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Chapter 24 - Drunkenness

  The afternoon class is finally over.

  Wang Jie did not stop all afternoon, this side just agreed with a classmate on the time and place.

  Seeing Li Dong get up and prepare to leave, Wang Jie hurriedly said, "Dongzi, don't forget to go to Nan Ting Grand Hotel at seven o'clock."

  "Got it, how many times have I recited it, am I that forgetful?" Li Dong grumbled, so this party was organized by Wang Jie, no wonder this guy is so active today.

  Chen Yue, who was still packing his textbooks, turned around and joked, "Li Dong, now you are the grand master in our class, who does not know that Master Dong is the most difficult to invite, can not be serious well."

  "Go go go, you two husband and wife sing, two mouths I can not say, I go back to take a shower, turn around and rush over, okay."

  Chen Yue recently and Wang Jie's relationship gradually clear, and not shy, but laughed: "Who said you a mouth, Xiao Xue is not also in it, two on two more fair."

  Silently clean up the desks of Yuan Xue heard a hum, grumbling: "Do not pull on me, people do not have Qin Yu Han, I count what!"

  Li Dong gritted his teeth, your sister, who did I provoke this is?

  The company has already kept its distance, but Yuan Xue's tone of resentment is what?

  The school has a large number of handsome men, he Li Dong looks and RMB does not look like ah, this if the Qin Yuhan know how wrong ah!

  I don't dare to take this word, Li Dong as an ostrich, pick up the school bag and run out……

  7:00 p.m., Nan Ting Grand Hotel.

  The name sounds quite overbearing, but in fact it is a small restaurant.

  It's all students, not to the time of vanity, and again or AA, spending all their own money, no one is willing to spend.

  The restaurant is small, just a table in the lobby, there is no need for someone waiting outside, you can see when you enter.

  Li Dong came when there were already five or six people sitting, Wang Jie Chen Yue, the two families naturally arrived long ago.

  Several people are talking about interesting things in school, see Li Dong arrived, Wang Jie quickly greeted: "Dongzi, sit, is talking about you."

  "What bad things are said about me?"

  Li Dong smiled and did not mind, casually found an empty seat and sat down.

  "Which is bad words, these guys are envious of you, I heard that you and Qin Yuhan good, is it true?"

  The usual and Chen Yue relationship with Li Yuan face gossip, Qin Yu Han in a middle school fame can not be small, for Li Dong can and Qin Yu Han together also do not know how many people's jaws dropped.

  Li Dong laughed but did not reply, picked a peanut peeled and threw into the mouth.

  Li Yuan did not get a definite answer some boring, and then looked at Chen Yue brightly said: "Little Yue Yue, you and the watermelon head how good, and we talk about ah?"

  Before Chen Yue could say anything, Wang Jie feigned anger and said, "Who are you talking about? Who is the watermelon head?"

  He lowered his head towards Li Yuan and showed his freshly shaved green skin head.

  Li Dong wanted to laugh, I don't know if this guy has a unique taste or the barber has a grudge against him, every time the hairstyle is made out to make people can't help but laugh.

  I think it is the whole day the whole day watermelon head was called some annoyed pushed the hair, but unfortunately this only leaves the stubble green skin is not very good.

  People are laughing, Chen Yue feel some shame, slapped a Wang Jie reached over the head.

  Not good-naturedly said: "Next time do not go to that barber store, burying people!"

  "Hahahaha ……"

  Several people can't hold it in, laughing out loud.

  Wang Jie face snapped, touched his head and sat down, changing the subject: "Yuan Xue why not yet come? Chen Yue, did you talk to her?"

  "Said, Xiao Xue said she came …… this less than it, Xiao Xue, come on, just wait for you!" Chen Yue is saying, look up to see Yuan Xue entered the door, and quickly shouted.

  Once Yuan Xue arrived, people are together, a small circle of parties, but also usually still play together people get together.

  In addition to a few girls and Li Dong, the other two boys are more or less formal.

  "Sorry to be late."

  Yuan Xue apologized, looked around and sat down next to Chen Yue.

  The others even said it was okay, Wang Jie shouted to the waiter to start ordering food.

  Li Dong did not get this lively, let the others grab the food to order a mess, thinking that a few days and Qin Yuhan alone, tomorrow to see if you can come out to turn around.

  The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are getting into.

  Chen Yue is aware of Yuan Xue's mind, see the situation secretly tugged her shirt, whispered a shout, "Xiao Xue!"

  Yuan Xue returned to her senses and shook her head without making a sound……

  There are not many people in the restaurant, and the dishes are served quickly.

  The people are drinking beer, looking out of the college entrance exams talk about the future, talk to the excitement of even Yuan Xue are red face and a few girls muttering up.

  Li Dong also drank a lot, did not pretend to be deep, students gossip from time to time inserted a few sentences can also make people laugh.

  The atmosphere is very cordial, are the ivory tower of the students, has not been tainted with the social vat, there is no latter day those boring competition climbing.