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Chapter 34: Making a Legend

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  Just after sending Sun Tao away, Cao Fang squeezed out from the crowd.

  Seeing Li Dong, Cao Fang said joyfully, "Dongzi, did you hear that? I won the lottery!"

  He raised the beautifully packaged cell phone box in his hand and said with a smile on his face, "My luck is so good that I got the first prize. The people at the supermarket said that this phone is worth more than three thousand!"

  Cao Fang was in such a good mood that she could not wait to announce to everyone that she had won the lottery.

  Although Li Dong was annoyed with Fang Hao's self-assertion, but seeing his mother in such a good mood, a trace of dislike in his heart quickly dissipated.

  It was just a cheat, and to make his mom so happy, Fang Hao had made up for it.

  "Mom, I heard it, the supermarket radio has broadcasted it three times." Li Dong also had a smile on his face and joked, "Your old man is famous this time, at least several hundred people know that Ms. Cao Fang won the lottery."

  Cao Fang was a bit embarrassed by Li Dong's jokes, and feigned anger, "Cut the crap, go home!"

  Speaking of going home, Li Dong swept a glance at the items organized into **bags in front of him and was a bit stunned.

  So many things, how should he take it back?……

  Li Dong's journey home is tragic and inhumane.

  Cao Fang just to save a few dollars of taxi fare, hard to walk back with Li Dong.

  Li Dong resisted, and even willing to pay for the road, but were Cao Fang refuted back.

  The reason is very good, Cao's mother very patiently taught her son: "grow up to learn to live, just a few steps away but also to play, think of your mother I walked from the countryside to the county, dozens of miles did not scream bitter ……"

  Li Dong can only report a bitter smile, honestly walked back with his mother.

  Although only ten minutes away, but Li Dong arrived home soaked, it is too hot this year's weather.

  Cao Fang is still in high spirits and does not feel the least bit tired, even though she carries no less than Li Dong.

  While packing things, while also and Li Dong said the new supermarket is really good, things are cheap and affordable, and more importantly, can also draw a lottery.

  Li Dong cried and laughed, I'm afraid the last sentence is the point.

  The old mother really thought it was so easy to win the lottery, tens of thousands of lottery tickets, the probability of a few ten thousandths, to not cheat how to win.

  But Li Dong did not say much, anyway, is their own industry, even if the old mother emptied the supermarket is not cheap others……

  When Li Chengyuan came home at night, Cao Fang couldn't wait to talk about what happened during the day, and also handed the phone to Li Chengyuan to show off a bit.

  Li Chengyuan has long been accustomed to his wife's character, automatically ignored the words.

  After looking back and forth at the phone, he was a little surprised and said, "This phone is not cheap, right?"

  "Well, I asked, people said more than three thousand!"

  Cao Fang was first happy, and then some regret: "Just can not be converted into money, if this is converted into money tops our monthly earnings."

  "How can you ask for something for nothing? This is a good phone, it just so happens that Dongzi is going to college, so it's perfect for him." Li Chengyuan smilingly said, handed the phone to Li Dong.

  Li Dong smiled and quickly shook his head, "Dad, you keep it. You have to support the scene in business, I have my own."

  His second-hand cell phone has long been found by the family, because it is old parents did not ask questions.

  And Li Chengyuan's phone is even older than his, or bought two years ago, if not for the frequent calls for delivery, Li Chengyuan would not have bought the phone.

  "That's not okay, you're old, you'll be laughed at when you go to college with the old one."

  Li Chengyuan waved his hand to refuse, he used the old okay, young people can not use the old phone, take out to lose face.

  Father and son pushed back and forth for a while, Cao Fang said sourly, "How come no one thinks of me?"

  Li Dong and Li Chengyuan stared at each other, and after a moment's pause, Li Dong hurriedly smiled and said, "No, I thought this is the male one for Dad to use first, and then I will buy a female one for Mom when I earn money."

  Li Chengyuan also smiled and nodded in agreement, and in a short time, Cao Fang was happy.

  As for Li Dong's words about earning money to buy a cell phone, the two families did not take it to heart.

  The matter of cell phones was not mentioned again, Li Chengyuan could not argue with Li Dong, and finally had to change the card to use on their own.

  However, the heart is chattering about the time to go to school should also be given to the son to change a cell phone only good, but also afraid of their own personal money to buy a computer is not enough, thinking about whether to move the family money.