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Chapter 41 Parting

  (Brothers for support ah! Recommended votes and hits feel pretty good, but why is the collection not rising much? (Brothers who haven't collected yet collect it, please! The night of August 26th, Li Dong rushed back to Dongping from Hechuan overnight. When I got to the downstairs of Qin Yuhan's house, it was already eleven o'clock at night. Seeing the faint figure in the light from afar, Li Dong's heart softened and his footsteps quickened a few points. "Tomorrow a few go?" Li Dong asked. Qin Yuhan, who had been waiting in the night for a long time, said with a somewhat hoarse voice: "Six and a half to Qingyang by car, nine bells of the train." "I will send you!" Li Dongdao said. Qin Yuhan eyes flashed a ray of brightness, followed by biting his lips and shook his head: "No, my father will accompany me to the capital then." Li Dong had some bitterness in his heart and apologized, "I'm sorry, I've been too busy this time, I haven't had time to accompany you." He met with Qin Yuhan no more than ten times during the summer, in front of Qin Yuhan went to the countryside, and behind because he was busy choosing the location for the branch, hardly stayed in Dongping. The summer vacation passed in the hustle and bustle, and only at this moment did he realize that he seemed to have neglected this girl who was waiting for him in the dark. "No need to be sorry with me." Qin Yuhan silently helped Li Dong straighten out the somewhat messy collar, softly said: "I listened to my mother, she you are busy with the opening of a new store, all day long not even time to eat, learn to take care of yourself." Li Dong head, the girl in front of him into his arms, smelling the fragrance emanating from the girl's hair not words. Has lasted for a long time, Qin Yuhan forced sour smile: "and not see no more, although Pingchuan to the capital is far away, but also a dozen hours of driving, you do not forget to go to the capital to see me." "I won't forget, I'm still afraid someone will pry me out of the corner." Li Dongqiang let out a laugh, but felt empty. Qin Yuhan this away, is a thousand miles away, want to see again than now on a hundred times more difficult. This moment, Li Dong some regret. …… early the next morning. Qingyang train station waiting hall. Qin Yuhan is a little distracted, from time to time look back to the station door. Qin Hai frowned, several times opened his mouth to talk are swallowed back. Until the train began to check the tickets, daughter still like not heard the general, Qin Hai could not help but say: "Yu Han, soon to drive, that son will certainly not come." Last night, my daughter and Li Dong in the downstairs to more than twelve before returning home, Qin Hai has long held a stomach of dissatisfaction with Li Dong. At this moment, seeing that his daughter is still attached, Qin Hai is even more on fire. "I know." Qin Yuhan was in a low mood, "I told him not to come, he still has things to do." "He a student what business to be busy, I think he just did not put you ……" "Li Dong!" Qin Yuhan interrupted Qin Hai's angry words with a shout of great surprise. Qin Hai turned around to look, and saw Li Dong sweaty head running from the station door, suddenly full of black lines, this guy deliberately and their own fault is it! …… Li Dong gasping for air, ignoring the bearded and glaring Qin Hai next to him, pulling Qin Yu Han's smile: "The car broke down halfway, but at last did not miss time." Qin Yuhan heart happy, but the mouth is angry: "I have asked you not to send, why you still come! It's so hot, and I'll have to go back later for more than an hour by car." "It's okay, I regret not being able to accompany you to the capital, if I don't come to see you off again, I'm afraid I'll regret it for the rest of my life." "Ahem!" Qin Hai listened to Li Dong's increasingly fleshy words heart is not a taste, fiercely cough a few times to remind Li Dong, he is not a transparent person! Li Dong heard this annoying cough, inwardly incomparable want to ignore this big bulb. But seeing Qin Yuhan blush and pull her hand out of his hand, Li Dong had to look up and greet: "Hello uncle." "Hmm."