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Chapter 42 - Admission to the School

  Jiangbei University. Li Dong had been here many times in his previous life, and was no stranger to Jiangbei University. Standing at the entrance of Jiangmen University, Li Dong was emotionally overwhelmed for a moment. In his previous life, he was very jealous of the students of Jiangbei University, he still remembered that when graduating from college, Jiangbei University students are not worried about finding a job, the monthly salary of less than three or four thousand are not taken care of. And the University of Agriculture can be much worse, Li Dong still can not forget that in order to fight for a base salary of one thousand two jobs, at least seven or eight people and he competed together. I never thought that after more than ten years, I would become a student of Jiangnan University again, it's really fate! "Classmate, are you a freshman? Which major?" A deep male voice interrupted Li Dong's contemplation. Li Dong looked up and shook his head and sighed: "I'm not a freshman." Wei Hao was a bit confused at this point, not a freshman? But the old students have already started class, this guy dragging a suitcase how not a new student, is it the old students late? Li Dong saw the boy in front of him dumbfounded, could not help but laugh. This laugh Wei Hao then reacted, immediately no good said: "lie to me, right? The first thing you need to do is to tell me which major you are in, or I won't help you report!" Li Dong still didn't answer, and sighed deeply. "What's wrong with this?" Wei Hao is now a little curious, this guy why always sigh. "Jiangda beauty like a cloud, why is it my turn to become a senior brother! Alas, senior brother, you'd better go first, I'll wait here for the beauty to pick me up." Li Dong resentment, just feel that fairy tales are all lies, clearly said that there will be a school flower reception. After hearing Li Dong's reason, Wei Hao almost spurted out a mouthful of old blood, feeling that this guy is disgusted with himself! Not good-naturedly white Li Dong glance, Wei Hao familiarly took Li Dong's suitcase, said: "boy, do not lament! Beautiful women are busy falling in love, which has time to receive you." "Besides, it's my bad luck to meet you! Originally thought to meet a beautiful girl, but who knows just met you." Li Dong laughed and felt that this brother's words were quite amusing, so he continued to tease, "Why don't we both continue to wait for a while, you wait for your schoolgirl, I'll wait for my school girl." "Fuck you, you're not a good bird at first glance." Wei Hao laughed and cursed, and formally said, "Meet me, my name is Wei Hao, a junior in the School of Economics and Management." "Li Dong, international economics and trade major." Li Dong also formally introduced himself. Although the two people met for the first time, they felt quite close and got acquainted in no time. …… and Wei Hao climbing down the road, Li Dong found Wei Hao very eloquent, cheerful personality, so the chat is quite happy. The registration process is very smooth, Wei Hao is quite extensive, reporting point students and teachers almost no he is not familiar with. With Wei Hao leading the way, Li Dong completed all the formalities in less than an hour. After receiving the bedding, the time was just after eleven o'clock. Li Dong was a little curious, "Brother, you have a lot of face, the leader of the student council?" Wei Hao laughed and said with disinterest, "What leader or not, just a chore." That is to say, Li Dong which does not understand that this guy is the cadres of the student council. General junior students are at least a minister, Li Dong did not expect Wei Hao this guy is still quite cattle, Jiangnan University's student government cadres are not so easy to be. But Li Dong is not very concerned, he felt and Wei Hao chatted a few words, if the personality does not match, he does not care if you are a minister or chairman. Putting down this conversation, Li Dong and Wei Hao continued to talk about the mountain for a while, the dormitory building arrived. Li Dong's dormitory in the 12th building, is also a new dormitory building soon after the University of Jiangxi, the building is very new. The company's main goal is to provide a comprehensive range of products and services to the market. "Don't ah, let's have a meal together later." Li Dong smiled and invited. The company's main goal is to provide a good solution to the problem. Anyway, I know where you live, so next time I'll go directly to your dormitory to find you." Li Dong saw that Wei Hao was not like a fake polite, so he said goodbye to Wei Hao. ……351 dormitory. When Li Dong arrived at the dormitory, the door was open and someone had already arrived. Because it is a new building, the dormitories in Building 12 are six to a room. The bed is also not the old-fashioned bunk bed, but the kind of computer desk and cabinet below the bed above. Hearing the knock on the door, seeing Li Dong still carrying the luggage and bedding, a small fat man standing by the door hurriedly came forward to help, and incidentally introduced himself, "My name is Meng Qiping, buddy, what's your name?" Li Dong saw the little fat man smiling with a sense of joy, immediately happy: "My name is Li Dong, Qing Yang people, from now on are a dormitory brothers." After saying this, Li Dong swept his eyes around the dormitory, the other five beds already had luggage on them, leaving only the bed on the right side near the balcony still empty. Li Dong put the luggage on the empty beds and saw that the parents of two of them were still there, so he nodded to the other few people without saying much.