wholesale aquatic market in the other three counties, Li Dong excused himself to study at a classmate's house and did not return home for several days.

  Every night one or two up to contact wholesalers, the good thing is that he now has cash on hand, no empty glove, those wholesalers are similar to Dongping side, it is easy to contact a few.

  As for the Pingchuan side Li Dong also took time to go, this time he did not go to the vegetable market, but directly to the wholesale market in the provincial capital.

  He could not afford to run from house to house, but only slightly lower the price of lobster wholesale out of these three counties directly.

  Pingchuan's lobster market has begun to have an upward trend, Li Dong in the wholesale market prices are up to five, not cheaper than the sale to the bearded.

  If not for the bearded man is his first partner, plus the business can not last, Li Dong is ready to wholesale four counties together, which can also save a lot of trouble.

  In this way, before and after almost a week of busy, Li Dong finally arranged a few other places in and out of the goods channel.

  When he returned to Dongping again, it was already April 22nd.

  Li Dong ready to rest for a day, these days he is too tired, almost did not sleep a full sleep.

  Looking for tomorrow and then go out to find the site, the first supermarket to open up again, to save others to take advantage of the first.

  Selling lobster is a one-shot deal, the supermarket opened well but can eat for life.

  As for the money now he is not too worried, now the daily price difference alone almost 100,000 of their own income.

  Up feel some incredible, but in fact is only 30,000 to 40,000 pounds of lobster per day, four counties equally spread down simply did not cause a splash.

  Lying in bed thinking about things, these days tired hard, Li Dong soon went to sleep……

  When Li Chengyuan and Cao Fang came back, Li Dong was still whistling in his sleep.

  Cao Fang gently pushed open the door to see her son sleeping soundly and did not disturb, but looked at the thin circle and much darker Li Dong face full of regret.

  Gently close the door, Cao Fang walked to the living room and whispered: "Dongzi has lost a lot of weight these days, is there something going on at school? Thin and black, I'm heartbroken."

  Li Chengyuan thought about it and said, "The college entrance exam is just a month away, and he is under a lot of pressure during this period. These two months you do not go on the stall, stay at home with him, make him good food."

  "So you can do it alone?"

  "What can't be done, business can be done later if you don't do it now. Now is his life's work, less to earn less, make money is not for him." Li Chengyuan understands that the two families work hard for what, in the end, it is for the sake of their son to have a good future.

  Cao Fang thought about it and agreed, to go or son is the most important.

  Especially now the critical juncture, can not be left to his son's own nonsense……

  The first time I woke up, Li Dong did not know that his mother had decided to stay home with him.

  The aroma of the food has whetted Li Dong's appetite.

  "Mom, why do you have time to cook something delicious tonight?" Li Dong casually picked up a piece of pork ribs and tasted it, the taste was very good.

  While Cao Fang was busy working, she said heartily, "In the future, I will have time to cook for you, I have to make you fat."

  "Forget it, you are so busy every day, don't cook when you come back, it's good to bring back outside."

  "It's okay, I won't go on the stall from tomorrow anyway, there's plenty of time to cook."

  "Cough cough ……"

  Li Dong almost choked to death on the bone, hastily swallowed the ribs and said loudly, "What's wrong? Mom, you're not going to the market?"

  "Well, it's not you're about to take the college entrance exam, you're not home these days, it's not good to bother your classmates. Your father and I have discussed that I will not go to the market for a month or so, dedicated to serving you at home."

  "How can that be!"

  Li Dong hastily refused, not afraid of his mother's control over him.

  The original family stall is very busy, their own mother to go can also help, if the mother does not go to the father alone is not tired of miserable.

  The first time I thought about it, maybe this is an opportunity, why not let Mom and Dad close the door and forget about it.

  So think Li Dong said: "Mom, how about these two months home stall first closed it, you and Dad have not rested for so many years, when I finished the college entrance exams and then open the stall."

  "What? If the business stops for a few months, all the old customers have left, and then open the stall again, I do not know how much less business." Cao Fang refused to even think about it, the whole family is counting on it.