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Chapter 25: Trivia

  June 1, the last week of the college entrance exams.

  Although the school is not yet closed, but now almost no classes, the last few days the teacher is talking about some experience and mentality.

  Li Dong big wind and big waves have come, on these sets of words naturally not interested, in the school showed a face and went to the supermarket side.

  These days everything goes smoothly, Sun Tao is indeed a talent, all kinds of complicated affairs are handled in an orderly manner, progress quickly.

  Business license thing also in Sun Tao ran a few trips to the bureau of industry and commerce, eat and drink a few days on the smooth down.

  Along with various other documents are also all the way to the green light, soon to all down.

  When Li Dong arrived at the supermarket, Sun Tao was talking with Yang Ding's construction staff.

  When he saw Li Dong, Sun Tao hastily sent away the construction party and complained to Li Dong with a bitter face, "Mr. Li, you are really taking charge of the supermarket, I know that we are going to take the entrance exams in a few days, but you can't leave all the supermarket matters to me alone, right?"

  Li Dong is a little embarrassed, Sun Tao has lost a lot of weight these days, but also a lot of black.

  See Sun Tao's eyes are bloodshot, Li Dong apologized and said, "These few days, I have to bear with Sun, I can't help it, just these two days I can come out to go around, two days ago my mother did not let me go out at night."

  With the approach of the college entrance examination, Cao Fang and his wife's control over Li Dong is getting stricter and stricter.

  Not to mention the supermarket side, even with Qin Yuhan he met a few days to scatter, Qin Hai that old man surprisingly came to pick up once the school was over, depressed Li Dong want to kill himself.

  Sun Tao is also to make a gesture, if Li Dong really every day to stare at him, but let him uncomfortable.

  After complaining to Li Dong, he said: "Mr. Li, I have nothing else, there is no big problem for now. But the finance must be in place as soon as possible, whether it is the renovation money, capital registration, or the next channel laying all need to use money, I am not familiar with this, must find a professional."

  Familiar or not familiar are pretexts, brothers must also be clear accounts, the money aspect of some caution is necessary.

  Hearing Sun Tao's words Li Dong is also a difficult face, this matter he has long thought, but has not been able to find the right person.

  Unfamiliar people he did not dare to use, familiar people and no proficient in this area.

  He would like to nepotism, but also to have pro available to do.

  Own parents keep a small stall is not a big problem, expecting the old two to do a good job in the financial supermarket, can only think about it.

  Li Dong patted his head with difficulty, thought about it and said to Sun Tao: "This temporarily put, when I finished the entrance exams immediately to find you someone, the money thing for the time being also labor you trouble."

  Anyway, there are not many places to use money in the early stage, he has a number in his own heart, give Sun Tao management he is not too worried.

  "By the way, how is the recruitment of things, behind the training, and then it will be too late."

  "This has been in contact, the county and city TV stations I have advertised, and newspapers and outdoor advertising, the time is set on the 12th and 13th, just the weekend."

  "Well, where is the location, then I have time to go to see." Li Dong did not expect Sun Tao quite fast, even the time is set.

  He has to recruit a lot of people this time, not to mention some low and middle leadership, just cashier, loss prevention, security, logistics, procurement ……

  These miscellaneous together, the initial estimate is not ** ten people can not support the field.

  Most of these people are inexperienced, even with experience also need to be trained again, before and after not tossed a month certainly not.

  Sun Tao deliberately chose to recruit after the college entrance examination is to accommodate Li Dong, heard the words then said: "in the party school, that place is big, I and the party school side contacted, they are willing to lend us two days."

  "Borrowed?" Li Dong heard the key, uncertain, "Borrow or rent?"

  "Of course it's borrowed, someone from the county government side has said hello. We recruit a lot of people, provide so many employment opportunities for Dongping, a recruitment field borrowed for two days is nothing." Sun Tao does not think there is anything wrong.

  Dongping is not a developed county and city, providing nearly a hundred jobs in Dongping is considered a large enterprise, the government will not have no expression.

  At first he wanted to rent, and then I do not know which leader on the government side greeted, the party school people directly do not charge money to lend him.

  In fact, even if the money is not much, but after all, it is an attitude, at least to show the government's support for local industry.

  Li Dong was not too surprised, nodded his head did not say anything more, do not spend money on things care so much what.

  "What about the incoming channels?"

  Li Dong continued to ask, in addition to personnel recruitment, laying goods is the most important.

  In fact, he was not too worried, as long as the supermarket opened up, there are suppliers looking for door-to-door.

  But now time is tight, in another two months he is ready to open, fully prepared in advance to get the most preferential policies and benefits.

  Sure enough, Sun Tao said with a relaxed face: "I contacted almost, are the old relationship, the general agent of Jiangbei. In a few days they will come to Dongping, we will talk about the specific then, if Mr. Li has time, it is best to talk to them personally."