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Chapter 31 - Score Check

  June 24th.

  The time to check the scores of the college entrance exam.

  Although the local news had informed that the score check hotline would be opened only after 6 p.m., Li Chengyuan and Cao Fang were waiting at home before 5 p.m. to call.

  Li Dong had no choice but to wait with his parents.

  At 5:58, before the time arrived Cao Fang dialed the score checking hotline, but only a busy tone came.

  Cao Fang was not discouraged and repeatedly dialed the number over and over again.

  Li Dong looked anxious and advised, "Mom, what does it matter if you're a little early or late, you can call later."

  Cao Fang gave him a white look, hummed and ignored him, redial button still kept pressing.

  The time had reached 6:05 when the call finally came through.

  The old couple was so excited that they didn't need Li Dong's help, and quickly entered Li Dong's pass number, without even looking at the pass.

  Li Dong is amused and saddened, if not too concerned, so long number of old two mouth how will remember so skilled.

  At this moment open hands-free phone has come out of the mechanical female voice -

  "Language 124 points, 137 points in mathematics, 246 points in the science synthesis, 108 points in English, the total score of 615 points ……"

  When the total score was reported, Li Chengyuan and Cao Fang were already trembling with excitement, if not for their scruples, I'm afraid they would have been in tears.

  "615 points! My son scored 615 points!"

  Cao Fang rubbed her eyes, grabbed Li Dong's hand with a deadly grip and choked up a little.

  Li Chengyuan was also in a stirring mood, never smoked at home, he lit a cigarette and took a deep drag.

  Out of his mouth came only a sound, "Good! Good! Good!"

  Looking at Mom and Dad happy and excited, Li Dong is also in a surging mood, he finally did it.

  In his previous life, although his parents were also happy to take the second exam, but never as excited and excited as now, this life he did better!

  Afraid of parents excited bad, Li Dong hurriedly comforted a few, see the two mood gradually calmed down, Li Dong then into the room to Qin Yuhan call……

  After talking to Qin Yuhan on the phone, Li Dong was a bit incredulous.

  In less than three minutes after the scores came out, the principal of the first middle school personally called the Qin family, Qin Yuhan turned out to be the top student of arts in Dongping County this year.

  672 points, nearly thirty points higher than the former Qin Yuhan!

  The first student of arts ah, even the first student of the county level that is also the first student, Beijing University is almost the nail in the coffin.

  The phone Qin Yuhan tone is very excited, if not her family today happened to come relatives can not leave, Qin Yuhan can not wait to see Li Dong nibble on a few.

  Also immersed in the surprise of Qin Yuhan's exams, Li Dong's phone rang again.

  The call was from Wang Jie, who was in a very good mood.

  The reason for the good mood is not because he scored 604 points, because it is similar to his estimated score.

  What really makes Wang Jie smile is Chen Yue, Chen Yue surprisingly also scored 599 points, and he only five points difference, this two people as long as the coordination, apply for a school hope is very big.

  And Wang Jie incidentally told Li Dong a news, Yuan Xue test 653 points.

  653 points is really not low, but I'm afraid that the Beijing University is no chance.

  In previous years, the University of Beijing in Dongping enrollment in science are generally more than 660, this year, I'm afraid it will be higher.

  I heard that Yuan Xue was very disappointed, although the estimated score was expected, but really lost with the University of Beijing or let this proud girl times a blow.

  But Li Dong also does not sympathize with her, are so high in the examination is not satisfied, that still let others how to live.

  Besides, NPC is not bad, also the top domestic institutions of learning.

  After talking to Wang Jie on the phone, the time is almost seven o'clock.

  The parents in the master bedroom are also constantly on the phone, and do not know who is notified.

  Anyway, the tone of the two mouths were proud and kept repeating, "The exam scored 615 points, so I'll notify you when it's time to eat wine ……"

  The corner of Li Dong's mouth showed a smile, he now can be counted to Mom and Dad long face, the two mouths to the vegetable market then also times have face, good mood body is naturally better.

  Just thinking about it, there was a rap at the door.

  Li Dong went forward to open the door, but yesterday just met Wei Yuan.

  At the moment, Wei Yuan is not yesterday's spirited, drooping head with a constipated face.