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Chapter 45: The Temple is Small and Full of Troubl

  "One, two, one, one, two, one ……" On September 10th, the military training of JNU officially started. This year's summer is extraordinarily hot, and Pingchuan in September is still scary hot. The sound of the trumpets on the playground, the students' slogans are breathless. When Li Dong could not stand the heat, the instructor finally gave a grace to let the people find a shady place to start resting. During the rest time, Li Dong took off his military training uniform and wrung it out, soaked sweat dripping down. Meng Qiping complained with a ragged breath, "This day is impossible to live, I should have known that I should have gotten a sick note, to save this crime." Thinking of those students who took sick leave in advance, Meng Qiping was envious and jealous. "Satisfied, you, other girls are not complaining, you have a big man what good. And then lose weight or not, do not see your eyes are squeezed out of sight." Li Dong laughed and snickered. Meng Qiping did not even have the energy to retort, the fat man would have been more afraid of heat. Glancing at the girls' squad not far away, Meng Qiping sighed and said, "I don't know if they will become black girls at the end of military training, Bai Su and Huang Shanshan are white and pink, and I don't know if they look good with a tan." Next to the lying on the ground pretending to be dead, Xu Chen said listlessly: "Whether it looks good or not is not your turn, do not see those guys are like wolves, all day long to offer attentiveness." "Cut, what is the use of attentiveness, did not see them not to take care of it. A technique is not even spoken, what is the use of bashfully rushing up." Meng Qiping a face of contempt, apparently can not see that a few go up to offer attentive to send water to the boys, these days want to chase girls a bottle of water is too cheap. "Yo, listen to your tone you still have high technology? Why, if it works well I also try, the university at least to end the single ah!" "Teach you what, the church apprentice starved the master, I'm not stupid." …… Li Dong ignored the bickering of the two, the two guys which day not to fight is strange. With his head down and texting to himself, Li Dong did not notice that the noise around him did not know when it had stopped, and there were two more heads next to his shoulder. "Yo! Brother Dong, who are you talking to!" "I go, Yu Han, the name of the girl ah, brother Dong, not your girlfriend it!" Li Dong gave the two a blank look, put the phone into his pocket and ignored them. Meng Qiping smiled cheekily: "Brother Dong, and we chant, in the end is not your girlfriend ah?" "That's right, our dormitory six bachelors, Dong you will not be separated from the masses, right!" Xu Chen laughed and said. Seeing that Li Dong still does not pay attention to them, Meng Qiping eyes turned, deliberately sighed: "Must be too ugly, Dong did not dare to talk to us, afraid to fall." "Very likely, on this look of Brother Dong, tsk ……" Xu Chen cooperated tacitly and continued to stimulate Li Dong. Li Dong hummed, some proudly said: "ugly your head! Not and you guys blow, on our class girls this level, my girlfriend came on a word - second kill!" "Really?" "Bragging, to be really so beautiful can look at you?" "Do you have a picture? Quickly bring it to see!" "Dong is probably confused by the sun, the second kill is clearly two words!" …… these two guys sentence after sentence, Li Dong annoyed, no good: "Why should I show you, my girlfriend of course only for my own appreciation." "Cut!" Xu Chen and Meng Qiping raised their middle fingers at the same time, obviously not believing in Li Dong's words. Li Dong also did not argue with them, secretly said: wait for the day Qin Yu Han came, let you open your eyes, to see if your brother Dong is bragging or not! In Li Dong's eyes, Qin Yu Han is a perfect score, even Meng Qiping and their goddess Bai Su only took 85 points in Li Dong, Li Dong can anticipate Meng Qiping and their reaction when they see Qin Yu Han. Several people were talking and laughing when Li Tie came over and said, "What are you discussing? I heard you laughing from afar." "Nothing, just kidding." Li Dong did not want Qin Yuhan to become the material for laughing, casually a perfunctory sentence. Li Tie also did not ask more questions, but up to business, "this evening the student body to go to the dormitory to check the health, the results will be counted in the usual assessment. Later you guys go back early and help clean up." Several people said they would go back early, Li Tie finished and went to inform the rest of the class. Once Li Tie left, Meng Qiping and the others forgot to ask Li Dong about his girlfriend. Together with the break time, the people started the watery military training life again.