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Chapter 19 Who is Little Red?

  In the afternoon of May 2, the last section of the mock exam ended.

  The end of the test, Li Dong mood also relaxed a lot, feel good test, should not have to invite parents.

  These days the small life is quite free, the money field is pleased, the love field is also pleased.

  The original thought is to earn a few pocket money lobster business brought him a lot of surprises, last night Li Dong checked, the bank card already has a million and a half 600,000.

  The dumbfounded crossed the ranks of millionaires, Li Dong can not stop smiling.

  In addition, these days and Qin Yuhan sweet honey oil, but also let Li Dong all day happy smile.

  Of course, what makes Li Dong happier is that Mom and Dad's medical report came down, nothing major, is not enough nutrition, excessive fatigue.

  The small disease has some, the big disease is not, the doctor said rest for a period of time to make up for it, is finally removed from the biggest knot in Li Dong's heart……

  Out of the school, Li Dong did not wait for Qin Yuhan together.

  The previous appointment with Li Chenggui, today to pay the down payment to sign the contract.

  When he arrived at the teahouse next to the Blue Ocean Commercial Building, Li Chenggui was already waiting.

  The two exchanged pleasantries and began to sign the formal contract, last time it was just a straw contract, this time Li Dong can get the right to use the mall after paying the down payment.

  As for the property license, we still have to wait for the bank loan to come down, Li Dong is not prepared to pay in full, not to mention that he does not have so much money now, even if he has he is not prepared to spend it all.

  Loan documents and procedures have been done in front, Li Dong in the construction bank has more than a million deposits, plus the property mortgage, want to loan is actually very easy.

  After signing the contract, the two went to the bank again, Li Dong will be one and a half million to a third-party account, the next just wait for the loan to come down.

  But the use of the mall he now has the right, the contract is written clearly, from now on Li Dong can renovate the mall renovation.

  Looking at the seven digits in the bank card into six digits Li Dong some empty, but the good thing is that the thought of spending the money in a few years can be doubled, Li Dong mood a lot better.

  Out of the bank, Li Dong both breathed a long sigh of relief, a few million transactions are so reached, in Dongping worth celebrating.

  Li Chenggui breathed a sigh of relief and smiled, "Mr. Li, we can be neighbors from now on."

  "Haha, that's true, it's an honor to be neighbors with Mr. Li, please take care of us in the future."

  Li Dong also smiled, although the fourth and fifth floors were still in Li Chenggui's hands, but in the future, he was the real owner of Blue Ocean Commercial Building, and all the essence of Blue Ocean Commercial Building belonged to himself.

  After a few words with Li Chenggui, the two of them dispersed.

  Li Dong thought it was time to look for a decoration company, but he was not sure if he could find a decoration company that would meet his own expectations, and if he could not find one, he would have to go to the city or the provincial capital.

  There are now big supermarkets in the area, the decoration company has experience, compared to Dongping must be quite convenient.

  The next thing you want to do is to get busy, plus the college entrance exams are coming up, so Li Dong doesn't dare to delay and take advantage of the next three days of vacation time, so it's best to get it all done……

  The company's main goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers.

  The county's renovation companies have no experience in renovating large supermarkets, and the design sketches and plans given are all old-fashioned, making Li Dong very dissatisfied.

  There is no choice, Li Dong had to choose tomorrow to go to the city of Qingyang to see, if not yet only to Pingchuan.

  The next day, Li Dong got up early and simply scratched a few mouthfuls of rice and took a car to Qingyang.

  In the morning in Qingyang shopping, Li Dong looked at five or six decoration companies, compared to Dongping County, Qingyang's level is obviously much higher.

  The design given is still some distance away from Li Dong's imagination, but a little change can also meet their own requirements.

  The decoration of the supermarket is actually very simple, after all, there is nothing too complicated.

  Finally, Li Dong selected a decoration company called Yang Ding, Li Dong simply said his requirements, the other party promised to visit the site tomorrow and give the design within three days, Li Dong then rushed back to Dongping by car.

  When he returned to Dongping, it was not yet two o'clock in the afternoon, his heart was thinking about Qin Yuhan, and there was no one at home, so Li Dong went directly to Qin Yuhan's house.

  Standing on the floor of Qin's house, Li Dong dialed the phone number of Qin Yuhan's house.

  "Hello, who is it?"

  The voice coming out of the phone made Li Dong jump and forcefully suppressed his nervousness and said, "Hello auntie, I am Qin Yu Han's classmate, is Qin Yu Han home?"

  "Yuhan, it's for you!"


  Qin Yuhan's voice on the phone made Li Dong sigh with relief, this is the future mother-in-law, not nervous is strange.

  Waiting for Qin Yu Han to pick up the phone, Li Dong afraid of mother-in-law eavesdropping did not dare to talk nonsense, hurriedly said: "Qin Yu Han, today Xiao Hong's birthday, we are waiting for you at the usual place, when will you come over?"……

  Qin family.

  Qin Yuhan took the phone and heard Li Dong's voice was first happy, then a little nervous.

  Until she heard the lies Li Dong made up, Qin Yu Han almost did not hold back the laughing scene, if not to glimpse the old mother side ears eavesdropping, she was ready to open her mouth to scold Li Dong nonsense.

  Holding back her laughter, Qin Yuhan said in a serious manner, "Sorry, I almost forgot, you guys play for a while, I'll be right there."