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Chapter 39 - Sun Tao's Ambition

  (Continue to ask for votes and favorites, by the way, congratulations to the "cattle debut" child shoes become the book's first deacon, unexpected surprise, thanks! Because of the closure of the stall there are still some things to close, Li Chengyuan two people in the supermarket did not stay long then went to the vegetable market side. Li Dong sent off his parents and paced to Sun Tao's office. Sun Tao's office is on the third floor of the supermarket. At the beginning, the second floor and above of the Blue Ocean Commercial Building was prepared to be partitioned into stores for rent, and most of the walls had been built when it was completed. After Li Dong bought it, he demolished part of the walls, but still left a few storefronts alone to be used as offices. When Li Dong entered, Sun Tao and Yang Yun were talking about something. Seeing Li Dong, the two of them hurriedly got up to welcome each other. Because Yang Yun was there, Li Dong was a little embarrassed and gestured for the two to sit down and talk. Despite telling himself that Yang Yun is now only his employee, not his future mother-in-law, Li Dong still feels awkward. Sometimes he really want to fire Yang Yun forget, but think about the consequences Li Dong had to dismiss this idea, he was really afraid that later when the mother-in-law to their own back account. Turning his head to try not to look at Yang Yun, Li Dong said to Sun Tao: "Brother Sun, did not disturb you, right?" "Oh, what to disturb or not to disturb. Mr. Li, you came just in time, we were ready to find you if you didn't come." "What's the matter?" Li Dong asked, the supermarket side he now try to give Sun Tao decentralization, not a big deal almost not how to ask. "Let Manager Yang and you first, I'll talk about my business later." Sun Tao gestured to Yang Yun first. Li Dong head, turned to Yang Yun said: "Yang …… manager, what trouble you have on your side?" He subconsciously wanted to call an aunt Yang, but the words to the mouth or held back, work is work, to please the mother-in-law now is not the time. Yang Yun didn't notice Li Dong's hesitation and said, "I'm not a big deal, it's just that the supermarket has a big cash flow, recently several banks have contacted me and want us to transfer the company account to their bank, Mr. Sun asked me to ask your opinion." Sun Tao has always rarely intervened in matters related to finance, so although the matter is not big, Sun Tao still did not make a decision without permission. Li Dong is also very satisfied with Sun Tao's attitude, other things can be handed over to Sun Tao, this aspect of money or forget. The matter of transferring the account is not big, Li Dong did not make much hesitation then shook his head and said, "Forget it, the CCB side has been working well with me, my loan is also from there, no need to bother for the time being." He also did not ask what benefits the other banks gave, these flyers Li Dong still do not see. It's just a matter of waiving the management fee and so on, a thousand dollars a year, Li Dong is really too lazy to bother. Hearing Li Dong refused, Yang Yun will no longer more. This matter is indeed not big, change or not to the supermarket are not affected, if not Sun Tao must avoid suspicion, simply do not need to ask Li Dong. …… Yang Yun finished reporting did not leave, Sun Tao also did not directly and Li Dong thing, but to Yang Yun said: "Yang manager, you first and Li total about the recent profit situation." Li Dong realized that Sun Tao want things should be related to this, see Yang Yun look over then head. Yang Yun then picked up the book to report: "because not to the end of the month, the detailed account we have not yet counted, I first briefly about the general situation. We are the opening of the first, as of yesterday a total of eight days of business time." After a pause Yang Yun continued: "Eight days, the supermarket's total sales of 482.85 million, gross profit of about 1.2 million." Yang Yun just finished, Li Dong said with a face of excitement: "So much! Eight days profit of 1.2 million?" In just eight days, the profit was more than one million, it was almost like robbing money! "Ahem!" Sun Tao spoke out to break Li Dong's conjecture, "Mr. Li, Manager Yang's is the gross profit." "Oh, what about the net profit?" Li Dong then remembered that staff expenses and so on have not been counted, so he asked a follow-up question. "If you don't count the rent, the net profit is about 800,000." Yang Yun gave the answer after a few moments of silent calculation.