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Chapter 30: Money can't be spent

  Just into late June, the weather in Dongping is scary hot.

  Once the day is hot, there are more people eating lobster.

  Pingchuan's lobster market has exploded at an alarming rate, and the entire north of the river has set off a wave of lobster fever……

  Yanghe Internet cafe.

  Li Dong hung up the phone and leaned back in his chair to fret.

  Although he told himself early, this business does not last, but the thought of white money flying away from their hands, Li Dong heart still can not say lost.

  Others began to make money when he had to end the lobster business.

  Dongping several counties he now can not get the goods, even if you can get the goods, the purchase price is also ridiculously high, those fishmongers simply black heart general crazy price increases.

  Pingchuan's wholesale price is now only 8, Dongping these guys dare to shout to 7, which there is still room for him to survive.

  Quietly, Li Dong calculated the total account, to buy a building down payment paid 1.5 million, pre-decorating payments paid 400,000, supermarkets pre-payment for various expenses to do the license almost spent 100,000 ……

  The total expenditure is about 2 million, and there are still more than 1.8 million deposits on hand.

  In other words, in just two months, he relied on the lobster business almost earned four million.

  "Four million, it is time to be content, contented people are always happy." Li Dong muttered, 04 years of four million is still worth quite a lot, at least the money to buy a building are almost earned back.

  "Dongzi, what four million? Is it Qin Yuhan's phone?"

  Li Dong pulled out together with the Internet Wei Yuan took off his headphones, some doubt asked.

  Li Dong rolled his eyes and said, "No! I'm telling you, don't hit Yu Han's idea, be careful I'll clean you up!"


  Wei Yuan grunted and grunted, "I am that kind of person, Qin Yuhan eyes are almost blind, I do not like."

  Since he knew that Li Dong and Qin Yu Han had fallen in love, Wei Yuan had always thought that Qin Yu Han was blind, he did not think that Li Dong was any better than him, Qin Yu Han would even look at Li Dong, this is not blind is what.

  "What strange things are you saying?"

  "Not saying anything!"

  Wei Yuan snorted and continued to ask: "By the way, Dongzi, what did you just say about four million and five million?"

  "Did I say that? You heard it wrong." Li Dong muddled a sentence, changing the subject: "I asked you to help me ask the matter asked?"

  "What is it ……"

  Wei Yuan said half of the words, see Li Dong with a murderous stare at himself, and quickly dry smile: "asked, just inquired with friends. This is not today to tell you it, you do not ask I almost forgot."

  "Feng Jinsong guy from the college entrance exams after that is not at home, listen to their classmates said is out traveling, the specific when to come back I'm not too clear."

  Wei Yuan said and began to go off-topic, slightly curious: "You look for Feng Jinsong what? Is that guy still not dead to Qin Yuhan, you are ready to clean him up?"

  Li Dong did not bother to explain to him, just lamented Feng Jinsong this guy good luck.

  I don't know if Feng Jinsong really went on a trip or deliberately avoided himself, since that time in the examination hall Li Dong has not met him.

  Even people can not meet, Li Dong want to retaliate have no opportunity to retaliate.

  Forget it, this time count Feng Jinsong good luck.

  The opportunity will come sooner or later, Li Dong is not in a hurry, he is a person who holds a grudge, Feng Jinsong do not think it is okay to avoid himself now? Almost dreaming!

  Also not in the mood to continue surfing the Internet, Li Dong got up and said, "I'm going back first, you can go on your own."

  "Don't! The college entrance exams are over, it's hard to have time now, play with me for a while!"

  "I still have things to do, you can play by yourself." Li Dong said patted Wei Yuan's shoulder and said with slight emotion, "Cherish this opportunity, take care of yourself after tomorrow."

  When Li Dong left, Wei Yuan froze for a while before coming back to his senses and muttered, "What do you mean?"

  Li Dong naturally will not tell him, when tomorrow's college entrance examination can check the score, this guy's good days will be over.

  I don't know how Wei Yuan estimated the score, people's estimated score difference between the upper and lower ten or eight points is not good, this guy actually estimated more than 50 or 60 points, can reach last year's second line.

  Wei Yuan's parents really believe this guy, these days in the community not less said son test a second, even Li Dong parents have heard.

  The actual fact is that if the usual performance of Wei Yuan can really get into the second, it is indeed worth celebrating, no wonder Wei Yuan's parents are overjoyed.

  But Li Dong know, wait for tomorrow to check the score, Wei Yuan is miserable.