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Chapter 38: Tai Shang Boss Arrives

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  "Mr. Lee!"

  "Mr. Lee, good morning!"……

  The next morning, Li Dong took his parents into the supermarket, along the way, there are constantly people out to greet.

  Li Chengyuan's mouth grinned big, especially when he heard people call his son Mr. Li, his heart was a relief.

  In the past, he called others this total and that total, when it is the turn of others to call him ……

  The first thing you need to do is to call your son Mr. Li, but Li Chengyuan still has a sense of honor.

  Cao Fang did the same, but there is some apprehension in his heart.

  One moment afraid that their own two dressed too poorly to give their son lost face, and a moment afraid that his son is too young to be fooled by others ……

  The thought of such a large supermarket is her son's, Cao Fang is both excited and nervous.

  Li Dong saw his parents' tense faces, knew they were nervous, and spoke out to comfort them: "Mom and Dad, I'm the big boss of this supermarket, and you are the boss too, why are you afraid of them!"


  Cao Fang almost choked on her saliva, and gave her son a white look, "What too boss, just know nonsense!"

  But also because Li Dong so interrupted, the two did relax a lot.

  Think about the son's words, although the rascal, but also the truth.

  The supermarket is owned by his son, everyone has to listen to his son, and his son also has to listen to them, what else is there to be nervous about.

  This relaxation, the two families only have the mood to look closely at the supermarket.

  Although today is Monday, not the peak shopping season, but the supermarket is still a lot of people.

  Li Chengyuan is the first time to come, just feel the supermarket than the vegetable market are more people.

  No wonder my son said he would make at least 70,000 to 80,000 a day, so many people, just buy something will not be less money.

  Cao Fang is thinking more, the supermarket opened the day she came, it is called a real crowd of people.

  Thinking about herself, who usually does not spend money that day spent nearly a thousand, you can imagine how much money was sold on the opening day.

  And think of the phone they won in the lottery that day, this time Cao Fang does not feel lucky, it must be the son did good!……

  Li Dong accompanied the old couple around the supermarket, from the third floor all the way back to the first floor, then said, "Mom and Dad, how do you see the supermarket business?"

  "Good, there are so many people!" Li Chengyuan lamented, and then said, "If only all these people went to my place to buy fish."

  Li Dong was choked for a moment, his dad's brain was so wide open, how to turn to buy fish above.

  But his purpose is not to show off the good business, back to the subject continued: "Yesterday I said that you should close the stall, you two see how you also open a supermarket?"


  "Open a supermarket?"

  Cao Fang and Li Chengyuan looked at Li Dong in surprise at the same time.

  Li Chengyuan subconsciously wanted to light a cigarette, a look at the no-smoking sign in the supermarket then put the cigarette back, puzzled: "Dongzi, you said let me and your mother also open a supermarket?"

  "Well, but not like this supermarket now, but community convenience stores."

  After Li Dong finished seeing his parents' confused faces, he explained, "It's almost the same form as the current community outlet store, but it's a little more formal than that, and it's almost the same kind as a distant supermarket."

  Li Dong briefly explained the operation mode of the community convenience store, and Li Chengyuan and Cao Fang nodded their heads with seeming understanding.

  After a while, Cao Fang said uncertainly: "Dongzi, can you make money by opening this? Will it take away your business?"

  Li Dong lost his smile, now Dongping only he this supermarket, simply can not eat the whole market.