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Chapter 33 Fire

  Cao Fang didn't care what Li Dong thought and happily pushed the shopping cart to the activity area.

  Because the supermarket has a lottery, spending a hundred can be a lottery, so at this time the activity area is also full of people.

  From time to time, Li Dong heard people exclaiming, and it looked like the prize was quite good.

  Cao Fang threw the cart to Li Dong, himself also squeezed into the crowd to see the hustle and bustle.

  It took a while before Cao Fang squeezed out and said with some excitement, "Dongzi, it's a great deal to come to the supermarket to buy things! I just saw someone win an induction cooker!"

  Li Dong skimmed his mouth, his mother was really naive.

  This raffle is his own planning, no one knows better than him how low the probability of winning is.

  A total of 10,000 lottery tickets, the value of more than a hundred prizes no more than thirty, it can be seen just how lucky the guy who won the induction cooker.

  But the low winning rate could not dampen the enthusiasm of the crowd, and the activity area was full of cheers, even if they won a consolation prize - a pair of socks costing a few cents - some people were overjoyed.

  Cao Fang looked a little itchy and squeezed into the crowd again with the invoice.

  Li Dong didn't bother and waved to Fang Hao, the operation supervisor who was maintaining order.

  Fang Hao actually saw Li Dong a long time ago, but Li Dong looked like he was shopping with his family, so he didn't bother.

  However, he kept his eyes on Li Dong, and when he saw Li Dong waving, Fang Hao hurriedly went forward and greeted him, "Hello, Mr. Li!"

  Li Dong nodded and asked, "Can the staff adapt? Are there any problems?"

  "Except for some panic at the beginning, now they are almost adapted. The main thing is that there are too many people and the cashier side is a little too busy. The raffle side is also, Mr. Li, do you think we should set up another raffle box?" Fang Hao stared at Li Dong's face and cautiously asked.

  Li Dong looked at the raffle area surrounded by layer after layer of people, pondered for a moment and then nodded, "Set up two more, too many people is not safe, try to let these customers go out quickly after buying things."

  Fang Hao nodded in response, and then heard Li Dong say, "Also, customers with the third prize or more can be informed in the public radio, to promote the customers' purchase **."

  This is what he forgot to arrange earlier, in fact, the customer who just won the induction cooker can inform about it.

  Many people actually don't pay attention to these activities, and they don't necessarily know that there is a lottery.

  But love to take advantage of small bargains is the nature of most people, once they know that a hundred can draw a lottery, and there are people who really won the prize, will certainly make part of the crowd with a hilarious mentality turned into real consumers.

  Those who shop less than a hundred, or just a little short of, may make a second purchase, which can increase revenue for the supermarket.

  Seeing Fang Hao nod again, Li Dong waved his hand and said, "Go ahead and make arrangements, and when you see Manager Sun tell him to come over."

  "Okay, Mr. Li!" Fang Hao turned around and trotted off to make arrangements.

  Li Dong waited in place for a while and saw that his mother was still in the crowd waiting for the lottery, so he didn't bother.

  After about three or four minutes, Sun Tao walked over with big steps.

  When he saw Li Dong, he didn't have time to be polite and hurriedly said, "Mr. Li, there's some trouble!"

  "What trouble?"

  Li Dong frowned, the first day of business he was most afraid of accidents, not only affect the reputation will also discourage staff motivation.

  Sun Tao saw Li Dong some anxious, quickly waved his hand and explained: "Nothing happened, it's a shortage of goods!"

  Li Dong head for a moment, some disbelief said: "Out of stock?"

  Li Dong's first reaction is that he heard wrong, this is only an hour or so, the warehouse is worth five million goods, Sun Tao said to him out of stock?

  "Not all, but some of the best-selling goods are about to be sold out. Just now the warehouse management side of the notice, there are several kinds of goods inventory is not much."

  Sun Tao is happy and worried, the goods sold quickly is naturally good, but sold too quickly out of stock is a problem.

  Li Dong was relieved, glared at Sun Tao who did not understand, he thought the warehouse goods will soon be sold out.

  To know that it is the goods sold for nearly five million, if it really sold out he would not be laughing mad, the profit will be nearly a million.

  "Do not rush, call the manufacturers to inform them of the supply, shortage of goods temporarily off the shelves, through today's peak period will not be a problem."