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Chapter 28: Score Evaluation

  June 10th.

  Because today to go to school to get the answers to the college entrance exam to assess the score, Li Dong also got up early.

  When he arrived at school it was just before eight o'clock, most of the people in the class had already come, gathered around to talk about the right and wrong questions in the college entrance exam.

  From time to time, there are a few exclaims from the crowd, and from time to time, people lament the wrong answer, and lost a few points.

  There is also the sound of joy, Li Dong heard someone shouting, "I did not expect to really choose B, I was blindly masked, good luck!"

  Li Dong could not help but lose his smile, it seems that sometimes it is not hope that will bring you a surprise.

  Chen Guohua also arrived a long time ago and was standing at the podium to give out answers to the students who came one by one.

  After taking the answers from Chen, Li Dong sat down in his seat and started to check the answers.

  Because he has a good memory, plus the college entrance examination only past, the answers written in the examination room almost all remember.

  The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the results.

  Li Dong estimated that the language essay and English essay if the budget according to the usual results, their total score should be about 610, which is not low.

  You know that last year's book was only about 560, this year's he remembered it seems to be only 565 or 567, anyway, and last year is similar.

  He is forty to fifty percent higher than the first, and should not have a big problem applying to Jiangda.

  Next to Wang Jie also corrected the answer, turned to Li Dong and smiled: "Dongzi, how do you estimate, about how much can test?"

  Li Dong did not answer back, and asked in return, "How about you?"

  "Hey, not bad, about six hundred points, should not have a problem enrolling in a better school."

  Wang Jie had a smile on his face and was in a happier mood.

  He usually scores well, six hundred points in line with his expectations, not extravagant outbreak, as long as the usual play on the line.

  This score even if you can not go to those famous brands, some ordinary 211 schools can also be reported.

  But I'm afraid it's a little difficult to apply for 211 schools in the capital, after all, too many foreigners want to go to the capital.

  Not continuing to ask Li Dong, Wang Jie patted the front row of Chen Yue and asked, "Chen Yue, how many points did you estimate?"

  "Not too good, about five hundred **ten."

  Chen Yue was a bit sullen, obviously this score did not meet her expectations.

  Because class eight is an experimental class, a high rate of attainment is still very high, Chen Yue usually scores and Wang Jie about the same, the estimated score of one or two ten points less naturally some reluctance.

  The difference of one point in the college entrance examination can be hundreds of thousands, dozens of twenty want to apply for a school can be difficult.

  Unless Wang Jie is willing to enroll in a poorer school, or the two are afraid to separate.

  Wang Jie quickly comforted: "It's okay, you girls like to estimate a few points less, by the time the results should be similar to me, I and you enrolled in a school."

  Li Dong also laughed when he saw this: "I don't know if the final score down Wang Jie is not as good as you, this guy likes to misrepresent."

  "Fuck you, I'm not that kind of person!" Wang Jie laughed and scolded, then continued to ask: "You kid has not said how much you took?"

  "If the score line does not change much this year, Jiangda University should not be a problem." Li Dong also did not hide, said casually, anyway, the score down everyone knows.

  Wang Jie was a little surprised, Jiangda score line is not low, no more than six hundred points do not even think about it, so that Li Dong test more than six hundred points!

  "Deeply hidden ah!"

  Wang Jie stretched his thumb and praised, but there is nothing jealous.

  He and Li Dong have a pretty good relationship, plus there is no competition, so naturally he won't think too much about it.

  Chen Yue also expressed envy and jealousy, saying that Li Dong took **** luck and was higher than her, simply unforgivable.

  A few people are playing around, the front row has not made a sound Yuan Xue suddenly turned around and said: "Li Dong, you test so well to stay in Jiangbei? Qin Yuhan said to take the Beijing University, right?"

  Li Dong smiled and did not make a sound, and did not want to say too much.

  Chen Yue saw Yuan Xue's face gloomy, afraid that this time also have to make trouble, and quickly interrupted: "Xiao Xue, how much you took the exam, the Beijing University can do?"

  I don't know what's going on, Dongping's people are fond of Beijing University, almost all good grades want to go to Beijing University.

  Yuan Xue saw Li Dong did not make a sound some lost, plus their own assessment is not smooth, the face is more gloomy said, "Beijing University probably not, I am ready to apply for NPC."