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Chapter 26 Retaliation

  June 6, only one day left before the college entrance exam.

  Li Chengyuan and Cao Fang closed their stalls early, and the two of them returned home before six o'clock.

  Li Dong was watching TV at home, and before he could make a sound, he heard Cao Fang complaining, "How can you still watch TV at this time, you can't watch anything after the exam."

  "Dongzi, go back to your room and review your textbook, I'll call you when your mom makes dinner." The usually steady Li Chengyuan also could not sit still, and quickly echoed.

  Li Dong helpless, those high school entrance examination questions he has read dozens of times, the review is also reviewed, temporary hold the Buddha's feet is not necessary.

  But he also sympathized with the two families, turned off the TV and shook his head and went into the room.

  At 7:30, Li Dong finished his dinner and wanted to go out and see if Qin Yuhan could go out.

  I did not expect that Li Chengyuan two people insisted that he should rest well, and was afraid that he would go out and hurt where it would be bad.

  A few bitter smiles, Li Dong also can not help, only honestly back to the room.

  Not wanting to read a book, plus the time is still early can not sleep, Li Dong lying on the bed to Qin Yuhan called a phone.

  The phone was answered by Qin Hai, who heard Li Dong's voice, and his tone was very unkind, but still gave the phone to Qin Yuhan.

  Until listening to Qin Yuhan said he also can not get out of the door, Mom and Dad look at the strict, Li Dong this dead heart.

  The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.

  Li Dong cried and laughed, had to carefully admonish Qin Yuhan a few words and hung up the phone.

  Emptying his mind and thinking about nothing in his head, Li Dong soon went to sleep……

  On June 7, Li Dong got up early.

  Cao Fang did not go to the market today, but made breakfast at home with Li Dong.

  Seeing Li Dong packing, Cao Fang kept urging, "Take everything well, bring a few more pens, don't wait for the exam when the pen is broken, it will be trouble ……"

  Li Dong hurriedly responded, fearing that the day was too hot to refuse Cao Fang's company.

  Because the test site is in a middle school, Cao Fang also did not insist, but said noon at home to make a meal, waiting for Li Dong back to eat……

  Li Dong arrived at the first middle school at 8:20.

  Although it is still early for the examination time, and the examination room is not accessible, but the entrance of the first middle school is still surrounded by students and parents.

  For these parents and students, more than ten years have survived, waiting an extra hour is nothing, if you miss the time that is the big deal.

  Li Dong looked around in the crowd, squeezed half a day did not see Qin Yu Han.

  Although Qin Yuhan is a liberal arts student, but a middle school has two buildings, the back of the building is the liberal arts examination room, Qin Yuhan's examination room is also in a middle school.

  In fact, Li Dong heart some small suspicion, as if the usual good results of the students exam room are divided to a middle.

  But Li Dong also do not bother to think more, stretching his head to look around a bit, now too many people, a time can not find people.

  Until the time came 8:30, the examination room opened.

  The crowd all surged towards the examination room, and only then did Li Dong see Qin Yuhan at the back of the crowd.

  "Yu Han!"

  Li Dong swept a glance and found that no parents existed around Qin Yuhan, and only then did he shout loudly.

  He knew that Qin Yuhan's parents should not come, Qin Yuhan's home is near the school, there is no need to come over to accompany.

  Qin Yuhan also saw Li Dong, as if seeing a straw, quickly ran to Li Dong, eyes red and shouted: "Li Dong!"

  "What's wrong!"

  Li Dong's heart panic, this is almost exams, how Qin Yu Han seems to be crying.

  Qin Yuhan tugged Li Dong's hand and said with a panicked face, "Li Dong, I lost my exam card, what should I do!"

  "Lost your exam card!"

  Li Dong's heart was shocked, how could it be, it seems that he had not heard of it in his previous life!

  And he remembered that Qin Yuhan ended up going to Beijing Normal University, how could she lose her pass?

  The first thing you need to do is to find out if you can't find it. And the invigilator explain the situation first let you into the examination, and then let your class teacher to go to the replacement of the permit, before the end of the examination to replace it will be no problem."

  Qin Yuhan listened to Li Dong and gradually calmed down.

  She was really scared when she found out that she had lost her exam card, and if she hadn't held back, she would have cried out.

  Seeing Qin Yuhan look much more relaxed, Li Dong heart is secretly anxious.

  The words he just said were just to comfort Qin Yuhan.

  Now it is 2004, Jiangbei has not yet introduced the policy of replacing the side exams, once lost the permit is not to enter the examination, the fastest to replace the documents to enter the examination in the afternoon.