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Chapter 35 Confession

  August 7th.

  In the Qin family downstairs, Li Dong saw the long-lost Qin Yuhan.

  More than a month without seeing, Qin Yuhan tanned a lot, barley-colored skin so Qin Yuhan more than a wild beauty.

  The corners of Li Dong's mouth curled up slightly, a while ago busy still nothing to feel, these days idle is extraordinarily homesick for his little girlfriend.

  The heart is happy, but the mouth is not forgiving jokingly: "a hit eyes almost did not recognize, this month you did not go to Africa, right?"

  "You're the one who went to Africa!"

  Qin Yuhan made an angry face, knew that from Li Dong's mouth can not say good things.

  After knowing Li Dong for six years, Qin Yuhan had long seen through him, a typical knife mouth and tofu heart.

  But her own darker is a fact, Qin Yuhan slightly sad said: "in the countryside did not feel, come back to take a look only to know so much darker, causing me to be afraid to see people."

  Li Dong pinched her little face, hey, quite smooth, the feel is not bad.

  With a smile on his face, he said, "What's the fear of a little black, the face is still so tender, you can pinch out water."

  Qin Yuhan kitten-like in his hand rubbed, shaking his head to shake off Li Dong's strange hand, but the heart is relieved.

  In fact, how others look at her do not care at all, as long as Mom and Dad and Li Dong do not mind on the line.

  Seeing Li Dong smile still, Qin Yu Han also put aside the grudge of tanning, pulling Li Dong's hand and began to talk about their experiences in the old home.

  Qin Yuhan, like a tireless bird, chattered about her joy and happiness for more than a month.

  Li Dong acted as a faithful listener and did not feel bored at all.

  After talking like this for more than half an hour, Qin Yuhan suddenly blushed and said, "Li Dong, have you missed me during my absence for so many days?"

  "Thought of the flowers are thankful, look, am I thin, all because I thought of you." Li Dong showed his mouth smiling happily, did not expect Qin Yu Han also can say love words.

  Qin Yuhan seriously observed Li Dong, a touch of tenderness in his eyes, touching Li Dong's cheek painfully: "seems to be thin, are so adult still can not take care of themselves."

  Li Dong did not expect Qin Yuhan took it seriously, laughed dryly and did not know what to say.

  The other day he was busy with the opening of the supermarket, plus the weather is too hot to eat, it is normal to lose weight.

  As for whether it is to think of Qin Yuhan, Li Dong does not dare to admit that the busy month ahead almost forgot about Qin Yuhan.

  Li Dong digressed from this topic, the tone with a complaint: "You can be cruel enough, a month away, how to come back only now."

  "In fact, I also want to come back sooner, but grandparents are old, I can't let them go. Soon to go to college, come back less time ……"

  Said Qin Yuhan paused and did not go on, his face showed a touch of gloom.

  Yes, soon to go to college.

  She and Li Dong will soon go their own way, thousands of miles apart, this relationship can still be maintained?

  Qin Yuhan is a little confused, this is her first love, she can hold on, Li Dong can?

  There is no distrust of Li Dong, but this is the truth, there are no examples of seniors and sisters told her that the university long-distance love is the grave of love.

  She used to believe that she and Li Dong would not become one of them, and she also had confidence in herself.

  But now she is confused, why does Li Dong have to stay in Jiangbei?

  The capital is the capital, there are so many good schools, there are too many opportunities, there is a bright future ……

  More importantly, she is also in the capital, why did Li Dong choose to stay?

  Is it just because Pingchuan is close to home? Or is it that Li Dong's feelings for her are not as deep as he thought?

  Qin Yuhan's heart is empty, suddenly sad so want to cry.

  Li Dong saw Qin Yuhan's eyes red halfway through the sentence, his heart ached, hurriedly comforted: "Just now was fine, what is it?"

  Qin Yuhan was crying, tears in the eyes, "Li Dong, do you like me?"


  Li Dong did not hesitate in the slightest and said the answer very firmly.

  Thinking about what Qin Yuhan said just now, he somewhat understood the reason.

  Li Dong took her hand and said, "Don't think nonsense! There is a reason for me to stay in Pingchuan, it's not that I don't like you."

  "What reason?"

  Qin Yuhan pouted her lips and rubbed her red eyes as she pursued the question.

  She had to ask for an explanation, otherwise her heart was always hanging, and the taste was too unbearable.

  In fact, since the first day of the supermarket profit, Li Dong is not prepared to continue to hide.

  The previous concealment is because the supermarket has not yet opened up, plus the bank owes several million loans, Li Dong afraid of parents and girlfriend along with worry.

  Now the supermarket is gradually on the right track, this week's profit is close to a million, Li Dong has long wanted to find an opportunity to tell everyone.

  At this moment see Qin Yuhan asked, Li Dong will take Qin Yuhan's hand to go outside, say more is not as convincing as to see with their own eyes.

  Qin Yuhan also did not ask Li Dong what he wanted to do, silently followed Li Dong together with forward.