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Chapter 21 Sun Tao

  In his previous life, Li Dong did not do business on his own, and only when he really did business did he realize how difficult it was.

  The decoration of the mall has already begun, Yang Ding finally quoted one million one hundred thousand, Li Dong agreed after some consideration.

  But want to open a large supermarket light decoration is useless, the application for approval of various qualifications, business registration, purchase channels, staff recruitment, personnel management ……

  This a large spread down Li Dong are going crazy, this is not only money can be solved.

  Just a document application let Li Dong blew his head off, business license, organization code certificate, tax registration certificate, health license, food circulation license, tobacco retail business license ……

  When seeing that a series of qualification applications, Li Dong completely gave up the idea of doing it yourself.

  If you go on like this, you'll go crazy with exhaustion, but don't think about the college entrance exams.

  Yang Ding side said two months to finish the renovation, and so dissipate the smell, the beginning of August should be able to open for business.

  But Li Dong now nothing, expecting him to play a large supermarket alone is simply unrealistic.

  Without too much hesitation, Li Dong now just want to find a professional manager to help themselves to get everything, the best is to go to those large supermarket chains to dig a few management over.

  Of course, want to poach people is not so easy, not only the money problem, no development prospects have brains management will not jump ship at will.

  Li Dong is now in Pingchuan, want to find the right management, only to come to the provincial capital of this big city will have hope……

  Light Yang Café.

  Li Dong met with the headhunting consultant he contacted earlier.

  The woman sitting opposite Li Dong was in her thirties, in a standard professional outfit, and was holding a pile of information in her hand to introduce something to Li Dong.

  "Wu Qibo, male, 48 years old, deputy manager of the logistics department of CR Vanguard Pingchuan Branch ……"

  "Liu Yuan, male, 44 years old, deputy manager of procurement department of RT-Mart Pingchuan branch ……"

  "Sun Tao, male, 34 years old, deputy general manager of Carrefour Pingchuan Branch ……"


  Li Dong interrupted the other party and said with some surprise, "Miss Yang, this Sun Tao is the vice president of the Pingchuan branch?"

  Yang Qing understood Li Dong's meaning and explained, "Yes, we also contacted with the attitude of trying, but I didn't expect that Manager Sun was interested after listening and wanted to talk to you."

  Li Dong grinned, there was no surprise, but doubted: "He a world-renowned stores of the provincial capital vice president, willing to jump to a county-level city of a private supermarket to become the boss, am I hearing wrong or you said wrong?"

  Others Li Dong can still understand, a little older, and only the department vice president, the future development space is also limited, Li Dong offered a price is not low, interested and not unexpected.

  But Sun Tao is only in his thirties, and now he has achieved the vice president of Carrefour Pingchuan, not to say too much, and then in a few years to become the boss of a certain region should not be difficult.

  Such a person will be interested in a county supermarket general manager?

  Li Dong can not understand, said bluntly: "Meet can, but Miss Yang still focus on a few other people, my family's small business is small, can not invite the great god."

  Even if such a person comes, how much annual salary is appropriate?

  Li Dong did not dare to think, do not then become his work for others, that is not what he wants.

  To be honest, it's also a bit of a fuss, he's not a chain business now, only a facade, no need for such high-end talent.

  Yang Qing nodded her head to show that she understood, in fact, she also did not see Li Dong, but people want to meet to talk, she is not good to stop.

  "Then Mr. Li meet with Sun Tao first?"

  "Okay, you call him, if we have time in the afternoon we meet, others wait until I have met with Sun Tao."

  "Okay, I'll contact you right away!" Yang Qing was very crisp and started calling Sun Tao on the spot.

  Li Dong listened silently on the side, and after a few minutes Yang Qing said, "Mr. Li, he promised to wait for you at 3 pm at the South Lake Teahouse!"……

  South Lake Teahouse, in his previous life, Li Dong came many times when meeting customers.

  Very smoothly met a casual dress Sun Tao, people look younger than their actual age, at most thirty years old.

  Sun Tao gave Li Dong's first impression is very good, temperament gentle and elegant, not like a businessman, but rather and some university lecturers some like.

  When he saw Li Dong, even if Li Dong looked very young at a glance, Sun Tao did not lose his temper and got up and said with a light smile, "Mr. Li, please sit down."

  "Mr. Sun, you sit down too." Li Dong nodded and sat down, opened the door and said, "I wonder what Mr. Sun wants to talk to me about?"

  Sun Tao smiled and said with understanding, "Don't misunderstand, I know Mr. Li must have doubts, I will explain to Mr. Li next."

  "Listen with respect!"

  Li Dong did not say anything more, he also has nothing to say.

  If Sun Tao is really willing to come, the salary is not too outrageous, can hire such a talent Li Dong have what is not happy.