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Chapter 22 Dad's private money

  Sun Tao hesitated again and again, but finally agreed to Li Dong's invitation.

  Not only because of the incentive of shares, but more importantly, Li Dong has ambition.

  If Li Dong is only satisfied with Dongping this small place, to be honest, even with shares Sun Tao will not agree.

  A county supermarket, how can the profits be high, he Sun Tao is not too old, do not want to spend a lifetime in Dongping retirement.

  Even if a year to earn on three to five million, he Sun Tao get his hands on only three to five hundred thousand, it is better to go to other places to fight a.

  The key is the prospect described to him by Li Dong, first in Dongping stand firm, and then penetrate the surrounding counties and cities, to establish the flag, expand the fame, and finally enter the provincial capital, to surround the city with the countryside ……

  It sounded like a lull, but when he heard that Li Dong was still a senior student, Dongping's supermarket funds were all earned by himself, Sun Tao immediately believed Li Dong.

  No way, the world of cattle people he does not understand.

  He was still a good student when he was eighteen, but people have a supermarket with millions of assets at the age of eighteen, this is the gap.

  High-spirited Sun Tao although not quite convinced by Li Dong, but feel to Li Dong to play hands is not an insult to him……

  Li Dong back to Dongping is all relaxed.

  Sun Tao has promised to give him some time to deal with the matter of Pingchuan, a week or so will come to Dongping to take over the overall situation.

  Li Dong believes in Sun Tao's ability, if he can't even handle a supermarket of not more than 3,000 square feet, then he'd better leave, and even Carrefour's reputation will be swept away.

  There is a dividend incentive, plus Sun Tao still owes 800,000 foreign debts, Li Dong is not worried that the guy will not be attentive.

  Shake off the biggest trouble, the next big trouble Li Dong to face is the college entrance examination.

  Today is already May 8, only one month before the college entrance exam, time is very tight, these two days Li Dong and took a leave of absence, old Chen almost did not spray him to death.

  If it wasn't for the mock exams, Li Dong did pretty well, ranking up **, Chen Guohua would never have allowed this guy to take time off.

  Even so, Chen Guohua's face was not very good.

  When I returned home it was already 3:30 pm, Li Dong hastily made two bites of food and was ready to go to the vegetable market.

  Before he went out, his cell phone rang urgently.

  After scanning the number, Li Dong frowned slightly, picked up the phone and laughed softly: "Brother Xu, how are you?"


  After talking for seven or eight minutes, Li Dong put down the phone.

  Frowning all the time, this call brought down his previously high emotions.

  The phone is one of the three lobster suppliers in Dongping called, nothing else, it is into May, the purchase price of lobster rose.

  The weather has gradually warmed up in May, more people than before to eat lobster, lobster prices have gone up.

  Previously they supplied to Li Dong is two dollars a catty, just said on the phone now up to three dollars, asked Li Dong still want.

  Although long expected to have such a day, but look at the white money instantly shrink a cut, Li Dong still meat pain.

  Li Dong knows that the price increase is just beginning, and so into June, Pingchuan and Dongping this piece of the price difference will gradually level off, then there will be no room for his survival.

  The next hour, Li Dong received several calls from suppliers, are said to increase the price of several surrounding counties, the market is similar, price increases naturally will not be one.

  One by one told those suppliers to continue to supply, Li Dong also made a few calls to Pingchuan.

  The results are not too good, although the lobster market in Pingchuan is also hot, but the price is not much change, the wholesale price has no room to rise for the time being.

  Sitting on the sofa and contemplating for a while, Li Dong finally adjusted his mindset.

  "After all, it is not a serious business, until now I have earned more than two million, there is still what does not know enough." Li Dong murmured, sort of self-soothing.

  And it's not that the business is gone all of a sudden, just a little less, according to the current profit of at least 50,000 to 60,000 a day.

  Now there are about twenty days before the end of the month, the price should not change too much during this period, that is to say, there is at least a million of income.

  The two million should not be a problem when you add the six or seven hundred thousand in your own card.