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Chapter 16 - Buying a Property

  The mall is not Li Chenggui's alone, after all.

  Li Chenggui thought deeply for a moment before saying, "Then Mr. Li wait, I'll make a phone call."

  "Yes, Mr. Li, it's not a good thing to stand here, I'll go to the teahouse next door and wait for you." Li Dong pointed to the teahouse not far away to indicate a little, after half a day of turning around he was also a little tired.

  Dongping now seems to be no sign of cafes, but there are many teahouses.

  "Okay, Mr. Li go first, I'll be right there."

  Li Chenggui also did not want Li Dong to listen next to him, he still has some problems to discuss with his friend to discuss……

  Li Dong waited in the teahouse for almost twenty minutes before Li Chenggui walked in with a sweaty head.

  Not only him alone, he was followed by two middle-aged men of about the same age, who must be his friends.

  "Mr. Li, sorry to keep you waiting!" Li Chenggui had an apologetic face and hurriedly apologized.

  Li Dong signaled that it was okay, got up and smiled, "These two must be your friends, sit down together."

  The two men wearing glasses nodded slightly to Li Dong and sat down, the other person saw Li Dong so young, some suspicious look at Li Chenggui.

  But the building funded by Li Chenggui is the majority shareholder, there is really something wrong, is also Li Chenggui suffered a big loss, so think and did not say.

  As soon as you sit down, Li Chenggui drank all the tea in the cup in one breath, said: "Mr. Li, I discussed with my friend, the building can be sold, but there are two premises to talk to you."

  "You say!" Li Dong made a listening attitude.

  Li Chenggui is not polite, straightforward: "First, because you want to buy the bottom few floors of the store, so the year-on-year market price needs to be a premium."

  This is the right thing to do, after all, there is a difference between commercial buildings and residential buildings, the street-level stores are naturally more valuable.

  Moreover, once the bottom three floors of Blue Ocean Commercial Building were sold, the renting of the top two floors would definitely be affected.

  Although Li Dong had already agreed in his heart, he still pretended to hesitate for a while before nodding his head.

  Li Chenggui was slightly relieved and continued: "Secondly, there is a basement floor of the Blue Ocean Commercial Building, which was prepared to be a parking garage. If Mr. Li wants to buy this basement, he should also be included in it, and we need to retain the right to use it."

  This point Li Dong naturally will not easily agree, frowned and said: "I definitely want to buy the parking garage, but it is not necessary to reserve the right to use it. I know what you are worried about, in the future the tenants of the fourth and fifth floors of the mall can use the parking garage, as long as they pay the fees according to the rules, there is no problem."

  Li Chenggui three people whispered and discussed for a moment, thought about it and then did not count on this issue.

  Just said are minor issues, after all, if the price is not negotiated what is empty.

  Li Chenggui continued: "Mr. Li, since you want to buy a house, you must have some understanding of this piece of the market."

  "The Blue Sea has 820 square feet on the first floor, and now the North Street street frontage stores per average price of about 2200. The second floor and third floor use area are 780 square feet, the market average price is also hovering at 2000."

  "Garage side we only count a cost, the overall price of 5.2 million, I do not know if Mr. Li can accept?"

  Li Chenggui finished with a trace of expectation in his eyes, hoping that Li Dong would agree to it.

  But Li Dong is not money is not spent, immediately shook his head and said: "Mr. Li this price is too insincere, say how much the market price is meaningless. Mr. Li does not see how many stores can be sold in the North Street side in a year?"

  Li Chenggui is not afraid of bargaining, but afraid that Li Dong will not even return the price is more than five million scared away.

  Now see Li Dong open to talk about the price, the heart immediately relieved.

  Immediately, the spirit and Li Dong talk, the two partners around also from time to time to speak to help……

  Several people talked for almost an hour, the two sides mainly disagree on the price.

  Finally, Li Dong bite the four million not to relent, Li Chenggui a few people only then find an excuse to go out to discuss.

  In fact, even if more expensive Li Dong is willing to buy, after all, wait until the second half of the price will rise.

  But he is not so much money, even the down payment temporarily can not get out, but also to see when the business of selling lobster can do it.

  And he came out to four million is also sure, anyway, the real estate capital is not high, even four million Li Chenggui few people are sure to make money.

  After waiting for a few minutes, Li Chenggui three people entered the door again.

  Li Chenggui and two friends looked at each other and said, "Mr. Li, four million is indeed a little less, let's each make a step, 4.38 million, just to make a friend."

  This friend is too expensive, 380,000, can buy two suites in Dongping, Li Dong naturally unwilling.

  After considering for a moment, Li Dong said, "Take an auspicious number, 4.18 million, die to send, win-win is to win!"

  Li Chenggui several people looked at each other, whispered a few words, and finally Li Chenggui clapped his hands and decided: "Deal! We can sign the agreement right now!"……

  After signing the agreement, it was already twelve o'clock, several people agreed to formally sign the purchase contract in ten days, after all, Li Dong still needs time to raise money, and also to wait for the complete completion of the Blue Ocean Building.

  Li Chenggui a few people are not in a hurry these days, in Dongping a time can come up with a few million to buy a house is after all a minority, as long as the time is not too outrageous, they can wait.

  Rejected Li Chenggui invitation to dinner, out of the teahouse, Li Dong spirit is a little tired.

  Rush to the vegetable market, Mom and Dad have bought a meal is waiting for Li Dong.