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Chapter 27 The End

  Eight forty-nine minutes.

  Li Dong rushed into examination room 31 in anger, ignoring the dumbfounded invigilator and the other students.

  Li Dong walked straight to Feng Jinsong and grabbed him by the collar and said coldly, "Take it out!"

  "Take what? Li Dong, what do you mean!"

  Feng Jinsong's eyes flashed for a moment, but he ignored Li Dong and shouted to the invigilator, "Teacher, he's not from our exam room!"

  Two invigilators saw the situation and came over, and one of them, a male teacher in his forties or fifties, shouted, "What are you doing? Today is the college entrance exam, do you want to be disqualified!"

  Li Dong didn't pay any attention to him, coldly stared at Feng Jinsong and said, "If you don't take it out, you don't want to take the exam, even if I can't do anything about you now, there are still three more classes to come!"

  Feng Jinsong's eyes flashed a trace of panic, Li Dong threatened him!

  He knew what kind of person Li Dong was, and if he was really determined to retaliate against him, he would not be able to hide.

  The time even if Li Dong was caught, even if you go to jail, but then there is still use to say this.

  He is a son of a rich family, academic performance is also good, the future is bright, it is necessary to fight with Li Dong this barefoot?

  The heart is a little shaken, but if you admit that they did it, then is not ……

  Feng Jinsong was about to deny, but looked up to see Li Dong's eyes cold and stern, and even said that the fierce light, Feng Jinsong suddenly afraid.

  The barefooted are not afraid to wear shoes, Li Dong is just a tile, he is jade, there is no need to fight for life with Li Dong.

  Seeing that Li Dong refused to stop, Feng Jinsong had to grit his teeth and said hatefully, "I didn't take it, but I think I saw it in the garbage can at the entrance of the school building."

  "Humph! You better pray that I find it, or you're dead!"

  Time is too tight, plus now is not a good time to retaliate, Li Dong grunted and turned around and left.

  The two invigilators saw him go and did not look for trouble, but looked at Feng Jinsong frowned slightly, looking for trouble are found in the examination room, it seems that it is not a good student……

  Eight fifty-five minutes.

  Qin Yuhan stood at the entrance of the teaching building, her eyes both expectant and full of worry.

  She wanted to accompany Li Dong to find Feng Jinsong, but without a permit the gatekeeper simply did not let her into the examination room, so she had to stand at the door and wait.

  At this moment, Li Dong flew downstairs.

  Gasping for breath, he hurriedly said, "Garbage cans, the garbage cans at the entrance, look for them!"

  Said also can not care about other, Li Dong hurriedly end up the doorway left side of the garbage can over, a time garbage everywhere.

  A few janitors of the school building saw the situation to stop, Li Dong said in an urgent voice: "Teacher, the pass is lost, I'm sure to clean up after the exam!"

  Several doormen were stunned, one of them looked like a small leader of the man heard the words and quickly drank: "Help find, do not miss the exam time!"

  The others saw this and rushed forward to help, Li Dong eyes flashed a trace of gratitude, but know that this is not the time to say thank you.

  The next Qin Yuhan also cared not dirty, directly reached out in the garbage pile to find up……

  Eight fifty-seven minutes.

  Qin Yuhan took the dirty pass and cried with joy.

  Li Dong and a few doormen finished saying thank you, see Qin Yuhan happy and smiling, suddenly relieved, breathed then said, "into the examination room, first calm down for a while before doing the questions, do not delay."

  Qin Yuhan also knows that time is short, see Li Dong full of sweat also do not care about clothes or dirty, directly with the sleeve to help him dry the sweat on his face, with tears of gratitude said: "Li Dong, thank you!"

  She did not dare to imagine, if there is no Li Dong, she missed this exam will not do anything stupid.

  "We still need to say this, go on!"

  Li Dong showed his teeth and smiled, reaching out to help Qin Yuhan dry the tear marks on his face.

  He also hurriedly turned around and ran to the front of the building, fifteen minutes late but can not be admitted, good thing there is still enough time……

  At nine o'clock, Li Dong entered the examination room panting, his body was already soaked through.

  Several invigilators saw the situation and did not make it difficult, checked Li Dong's ID card and permit, then nodded and let Li Dong back to his seat.

  Li Dong ran for a whole half hour without stopping, this sit down suddenly felt all sore.

  A full half-hour rest, Li Dong felt more comfortable, and his head was finally not a blur.

  At this moment, it is too late to think about how to retaliate Feng Jinsong, not to mention that this incident will not affect Qin Yuhan, the first priority is to take this test.