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Chapter 44 Campaign

  When Fang Qingfei entered the classroom, people had almost arrived. This is the first class meeting of the international trade class, Fang Qingfei did not have too many, the main purpose is to let everyone familiar with each other. After a few words, Fang Qingfei asked everyone to go up and introduce themselves. The first one who volunteered to go on stage was a girl. And also a good-looking girl, even with Li Dong's critical eye can also be an 85 points. "Hello, my name is Bai Su, a native of Pingchuan …… my hobbies are singing, dancing, playing the piano ……" Bai Su on the stage is still talking about the introduction, Meng Qiping fat A cheap smile appeared on his face, thievingly said, "Brother Dong, good-looking ah, we are blessed." Li Dong gave him a white glance, the fat man is quite philandering, yesterday saw Fang Qing Fei is also so. "I think you are hormonal overproduction, as long as a woman you feel good-looking." Li Dong joked, and said, "Don't put your eyes on our class, the Foreign Language Institute over there is a few school flower level beauty, much better than our class." "Brother Dong, I didn't expect you to be the tallest person!" Next to him, Xu Chen looked at Li Dong Dong admiringly, "Only one day here and you've got the situation clear, I'll give you the title of 'Prince of Intelligence'." "Fuck you, since when did you become the 'Prince of Intelligence'?" "Really, you do not believe, think back when I was in high school ……" "Roll, also think back, you went to college only a few days." …… a few people laughed and pulled for a while, the stage of Bai Su has long gone down, now on the stage is a boy, a few people wrote down the name will not be interested in caring. Waiting for Li Dong to get on stage, a simple name and where he came from, less than thirty seconds directly down. Xu Chen and Zhang Hao are also similar to him, only when it was Meng Qiping's turn to introduce himself on stage, the crowd almost laughed off the air. "Hello handsome and beautiful people, my name is Meng Qiping! I am eighteen years old, so far unmarried, and no girlfriend …… you do not look at my fat, but I am very gentle ……" "My phone number is 138 ********. If you are interested in female students can contact me," Meng Qiping just finished, someone on the stage coaxed: "Male students can contact you?" "Hahaha ……" the atmosphere in the class was instantly driven up, even Fang Qingfei showed a smile, two dimples surfaced again. Meng Qiping also does not care about other people's flirtation, toeing off the stage. Also squeezed his eyes to Li Dong a few people, a face of smugness. Li Dong a few people are speechless, this fatty is really a spring heart, even self-introduction did not forget to tease the girl. After about half an hour, the self-introduction of the international trade class finally ended. Fang Qingfei came on stage for a few sentences, no more than that we are a collective, from all over the world to meet is fate, together to make efforts for the prosperity of the class …… to the end, Fang Qingfei cleared his throat and said: "The following students who are willing to run for class cadres to give a speech on stage, students listen carefully, the final choice All in your hands!" The words just fell, next to Yuan Qingfeng got up on the podium. Li Dong's heart thumped when he saw this, Yuan Qingfeng chose to make a pre-emptive move, he wouldn't be running for class president, right? Li Tie and Xu Chen two still do not know the situation, see the situation Xu Chen curious: "Yuan Qingfeng also want to run for office? I've never heard of him." Several people who knew the situation did not say anything, while casting their eyes to Yuan Qingfeng. After a while, the crowd was silent. Yuan Qingfeng on the stage was still speaking passionately. "I have been the class president from middle school to high school, I am willing to contribute to the class, if you are willing to elect me as class president ……"