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Chapter 20: Qin Hai Makes a Move

  Did not stay outside for long, before it got dark Li Dong sent Qin Yuhan back home.

  The little girl is not as cheeky as Li Dong, plus just discovered by her father, some distracted.

  Li Dong comforted a while to see her still a worried face, had to reluctantly send her home.

  Qin family downstairs.

  Li Dong was enjoying the little girl's separate hugs when the stirrer came.


  The annoying cough always rings out at inappropriate times. Hearing the familiar voice, Qin Yuhan jumped away from Li Dong's embrace like a panicked bunny.

  Li Dong hated his teeth, but when he looked up he was already smiling.

  Qin Hai looked at the sky at forty-five degrees, as if it was not him who was acting as a shit-stirrer.

  Not looking at Li Dong, Qin Hai squeezed out a smile on his face and said to Qin Yu Han: "Don't go home yet, your mother is still waiting for you at home."

  Qin Yuhan look at Li Dong, and then look at Qin Hai, some hesitation.

  Qin Hai saw that his lungs were about to explode, is this still his well-behaved and obedient daughter?

  Glancing at Li Dong, Qin Hai secretly hated, it was all because of this little bastard!

  But the mouth but kindly said: "You go back first, I talk to Li Dong a few words and then go up."

  Li Dong naturally also saw Qin Yu Han's action, his heart rejoiced, but did not move and said, "Yu Han, you go home first, I will accompany uncle to talk."

  Qin Yuhan went upstairs with one step and three steps back, while walking also instructed: "Dad, you say a few words less, it's dark, Li Dong still has to go home."

  Qin Hai's heart is sour, he has not yet how to do it daughter began to protect, if really how the little bastard that will not turn the sky.

  Two grunts, considered a perfunctory daughter.

  Until watching his daughter really go, Qin Hai drops his face and says: "Students do not want to study properly, all day to run around like what's going on!"

  Li Dong laughed dryly and said with a pile of smiles, "Uncle said yes, next time will not be."

  "What next time! There is no next time!"

  Qin Hai was angry and jumped to his feet, no longer in front of Qin Yuhan's previous state of doting father.

  Almost pointing at Li Dong's nose and cursing, he was very upset with this guy who wanted to steal his daughter with him.

  Especially seeing this kid and his daughter hugging, Qin Hai is even more murderous heart.

  Li Dong still smiling, even if Qin Hai's spittle are almost sprayed on his face do not care, who let the man in front of him is his future old man it.

  He understands the mentality of Qin Hai, said his daughter is the parents' little cotton coat, someone grabbed Li Dong's little cotton coat in the middle of winter Li Dong will not be happy.

  And I have only heard of mothers-in-law looking at their sons-in-law the more they like, but I have not heard of fathers-in-law looking at their sons-in-law the more they like.

  Seeing that Li Dong is calm and relaxed, Qin Hai also calmed down a bit, can't be a hairy boy to the next.

  Deep breath, Qin Hai said: "Li Dong, it is not that uncle has to beat the lovebirds. After all, you are still young, and your life is just starting. Nowadays, your responsibility is not love but study, and soon you will take the college entrance exam, don't you think about the future?"

  "Uncle, don't worry, I understand what you mean. Yuhan and I are both adults and know what to do and what not to do." Li Dong was very upbeat, not a word of rebuttal.

  Qin Hai saw what he had to say was said by Li Dong, opened his mouth did not know how to continue.

  Some decadence, yes, the daughter is also an adult, can not still be like a child everything control it.

  Some bored waved his hand, humming: "You understand yourself is good, let's go, do not wait for me to invite you to dinner!"

  Li Dong lost his smile, and Qin Hai said goodbye, turned around and left.

  Looking at Li Dong's departing back, Qin Hai stroked his chin, this kid is calm enough in nature.

  But want to be his son-in-law Qin Hai this point is not enough, and walk and see it!……

  May 4th, Blue Ocean Commercial Building.

  "Mr. Li, we have almost finished the site survey."

  The marketing manager of Yangding Decoration walked out from the mall wearing a helmet, wiped his hands and continued, "For a mall of your size, we have a lot of experience in Yangding decoration, and we definitely won't let you down."

  "Manager Xu, when will the specific design plan be ready?" Li Dong asked afterwards.

  Xu Haoran looked back at a few employees behind him and said, "Xiao Liu, you tell Mr. Li about it."

  Xiao Liu was an employee of the design department and was more professional than Xu Haoran.

  Seeing Li Dong look over he said, "Mr. Li, if we follow the previous decoration plan we can come up with the design tomorrow, but because you have some needs, we need to change it, but the degree of change is not big, the soonest if the day after tomorrow."