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Chapter 17: Mr. Li returns to school

  Saturday, April 24th.

  Only forty days from the college entrance exam, senior high school today still classes.

  In the morning, Li Dong accompanied his parents to the hospital, while his parents were not in the hospital to do a full body checkup, anyway, his parents do not know what to check.

  The test report will not come down for a while, can not resist the old two mouths chanting, Li Dong only let them continue to open the booth in the afternoon.

  The Blue Sea side because Li Dong has not yet raised enough money for a down payment, temporarily in no hurry to formally sign the contract.

  The business of selling lobster is also on track because the money is contacted by phone, and then pay, without the need for him to appear in person.

  So a time Li Dong is nothing to do.

  Rebirth back these days Li Dong has been busy in the busy, which suddenly idle still some unaccustomed.

  In fact, it is not nothing, for example, Li Dong has not been to school for a long time.

  Last time and Chen Guohua asked for a week's leave, but now almost two weeks Li Dong did not go to school.

  In the middle of Li Dong did call Chen Guohua to extend the holiday, otherwise Lao Chen would have shouted at his parents, and even then the tone of Lao Chen on the phone was not too good.

  Thinking of this Li Dong decided to go to school, after all, now the main business or students, too much old Chen that is not good to account for, although now it has been very excessive.

  Of course, the actual situation is that Li Dong some want Qin Yuhan, now there are really some day not seen as three years of feeling……

  Li Dong arrived at school at 1:30 p.m., the school is not yet in session.

  But Li Dong knows that at this point Lao Chen must be in the office, Lao Chen with senior noon generally do not go home.

  The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.

  Seeing Li Dong enter, Chen Guohua face is not face and nose is not nose, almost did not directly blast Li Dong out.

  Li Dong also knows that the deficit, with a flattering smile on his face, a pleasing look.

  Chen Guohua was speechless and said with a black face, "I thought you forgot you were a student, why, is Mr. Li free to inspect the school today?"

  Li Dong laughed dryly, but secretly said that he is not the General Manager Li, it seems that the old Chen has a good eye.

  But to Chen Guohua he did not dare to say this, the old Chen people are still good, quite responsible for a teacher.

  "Mr. Chen, I admit my mistake, my sin is unforgivable ……" Li Dong made a gesture of forgiveness, thievingly stuffed a packet of Chinese past, he knows that old Chen is very addicted to smoking.

  Chen Guohua's face darkened with a swish, his tone stern: "With whom learned the evil ways! Take it back!"

  "Don't, Mr. Chen, I got this from my father. You know, it's not good to smoke too much, and I don't smoke, so I can't take it back and continue to harm my father."

  Li Dong knows how Chen Guohua is, and he had expected it.

  The company's main goal was to make the company's products and services available to the public.

  Chen Guohua was helpless and said, "You know smoking is bad, so you're here to hurt me, right?"

  "The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers. I did not let the teacher smoke, usually smell to relieve the addiction."

  "Go aside, you kid ……" Chen Guohua laughed and shook his head: "Li Dong, you used to be quite skinny, but not so out of tune now, where did you learn this."

  Seeing that Li Dong is cheeky and silent, Chen Guohua did not ask more questions, his face once again returned to seriousness: "Li Dong, listen to the teacher's advice, do not take the college entrance exams seriously, this is a key moment that affects your future in life."

  "There is not much time left before the college entrance exam, at this time you did not come to class for two weeks, do you know what the consequences will be?"

  "If you still haven't come today, I'm going to visit your home tomorrow, I want to ask your parents if they have your future in mind!"

  Later Chen Guohua was simply painful, reached out and pointed to Li Dong did not go on to say.

  Li Dong secretly said a good danger, if he did not want to come to school today, if his parents know that he skipped school for two weeks, it would not be a fiasco.

  It seems that Lao Chen has also reached the limit of his patience, Li Dong hurriedly assured, "Don't worry teacher, I will definitely come to class next and won't let teacher down."

  "It's not that I'm disappointed, you have to be responsible for your future, don't wait to regret it later." Chen Guohua rubbed his temples, it was really disturbing to meet a prickly student like Li Dong when he was about to take the college entrance exam.

  And Li Dong is a good seedling, people are really smart, he does not want to give up just like that.

  Although time is running out, but Chen Guohua believes that as long as the next time Li Dong ******** heart to use in learning, a book is not without hope.