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Chapter 40 - Opening a Branch

  Li Dong considered about five or six minutes, and finally made up his mind in his heart. Branch is definitely to open, but this thing is not up and down a touch of the mouth can open up. Determination is determination, some things still need to understand. Li Dong did not answer directly under Sun Tao's expectant gaze, but asked, "Where does the money come from?" Do not look at the far supermarket now profit seems to be very strong, but the time is really too little, a time simply can not take much cash. "The money is easy to do, we can take out a loan. It doesn't need too much, six or seven million is enough, enough to hold up the four counties and one district of Qingyang." "What loan to take? Now the supermarket has just opened, the bank will lend us so much money?" Li Dong shook his head, the bank is not your home, how can loan six or seven million to you. "Shop can be used to mortgage, far supermarket profit Li also saw, there is no risk of ……" not waiting for Sun Tao finished Li Dong rolled his eyes and interrupted: "Do not think, store there are almost three million loans have not been repaid. " Sun Tao thought of this, and suddenly some depression. But he is still reluctant, is it just let go, watching others earn money, and then come to seize the territory of the distant supermarket? Seeing Sun Tao somewhat lost, Li Dong also helpless. He did not mean to hit Sun Tao, but the fact is, he is not a money printing machine can not change the money. In fact, to see the supermarket so profitable, Li Dong also want to open up the branch, but no money he can not help. Li Dong and Sun Tao fell into a deep thought at the same time. Still lack of money to cause trouble! Otherwise, taking advantage of the success of the Yuanfang Supermarket, taking the county under Qingyang City is indeed the best time. Yang Yun who has been silently listening to the two people discussing seems to be forgotten, Sun Tao two people simply did not notice the presence of Yang Yun. Until this moment Yang Yun see the two bosses sad face, can not help but dry cough to draw the attention of the two. "Mr. Li, Mr. Sun!" Sun Tao and Li Dong returned to their senses at the same time and looked at Yang Yun with doubt in their eyes. Yang Yun suffocated uncomfortable, she just can't understand, these two bosses usually look quite shrewd, now how to change the silly. "Two old chiefs, my sentence, the supermarket's first month's net profit should not be less than two million." "Hmm?" Li Dong scratched his head, of course he knew that, after all, it was only eight days and already made so much profit. But does this have anything to do with their business, after all, distant water can not quench the thirst of the near. See Li Dong still do not understand, Yang Yun can not hold back, helplessly said: "open a branch always have to have a time, right? We are renting a room not buying a room, the rent can still spend to how much? Decoration payment is not required to be paid in one go, right? We have ready-made channels, and it seems to cost little. Staff expenses have to wait for the official opening, there is no need to consider it now, right?" Yang Yun breathed a lot and was relieved to see that Li Dong and Sun Tao seemed to understand. "You are ……" Li Dong understood, Sun Tao also understood, the two looked at each other, and finally could not help but smile bitterly. It feels like they both walked into a dead end, thinking that opening a branch would require a large amount of cash to do so. In fact, even if you start to choose a location now to build a branch, before and after three or four months can not be completed. All they need to do in the early stage is to find a good address, rent a good storefront, pay a half a year's rent can be, not a lot of money. Don't supermarket this month there are two million profit, I'm afraid a million is enough to open the shelf. Even the decoration if you find Yang Ding's people, maybe they can also advance funds to take over the project, dragging on a few months to the far supermarket's horrible profitability, fully sufficient to support several branches. Just when the two thought they had figured it out, Yang Yun added: "In fact, our funds are really sufficient, the supplier side of the payment can also be delayed for three months. This several million we can also be diverted first, than put in the bank to generate interest better."