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Chapter 37 - Do not compete for steamed buns to fi

  (The new week began, in advance of a chapter for recommendation votes, the new book list or to maintain, do not seek the home list, classification must be taken, do not compete for buns for breath ah, please brothers!

  When the banquet broke up, it was nearly ten.

  Out of the door did not meet Li Chenghui, I do not know if it has gone or did not finish eating, but Li Dong did not bother to care.

  Li Chengyuan was happy today, drank a little too much, Li Dong and Cao Fang left and right to support him back to walk.

  By the evening breeze, Li Chengyuan was quite refreshed.

  Patting Li Dong's shoulder, he said with slight emotion: "In a flash you are so big, today you have given your father a long face, so many years have not been so raised eyebrows."

  "Your father is useless, not able to let you live a good life. Whether your uncle looks up to me or not is a matter for our generation. You are the younger generation do not fight with him, he what you obey, anyway, the end of the year will not see a few times."

  Li Dong is not happy to hear this, retorted: "Their family Li Nanming and Li Qing is not a junior, I have not seen them treat you as an elder, these years I have not heard them call you a second uncle!"

  After a pause Li Dong and said, "Then again, we do not beg him, begging can not be begged, why should we obey him."

  "So many years, he made a fortune in the city, our family did not even take advantage of him! We don't have to take advantage of his family, we can feed ourselves and don't need to take advantage of others! But you went to see him in the city, the bag is not worth much money, but the intention is not, but he did not even leave you a meal, this is also worthy of calling elders?"

  The more the fire, Li Dong hated: "Or do not mention their family, a family is not a good thing, see the poor eyes are crooked, anyway, I will assume that no such relatives!"

  Li Chengyuan silent, Cao Fang also did not make a sound, the Li family brothers she is not good what.

  But Li Chenghui's family despises them is a fact, and even Li Chenghui's children are also contemptuous and wary when they see Li Chengyuan, fearing that Li Chengyuan will come to the door to fight.

  A family of three just so quietly walking home.

  Until they reached the district downstairs, Li Chengyuan sent Cao Fang back first.

  This is to Li Dong sighed: "Your uncle is what I know, but after all, it is the same mother out of the womb. If you really do not see him forget it, but he is always my big brother, every New Year's Eve I still have to go to see."

  Li Chengyuan parents died early, the family on such a brother, although Li Chenghui despise him, but he can not really ignore it.

  Li Dong did not say anything, Li Chengyuan are so, he can still what.

  Father and son are so quiet.

  After a while, Li Dong said: "Dad, don't worry, don't fight for steamed buns, no one dares to look down on you after I'm here!"

  Li Chengyuan froze for a moment before he lost his smile and said, "Son of a bitch, then Dad is waiting for you to give me a fight, but don't be a huff and puff."

  Seeing his dad's face teasing, Li Dong gritted his teeth and said, "Dad, he has a few money to look down on us, I have no less money than him, this is not considered to be competitive!"

  "Well, not these, go to your school, money matters there is your father I it ……"

  "Dad, you do not believe me?"

  Originally Li Dong was ready to find an opportunity to talk to Mom and Dad about this matter, today this opportunity is just right.

  Otherwise, when he went to school, Mom and Dad continued to open the stall, I'm afraid it will go back to the old way in the last life, Li Dong does not want to go through it again.

  "Dad, you and I Li Chenghui body can have how much? One million? Two million? Or three million?"

  At this time, Li Chenghui was not as rich as later, but only two or three million in wealth.

  Li Dong saw Li Chengyuan frowning at himself, and said, "Dad, do you know how much the Yuanfang supermarket on North Street is worth?"

  Li Chengyuan some can't keep up with his son's thinking, the good how to jump to the supermarket above again?

  "Dongzi, we do not compare with others ……"

  Li Chengyuan is afraid that his son was stimulated tonight, want to open his mouth to comfort, not yet finished and was interrupted by Li Dong.

  "Dad, I'm seriously talking to you. Do you know how much the Yuanfang Supermarket is worth?"

  Li Dong did not wait for his father to answer, he said: "Not counting the supermarket itself, just the supermarket mall is worth four or five million. And housing prices are still rising, and in a few years, one or two million can not be beaten."

  Li Dong took a break and continued, "Also, do you know how profitable the supermarket is?"

  "Every month at least a million of net profit, a year down can earn tens of millions! Even if business is not as good as it is now in a few years, a few million a year is no problem."

  "Opening a supermarket is so profitable?"

  Although Li Chengyuan knew that the supermarket business was good, but did not expect the profits would be so high.

  Li Dong speechless, just the momentum was interrupted, depressed, "Dad, my and your not how much money to earn."

  "What exactly do you son think, Dad is confused by you."