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Chapter 43 - Fight

  The first day's dinner was 351 dormitory six people together to eat in the canteen. Along the way, Li Dong met a number of small groups that were out at the same time, looking at their appearance should be freshmen, freshmen generally like to dormitory as a unit group. Jiangda campus is very large, from Li Dong their dormitory to the nearest canteen almost also have to walk more than 10 minutes. When Yuan Qingfeng came back, he complained that the food in the cafeteria was very difficult to eat, not to his taste, and would not go to the cafeteria. Li Dong several people feel okay, mainly because Yuan Qingfeng is from the south of the mountain, not used to the taste of Jiangbei. Meng Qiping suggested, "Why don't we all buy a bike, otherwise we'll be tired of walking every day, and the school building is quite far from our dormitory." This suggestion was unanimously agreed, and the group discussed buying bicycles tomorrow morning. Xu Chen had a phone call with someone and hung up the phone and shouted, "I know a senior who is a senior, he said we can buy second-hand bikes, he has the contacts. They are all left behind by the graduating seniors, they are cheap and cost effective." Other people have no opinion, Li Dong also agreed, just a means of transportation, new or old does not matter. This night everyone is very excited, messy things to talk about a lot, until late at night, the sound gradually weakened. …… early the next morning, 351 dormitory several people in unison to start. First, they went to the cafeteria to eat breakfast, and then the people began to stroll around the campus together, familiar with the environment of Jiangda. Although Li Dong is familiar with Jiangda, but this is his first time to Jiangda students in the identity of the campus wander, the identity is different feeling naturally different. Strolling until about ten o'clock, Xu Chen received a phone call. After a few simple words hang up the phone, Xu Chen said, "Senior brother called, let's go to the square under the nine teachings, he is waiting for us there." There are more than a dozen teaching buildings in Jiangda University, each building has its own name, but we are still accustomed to a teaching two teaching called. Over time, we are used to it, and this tradition has been maintained from generation to generation. The nine teachings are not far from the current location of the crowd, less than ten minutes Li Dong several people arrived at the square in front of the nine teachings. Xu Chen shouted from afar, "Brother Tao!" A boy not far from the crowd waved his hand and indicated, "Come this way!" Several people followed Xu Chen together and walked over, the boy was not too enthusiastic, just nodded with the crowd as a greeting. Then he led Li Dong several people to the parking shed on the side of the square, pointing to the corner end of the parking shed said, "These cars are for sale, pick one yourselves." Li Dong took a look, there were about a dozen bicycles, all of which were half old and not new. Li Dong casually pointed to a 80% new shifting bicycle and said, "How much is this one?" The boy took a glance and said, "200, the car just bought half a year, you can use it until you graduate." Li Dong felt okay, the price is not too cheap, but not too expensive, buy a new car, it is about four or five hundred. From the wallet took out two hundred handed to each other, received the keys handed over by each other, Li Dong unlocked the cart out of a test ride, nothing big, is the chain out of oil. Others have also picked up, not long after the crowd have chosen a good car, the price ranges from a few dozen to several hundred. Finally there is still Yuan Qingfeng did not move, see the crowd look over, Yuan Qingfeng shook his head and said, "I do not want, I am tall, these cars are too low is not suitable." What other people think Li Dong does not know, but Li Dong can see that Yuan Qingfeng does not want to buy old cars. Look at Yuan Qingfeng dress, the family environment should be good. Buy or not is the freedom of people, others see the situation did not say anything more, but Li Dong clearly see Xu Chen some dissatisfaction. Last night when Xu Chen said to buy the old car Yuan Qingfeng also nodded his head, this morning when he called also said to the senior to six. Now that Yuan Qingfeng is not buying, Xu Chen naturally feels that he has lost face. The senior who sold the car did not say anything, see the people choose a good car, and Xu Chen said two words and left in a hurry. …… car picked, the time is almost 11:30. The people just bought the car, all want to ride to walk, so they decided to ride together to the cafeteria to eat. Because Yuan Qingfeng did not have a car, Li Dong said to drive him, Yuan Qingfeng shook his head and refused, said the canteen meal can not eat, ready to go out to find some food. Li Dong also did not go to persuade, different eating habits, can not force people to eat in the canteen.