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Chapter 29: Meeting each other without knowing eac

  June 12th, Saturday.

  Dongping County Party School.

  The recruitment point of Far Far Away Supermarket is located in the square of Dongping Party School, the place is very spacious, and there are many people coming today.

  As for why it is called Far Far Away Supermarket, this is the name that Li Dong decided only after thinking long and hard, taking the harmonics of Li Chengyuan and Cao Fang's names.

  Li Dong just into the party school, I heard someone next to discuss: "Second brother, why don't you also leave a phone number, if people recruit you, you'll quit that job now."

  "That's not okay, I've been doing my current job for seven or eight years ……"

  "You are stupid! Your job is only how much money a month, or manual work! Look, this supermarket security guards are 1200 a month, where can you find such a good job."

  "But ……"

  The man who was called the second brother was obviously a bit moved, but still hesitated: "Now the job is not much money, but stable, this supermarket has not yet opened, who knows if business is good, what if it collapses?"

  "How is it possible! I heard that the owner of the supermarket is the family of the county leader, worth tens of millions of dollars, still can not afford to pay a thousand dollars in wages?"……

  The corners of Li Dong's mouth twitched, and did not care to listen further.

  I didn't expect the rumors to spread so far, what leadership family, tens of millions of dollars, and I don't know from where to spread.

  When Li Dong found Sun Tao, Sun Tao was directing several employees of the personnel department who had not long joined the company to maintain the order of the venue.

  Seeing Li Dong arrive, Sun Tao breathed a sigh of relief and introduced to a middle-aged man wearing glasses beside him, "Section Chief Wang, this is our General Manager Li."

  After saying that, he introduced to Li Dong, "Mr. Li, this is Section Chief Wang of the Logistics Section of the Party School."

  Li Dong smiled as he took a step forward and smiled, "Section Chief Wang, I've given you a lot of trouble this time."

  "No, no! Mr. Li is really young and promising!"

  Section Chief Wang shook Li Dong's hand vigorously with admiration on his face.

  After all, Li Dong looked too young, not at all like the rumored millionaire who started with nothing.

  With a smile on his face, Li Dong humbly said a few words of courtesy to Section Chief Wang, and then politely sent him away.

  As soon as Section Chief Wang left, Li Dong asked, "Brother Sun, there are quite a lot of people coming, and the situation looks pretty good, how many resumes have you received?"

  "Not many resumes were received, 20 to 30 copies of the same. But left a lot of phone, about fifty to sixty, many are interested."

  Sun Tao briefly explained the situation, Dongping is not developed, in fact, the resumes submitted are some applications for low-level leadership positions.

  As for ordinary sales clerks and security guards and so on, some on the spot a few words to set down, even without even an interview.

  Li Dong also understands these, heard a relief in his heart, praised: "Sun brother organization publicity is good, did not expect today will have so many people come."

  In this way may be able to recruit all the people today, a day earlier the framework up Li Dong can also be a day earlier at ease.

  Sun Tao's face also showed a look of relief, but his mouth modestly said: "This credit is not mine, if it were not for the high salary offered by Mr. Li, these people would not have been rushing to."

  The salary package offered by Far Eastern Supermarket is indeed not low, otherwise Li Dong would not have heard such words earlier.

  In the case of Dongping's average salary of only 700 to 800, Li Dong gave a salary package of 800 a month during training and 1000-1500 for formal entry, which is comparable to general state-owned enterprises.

  And there is no heavy work in the supermarket, easy and decent work, the salary is more than doing hard work, of course, enough to attract people.

  Li Dong smiled at his words and did not say much, and casually picked up a resume to look at.

  After a glance, Li Dong shook his head and said, "The county is after all a county, too few talents."

  "Oh, Mr. Li, we are only recruiting some grassroots leaders today, the supermarket is also in the initial stage, and the demand for talent is not that urgent. When we open a chain, then there is no need to recruit people in Dongping, Jiangbei 60 million people, everything is lacking, there is no lack of talent."

  Sun Tao is a look of anticipation, Dongping is not no talent, the key is that Dongping can not keep these elites, the real elites are in the big cities to fight it.

  Just like himself, if not for the unexpected situation will not return to the development of Dongping.

  Sun Tao said Li Dong also understand, just a few casual emotions.

  Avoiding this topic, Li Dong opened his mouth and asked, "Is there anyone applying for the finance position I asked you to pay attention to?"

  Since sweeping a circle of people he knows around, no suitable financial candidates, Li Dong will stop the idea of nepotism.

  And finance must be a professional talent, or market recruitment oriented wide, find the right candidate also have a greater chance.

  "You do not say I forgot, there is, but I do not feel too suitable." Sun Tao picked out a few copies from the resume pile and handed them to Li Dong.

  Li Dong took it and looked through it, and was immediately full of disappointment.

  There are indeed people who applied for the job, but they are either too old, or they are not qualified.

  Not even a formal accounting certificate, this is too far from the supermarket to take it seriously.

  At least it is also an enterprise with an investment of more than one million dollars, not those five or six people's purse companies on the roadside, do these guys think they are opening a charity store?

  Li Dong casually threw down several resumes on hand and shook his head: "This is definitely not possible, the supermarket cash flow is large, I'm not comfortable giving it to these people."

  Money matters can not be sloppy, a slight error may bring great losses to themselves.

  Li Dong would rather have no shortage than perfunctory……

  Just when Li Dong and Sun Tao to discuss the financial candidates, next to another employee brought a few resumes on the table.