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Chapter 32 Opening

  Li Dong spent the whole July in the busy.

  Faraway supermarket is scheduled to officially open on August 1, the opening is imminent, the prep work busy Li Dong dizzy, even with Qin Yuhan did not come back for a month Li Dong could not care less.

  During the period Li Dong went to school to get back the notice of the University of Jiang, read it once and then threw it to Mom and Dad.

  Li Chengyuan two mouths with the notification letter smiling from ear to ear, even Li Dong all day early and late did not bother to ask……

  July 31st.

  Today there are too many things to discuss, Li Dong has been busy until very late to go home.

  When they arrived home, Li Chengyuan and Cao Fang had not yet fallen asleep.

  This time they are also very busy, Cao Fang has been scheduled for August 8 to invite guests to eat wine, these days busy calling to inform people, generally less than 10 o'clock not to sleep.

  Li Dong saw his parents enjoying themselves, and did not bother with these trivial matters, and let them toss and turn.

  Seeing Li Dong come home all tired, Cao Fang and his family some doubts, always feel that this time son than they are also busy, also do not know what busy all day.

  But the child is older, some things can not be too tightly managed.

  Cao Fang put aside the doubts in her mind and brought the freshly heated meal to the table.

  Li Dong from noon to now almost dripping water, is also hungry hard, as soon as sat down and ate wolfishly.

  As he was eating, Li Dong heard Cao Fang ask, "Dongzi, did you know that there is a supermarket opening on North Street tomorrow?"

  Li Dong did not expect his mother to ask about this, but it was not very surprising, Li Dong's publicity work this month was very well done.

  The opening advertisements of the rotten streets in the latter days were scattered by him everywhere in the whole Dongping, and the effect was not generally good.

  After all, this time this colorful leaflet is not very common, especially in such small places as Dongping few people are willing to spend the money to print this.

  Seeing the mother asked, Li Dong nodded and said, "I heard, why?"

  "I heard that the opening of the discount, and I heard that what supermarkets sell everything, food and clothing, I want to go shopping tomorrow, if you are okay to accompany me."

  Li Dong thought about it, he must go tomorrow to keep an eye on, but accompanying his mother around is not impossible, after all, there is Sun Tao and they are watching, so thought Li Dong then nodded and agreed.

  Cao Fang began to plan what to buy tomorrow, Li Chengyuan is also helping to advise, thinking about what is missing at home, from time to time to provide a few words of advice.

  Seeing Mom and Dad's excited look, Li Dong had a bad feeling.

  I hope Mom won't carry a few carts home tomorrow, Li Dong secretly prayed.

  As he was praying, he heard Li Chengyuan suddenly cursed: "Rich people are really not something! This guy who runs the supermarket has a black heart!"

  Li Dong's face turned green and he coughed dryly and asked, "Dad, what did they do to you when they opened the supermarket?"

  Li Chengyuan waved the leaflet in his hand and pointed to one of them and said indignantly, "What do you think has gotten into me? This is not to steal business with us ordinary people! Such a big supermarket still sells fish, do not mind the bury!"

  Li Dong listened to the reason almost spit out a mouthful of rice, this is not only allow the state officials to set fire on the people not to light a lamp it, do not know what to say good.

  See Dad is still complaining about the boss of the supermarket, Cao Fang is also on the side of the echo.

  Li Dong had to interrupt: "Dad, the supermarket mainly sells frozen seafood, there is no impact on you."

  "Oh, that's okay, our small business is not easy. People who run supermarkets are not short of money, so they don't need to steal business from us." Li Chengyuan said somewhat thankfully.

  Li Dong speechless, who and you rob business.

  Supermarkets opened up would have caused a considerable impact on the traditional retail industry, the aquatic market is considered the least affected……

  August 1.

  Crackling firecrackers sounded for more than half an hour, half of the people of Dongping City know that the first supermarket opened on North Street Dongping.