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Chapter 46: The Opportunity to Take Off

  Because Yuan Qingfeng a "steal" word, the crowd immediately into a mess. Several people in the dormitory quarrel red face and neck, no one will let anyone. Li Dong was a few guys noisy head, turned his head to look at the still watching Li Tie, and suddenly held a stomach of fire. This guy's head into the water, even if there is some discord with Yuan Qingfeng, but now is the time to count? Not all are a dormitory, as the class president encountered this kind of thing should not step in to persuade? Really want to fall out, the whole 351 dormitory out of shame, does he Li Tie face is shiny! No time to argue with Li Tie, Li Dong pressed Yuan Qingfeng who also wanted to talk. The company's main goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers. Yuan Qingfeng opened his mouth for a long time before saying in a muffled voice: "I believe, if you are not, you are not." He and several people in the dormitory relationship although general, but also know that Li Dong work is very righteous, Li Dong since so, even if he does not believe it is not good to refute the face of Li Dong. The thing has been lost, and it is meaningless to continue to argue. Listen to Yuan Qingfeng so, Li Dong heart also slightly relieved. He was afraid that Yuan Qingfeng would not give face to anyone, that could make him embarrassed. In fact, Yuan Qingfeng's MP3 in the end is not the dormitory people take he does not know, but Li Dong know things should really be lost, noon Yuan Qingfeng left Li Dong also seems to see him put the MP3 on the table. The fact that Li Dong does not want to find out what the truth is, from his wallet pulled out seven or eight hundred on Yuan Qingfeng's desk. Yuan Qingfeng face red, just want to talk, Li Dong interrupted: "No other meaning, I know you are not short of money. But this money you must take, and then go to buy a MP3, today's incident as if it did not happen, the brothers or brothers, just give me a face." No matter what Yuan Qingfeng's reaction is, Li Dong said to Zhang Hao: "That's all for today, it's fate to live in a dormitory, even if you can't be a brother, don't become an enemy." Li Dong does not care what people think in their hearts, do what they should do and then go to bed. He paid to settle this matter is not because he really have a lot of money to spend, just want less a trouble. The matter of a few hundred dollars is nothing to him, the dormitory as long as the calm a he is happy to do this injustice. If the whole day back to the dormitory are not peaceful, Li Dong should consider whether it is time to move out. Think about the former agricultural university housemates, Li Dong can only lament a, once the sea is difficult to water. …… next days how to live or how to live, the events of that night as if they had not happened. The only thing that has changed is that no one in the dormitory is now willing to help Li Tie and Yuan Qingfeng clean up, even if they are dirty and smelly, no one cares about this nuisance. Yuan Qingfeng is fine, he also knows he is not popular, there is time to clean up a little. Li Tie is jokingly complained to Xu Chen twice, everyone is not enough righteousness, no one to help clean up a little. But the words passed, everyone should do how to do or how to do, Li Tie did not mention it again after that. ……9 On September 25, the morning parade was completed, and the half-month military training of Jiangda University officially came to an end. The girls on the playground are waving tears with the instructors, Li Dong, they can not do these boys tears like rain, watching no meaning will be scattered. Because of something in the afternoon, Li Dong didn't join Meng Qiping and went out of the playground alone. Just out of the playground, Li Dong met his classmates. Although some curious how Bai Su did not stay on the playground to say goodbye to the instructor, but because she has not dealt with her, Li Dong did not say much. After greeting him, Li Dong was ready to leave, but Bai Su suddenly said, "Li Dong, wait." "Something?" Li Dong stopped in his tracks, a little strange, he and Bai Su did not have much acquaintance. Bai Su head, said: "On the night of the 30th, there is an orientation party at the college. Our class will also organize a few programs, I want you to sign up for a singing program." Li Dong was a little depressed, waved his hand and said, "Sorry, I can't sing, you can find someone else." He didn't have time to talk with Bai Su. I didn't expect Bai Su to catch up and continue: "Li Dong, you can sing, class president you sing very well, why not be willing to make a contribution to the class?" Li Dong frowned, Li Tie's? After thinking back, it seems that he has never sung in front of others. It seems that there are a few times and Qin Yuhan after the phone, the mood is good hum a few lines of the former pop song, Li Tie will not be this, right? I don't care about Li Tie, this guy's mouth is broken, Li Dong still shake his head and said: "I have something to do at the time, you find someone else." End just step Bai Su followed up, Li Dong suddenly fire.