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Chapter 18: The Scholar and the Scum

  The math class quickly passed in Li Dong seriously reading the book.

  This class Li Dong was really serious, of course, what he was reading was certainly not a math book.

  Yuan Xue, who had held the lesson for a while, did not wait for the math teacher to leave then turned around and said, "Li Dong, why don't you come to class these days?"

  The tone of voice is very impulsive, frosty face some signs of transformation to iceberg face.

  Li Dong scratched his head, some helpless, this girl in the end what is the meaning?

  Is this concern? Or care?

  But resentment so heavy, Li Dong some can not bear.


  The relationship with Qin Yuhan is not clear, at this time Li Dong which dare to be ambiguous, flung a word over and buried his head in a book.

  Yuan Xue's face was instantly covered with aggression, is she too cheap, do you need to worry about this bastard?

  Originally there was some worry, but now it has turned into anger and shame, you are not allowed to see people or what, not even look at themselves, too much!

  "Li Dong!"

  The voice was a few sizes louder, a very familiar scene, and the eyes of the class converged once again.

  Li Dong exhaled, this man handsome trouble also more!

  I have to explain helplessly: "I really have something to do, I will not take leave from next week. There are also May 1 exams, I am now reading books, please comrade bully understand the pain of the scum."

  The term school bully school scum has not yet appeared at this moment, but it is literally well understood.

  Yuan Xue listened to some want to laugh, but still held back from laughing out loud, and with it just a lot of annoyance and go down.

  Every time this is the case, obviously a belly of fire, but by this guy three words will be put down.

  Yuan Xue doesn't even know if Li Dong was sent from heaven to torment her, she is afraid that if this continues, it will cause her endocrine disorder.

  "Well then, you read the book, you can ask me if you don't understand."

  Once Yuan Xue's slightly gentle words were out, the entire class glass heart shattered.

  Iceberg beauty just had what?

  You can ask her if you don't understand?

  The people all suspect that they are hallucinating, not Yuan Xue very unique refused to help other students.

  The reason is that she even helped you to solve the time are cold a face, once or twice okay, a few times down again want to approach her male students also dare not come to ask.

  The boys' red-faced envy and jealousy surrounded Li Dong, and even his tablemate Wang Jie was a bit indignant, grumbling in a low voice: "What a world, for days did not turn around to talk to me, Dongzi became a chatterbox as soon as he arrived."

  "Is it? How about I let Snow accompany you to talk?" Chen Yue ears are sharp, squinting eyes smiling at Wang Jie said.

  "Oh, just kidding, it's not with you ……"

  Two mouths of flirting Li Dong is not interested in participating, some sympathy for Wang Jie, sometimes distance to produce beauty understand!

  As for Yuan Xue just words were automatically filtered by Li Dong, do not understand ask her, staring at that cold face they can not ask ah, which has a good look at our family Yu Han's smiling face.

  Li Dong is not easily overwhelmed by the beauty of the boys, he dared himself if he really and Yuan Xue hit the hot, not a day Qin Yu Han will be able to receive the news.

  Don't look at the influence of beauty, Qin Yuhan although not a class with their own, but they want to know something too easy……

  After staying up for a whole afternoon, Li Dong finally liberated.

  The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market.

  Behind Yuan Xue some lost, she guessed Li Dong what to do, do not forget that the alley is also her way home.

  But she is a school bully, school bully rarely leave school early, so Li Dong high school three years rarely encounter Yuan Xue……

  When Li Dong rushed to the alley, Qin Yuhan had already arrived.

  Previously Li Dong did not care, but today somehow thought of one thing, that is, Qin Yu Han actually sometimes come earlier than him!

  You know that dragging the class is not only the teacher's habit, but also the practice of the school bully, generally good students are the last few to go in the class.

  But Qin Yuhan is not slower than him, and a few times even faster than him, which is somewhat incredible.

  "Yuhan, how did you come so fast?"

  Qin Yuhan did not even bother to reply, this question is really not level, sounding like he was waiting for him with his own eyes.

  Li Dong also seems to realize what, the eyes are a little hot.

  Naturally, he turned the topic: "Yuhan, let's go out for dinner tonight, tomorrow is a holiday."

  "Not going, who knows if this snow that month will also be in, and she has no common language." Qin Yuhan grunted, arrogantly waved away Li Dong's hand that wanted to reach over.

  Li Dong is not discouraged, on the contrary, is a little happy, this is jealous?

  Truthfully, the current relationship between the two Li Dong is also a bit scratchy, after all, have not been exported.

  Qin Yuhan's attitude Li Dong is also somewhat unsure, but just that sentence, Li Dong feels that it should not run.

  "Don't worry, no one else this time, just the two of us."

  "No one else I'm not going, what relationship between us, why should I eat with you, it's not like there's no food at home."