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Chapter 15: To sell or not to sell?

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  This day Li Dong was in a very good mood, even walking a little light.

  He does not know if this is considered a relationship, no confession, no romance, just a hug.

  But this is enough, Qin Yuhan did not refuse, did not scold him, this can say a lot, so he was very satisfied.

  Calming down a bit, Li Dong wandered around a few main streets in the city.

  Today his purpose is to find a suitable site to open a supermarket, the other for the time being suppressed……

  Dongping County's main urban area is not large, the commercial area is even smaller, mainly composed of four streets that run through the center of the city.

  There is no special name for the street, simply and straightforwardly called the southeast and northwest four streets.

  A piece of the middle school belongs to the West Street, while the vegetable market is in the South Street.

  West Street, because there is a school in this area, mainly some small restaurants, bookstores, hotels, hospitals and students closely related industries.

  The South Street side is the vegetable market, fruit stalls, some of the clothing stores and hardware stores selling stall goods, etc……

  The goal in Li Dong's mind is to open a supermarket preferably in North Street, which is surrounded by several new neighborhoods, and in Li Dong's memory, the county government and some government buildings will be relocated there.

  The environment there is much better than the old West Street, the dirty South Street, the main concentration is also some brand-name clothing stores, commercial banks, department stores and other industries.

  And the supermarket in the previous life opened in the North Street, remember when the crowd crowded crowd can not squeeze.

  But Li Dong also looked just that supermarket site, is not very satisfied, the place is a little smaller.

  In the previous life, that supermarket business is very good, but because of the late weakness, want to expand the size of the trouble is also very big, plus the location is a little bit off, will be those supermarket chains crowded.

  In the North Street back and forth several laps, Li Dong found that today's North Street is not too busy, some street stores are either under renovation or being rebuilt, far from the modern atmosphere of a few years later.

  There are a few stores that are for rent, but Li Dong is not too satisfied.

  Until walking to the intersection of the two northwest streets Li Dong stopped, looking at a newly risen commercial plaza in front of Li Dong's eyes.

  This commercial building has only been built for a short time, five-story high floor, the outer wall has just been renovated, the inside is still an empty piece.

  What Li Dong valued was not the old or new, but he remembered that in the future this was a gathering point for foreign fast food such as KFC McDonald's, and business could not be better.

  And here associated with the northwest two streets, near the residential area of no less than ten, more importantly, is not more than ten minutes walk from the Oriental Plaza, the location is absolutely excellent!

  This is it!

  Li Dong made up his mind in an instant, there is no place more suitable than this, and the place is spacious enough, too suitable!

  The scaffolding has not yet been dismantled on the wall hanging a large advertisement for rent, Li Dong hurriedly wrote down the phone and called.

  "Hello, is this the leasing party of Blue Ocean Commercial Building?"


  "Yes, I want to rent a room, let's meet and talk, I am now in front of the Blue Ocean Commercial Building."……

  Hang up the phone Li Dong stood in place and waited for a while, almost ten minutes later a fat middle-aged man clutching a briefcase trotted over.

  The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market.

  Li Dong also understood why, smiled and greeted: "Hello, just now I called."

  "Hello hello, my name is Li Chenggui, nice to meet you!" The middle-aged man quickly settled down and reached out to shake hands with Li Dong.

  After shaking hands Li Chenggui hesitated for a moment or spoke: "What is your surname, sir?"

  "My surname is also Li, we might have been a family five hundred years ago. Mr. Li wouldn't look at my young age and be uneasy, right? Haha ……"

  Li Dong seemed very talkative and greeted Li Chenggui enthusiastically.

  Li Chenggui is also accustomed to business people, at first to see the other side of the young hesitation was quickly suppressed, a few words and Li Dong chatted away.

  A few words down Li Chenggui really relieved.

  Although the other party is young, but the speech and mannerisms are not worse than those in the business world, it is true that people can not look.

  The first thing that I'm going to do is to get to the point, and Li Chenggui asked, "Which storefront is Mr. Li looking at? The first floor I am ready to rent the whole, the other four floors when the main body is completed I will build compartments, if Mr. Li fancy, now you can look at the place, at most a month or two to move in."