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Chapter 23: The savior comes

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  Dongping bus station.

  Outside the station Li Dong eagerly awaiting, Sun Tao finally back to Dongping!

  I hope for the stars and the moon like finally Sun Tao to expect back, think of the accumulation of a large handful of chores Li Dong is head, Sun Tao again not come he wants to go to Pingchuan to catch people.

  "Brother Sun, this way!"

  Outside the station Li Dong saw Sun Tao, waved his hand and shouted.

  These days he and Sun Tao in the phone communication, the two of them mixed familiar, also no longer Sun total Sun total to call.

  Sun Tao is still in casual clothes, dragging a large suitcase, see Li Dong face also showed a smile, smiled: "Li, from today onwards, I can be your people."

  "Don't call me Mr. Li, call me Dongzi, have been several times."

  Sun Tao smiled and did not say anything, but refused to change his mouth.

  Not his cheap, but Li Dong age too, called Li total at least have a priority, if really called Dongzi, outsiders may not know how to look, there is no need to because of this in the heart of Li Dong root thorn.

  In the business world for more than a decade, Sun Tao if even this can not see, then also mixed in vain.

  Did not take Li Dong's words, Sun Tao said directly: "Until now I still do not know where our supermarket opened, left Dongping many years, a lot of change, some places are not recognized."

  "It's okay, I'll give you a lift today, you take a day off, tomorrow I'll take you around."

  Sun Tao shook his head, "or go to see it now, until now I am still confused, you are ready to open in August, until now even the business license has not been taken down, time there is a rush."

  Li Dong some embarrassment, really not much time, plus he is too lazy to deal with people in official circles, the business license thing also dragged down, ready to wait for Sun Tao to take over it.

  "That's fine, anyway, not far from here, just over the North Street, I'll take you to see." Li Dong is not a person who is dragging his feet, now is indeed a critical period, the early day to do a good day to rest assured.

  Called a car, less than ten minutes two people arrived at the Blue Ocean Building.

  Simply swept a glance at the location, Sun Tao on Li Dong thumbs up praise: "have vision!"

  Not only is the location good, and the site is very suitable for opening a supermarket, up and down three floors plus underground parking, the place is also large enough.

  In Dongping County, with such a large supermarket, it is difficult for later generations to surpass.

  After all, the county's market is limited, Li Dong seized the first opportunity, the later also have to consider whether it is worth reinvesting, not profitable business is no one to do, anyway, the country is so big, there is no need to spend blood money competition.

  Li Dong smiled, heart smug.

  Now look is not obvious, and so on in another two years you will know whether it is as simple as vision, especially the surrounding several districts not yet built to officially move in, then it is the day to day.

  And the person in charge of the site to say hello, Li Dong took Sun Tao up and down a few turns.

  Sun Tao from time to time head, sometimes Li Dong's some ideas and suggestions let him have a kind of thatched feeling.

  To think that they have done so many years in Carrefour, but still do not have a layman understand, Sun Tao is a little ashamed of himself.

  All the time until Li Dongqi can get the property license in two more days, Sun Tao is really a little surprised.

  "General Li, this place you bought?"

  Sun Tao some unbelievable, he originally thought it was a rented store, did not expect Li Dong actually bought a large amount of money, which he did not know earlier.

  Li Dong head, smilingly said: "Is not very surprised?"

  Sun Tao head, indeed, so that there is less trouble, after all, their own and rent someone else's, there is still a gap after all.

  "But this house can not be counted in the supermarket shares, the rent can be exempted, the mall belongs to my personal assets."

  Li Dong finished then squinted at Sun Tao's reaction, the mall can be worth tens of millions in the future, he is not stupid, and Sun Tao is not that close.

  Sun Tao is not a person who does not know the measure, quickly said: "can be exempted from the rent is already the generosity of Mr. Li, the mall Mr. Li dare to give I do not dare to want it."

  Just such a large venue, according to the current market, the annual rent is definitely not less than three or four hundred thousand, free of rent he can earn 30,000 to 40,000 more each year for nothing.