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Chapter 36 - Such relatives

  The night of the 8th, Dongping Hotel.

  The Dongping Hotel should be considered the highest-grade hotel in the county, the consumption level is definitely not low.

  Today, the Li family invited guests to wine, always frugal Li Dong's parents but in the Dongping Hotel fixed the banquet.

  According to Cao Fang's words, anything can be saved, this kind of face-raising things absolutely can not be saved.

  At this time, Li Dong is standing with his mother at the entrance of the hotel to welcome guests, smile all night face are paralyzed.

  See another acquaintance over, Li Dong quickly smile: "Uncle Wang good, Aunt Chen good!"

  These are the vegetable market vendors, Li Dong almost all know.

  Most of those who came to eat wine this time are market vendors, there are also some regular customers who buy vegetables often heard the news also came over to eat a cup of happy wine, relatives are not a few.

  Cao Fang and Li Chengyuan relatives less, Li Dong grandmother's home is far away in Qian Province, it takes two days by train, too far also did not notify.

  "Yo, Dongzi is really something! Jiang University that is a famous university ……"

  As usual, the two people just came to Li Dong a burst of praise, these words tonight Li Dong heard no less than ten times, but still smilingly accepted the people's praise.

  As soon as people went upstairs, Li Dong exhaled and said to Cao Fang, "Mom, is there anyone else, let's go up."

  Cao Fang looked at the watch, it was almost seven and a half, almost all those who should come had come.

  Then said: "Let's go up first, almost ……"

  "Cao Fang? Why are you here?"

  Cao Fang's voice a beat, turned to look at the person who said, the face immediately drops.

  Li Dong at this time also looked back, saw the person who came, the face darker than Cao Fang even ugly.

  "Big brother, what a coincidence, when did you return to Dongping?" Cao Fang forced a smile.

  Li Chenghui clutched his briefcase, straightened his stomach, and said with his head held high: "Just returned this morning, invited people to dinner, and did not how you are also here?"

  "I ……"

  Li Dong is really not used to seeing Li Chenghui that look of condescension, even though this person is still his nominal eldest uncle.

  At this moment, when he saw his mother stammering, Li Dong nonchalantly interjected, "Do we have to ask Uncle for permission to come to dinner?"

  Li Chenghui's face swiftly darkened and he gave a heavy hum.

  Seeing Li Chenghui's ugly face, Cao Fang, fearing that he might have a fit on the spot, tugged Li Dong and said with a smile, "The child doesn't know what to do, so don't bother with him."

  "You've taught your son well! Where's the second one?"

  Li Chenghui was a little embarrassed by Li Dong, and asked Li Chengyuan with a grimace.

  When Cao Fang heard that Li Chenghui was also going to eat here, she knew that she couldn't hide it.

  "Yo, you two still have money to treat guests to dinner at the Dongping Hotel? Get rich this is?"

  Li Chenghui touched his stomach, widened his glasses, a look that you also have money to eat here, so Li Dong nearly exploded lungs.

  When Cao Fang pulled Li Dong's shirt, he reluctantly replied, "We are not rich, but Dongzi went to college, so we can't be too frugal when we invite people to have wine today."

  "Got into college?"

  Li Chenghui obviously does not remember Li Dong is this year's college entrance examination, but in his opinion is rightfully so, smiled and said: "How do I not know how to take the university? I'm not even informed of the wine, is this how the second one does things?"

  It's not that he wanted to come to eat wine, but it's one thing to come or not to come after notice, not to notify him is not to put him in the eyes.

  He is the boss of the Li family, Li Chengyuan did not call him is not to give him face!

  This word Cao Fang can not take, after all, is indeed not to notify people, coincidentally just happened to meet.

  Li Dong, however, said with a sneer: "How dare we inform the eldest uncle, for fear of being kicked out before we can board your door."

  "Humph! After so many years of study, you are still this virtuous! Even if you get into college, you're not much good! I don't care about you, your father is like that, expect him to teach anything good!"

  Li Chenghui's face was gloomy, he was a man who wanted to save face, there were so many people around, he could not be angry.

  "My father is a good man, and he works hard to earn money to support the family, is there anything to be ashamed of?"

  Hearing Li Chenghui several times to their own father, Li Dong fire pressure can not be suppressed, the memory of the scene again and again in the mind flashes.

  As the saying goes, blood is thicker than water, break the bones are still connected to the tendons!