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Chapter 47 - Longhua Square

  Long Hua Plaza is a joint investment of Yao Cheng District Government and Long Hua Group, which was officially put into use at the end of 2004, and was officially completed in September, and is now just at the leasing stage. Li Dong does not know if Tesco has already started to negotiate with Longhua, after all, large stores are not a short time to complete, and the opening of Tesco is in March next year. However, the leasing of Longhua has just started, so Li Dong can only pray that Tesco's eyes have not yet fallen on Longhua's side. That afternoon, Li Dong went to Longhua Plaza and had a look around. Although not yet officially operational, but even so, this time the Longhua Plaza is still a huge flow of people. Longhua Plaza has several advantages of being a traffic center, a passenger center, and a consumption center, and is the first city complex in the true sense of the word in Jiangbei. The location is also excellent as there are six universities next to Jiangnan University, Agricultural University, Jiangnan Medical University, Jiangnan College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Pingchuan Normal and Pingchuan Finance and Economics. The reason why it didn't develop before is mainly because students are the main focus, and before 2000 students are not really the mainstream consumer group. But now it is 2004, the consumer group with students as the group will become more and more active. The simplest contrast is the increase in living expenses, a few years ago students three or four hundred a month is enough, nowadays college students from slightly better families at least a thousand a month. The money is certainly not enough just to eat, then there is a consumer demand. Today online shopping is not popular, the mall is where they go the most. Li Dong has been around Longhua Square for more than three hours, doing some simple crowd statistics, even if he knows the results he has to set his mind. Dinner was eaten at the Nan Ting food street, and it was more than nine o'clock when he returned to the dormitory. Tonight the dormitory was full of people, everyone was there. Seeing Li Dong back, Meng Qiping shouted, "Brother Dong, where to play, and did not say take us together." "Out something, next time out to call you together." Li Dong answered and was about to fetch water to wash up when he saw Li Tie waving at him and said, "Dongzi, let's go out and talk." Li Dong was a little confused, but he put down his water bottle and followed Li Tie out of the dormitory. At the entrance of the building, Li Tie handed a cigarette to Li Dong and lit one for himself. Li Dong took the cigarette and smelled it without lighting it, smiled and said, "When did you start smoking?" Usually Li Tie is not smoking, Li Dong in the dormitory also did not see him smoking. The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers. After bypassing this topic, Li Tie hesitated for a moment and said, "Dongzi, today Bai Su looked for me." Li Dong narrowed his eyes and did not speak. Li Tie waited for a while to see Li Dong did not make a sound, had to say: "The class to report a few programs to participate in the orientation you know. But we class cadres are not familiar with what the students have specialties, I listened to you sing a pretty good song last time, so I mentioned it to Bai Su, want you to help." "Your meaning or Bai Su's meaning?" Li Dong flicked the cigarette ash, did not directly answer. "Bai Su told me once, said asked you, you do not agree." "As you know, I, the class president, also quite difficult. Everyone does not sign up, this is a hard task under the college, you just consider doing me a favor ……" Li Dong waved his hand and interrupted: "Lao Tie, it's not that I'm not helping, I really have something to do these days. Besides, I can only hum a few lines, really let me on stage I can not sing, forget about it." He is ready to go to Longhua tomorrow to explore the situation, there are still a lot of things to do next, which have the mood to sing any song. Besides, he is not a person who likes to be in the limelight, so should he sing a few future songs and say he wrote them just to pretend? Li Dong is not that boring, he does not sing for a living. Besides, if he accidentally plagiarizes a song that someone is writing, how can he explain it then. The thing without benefit Li Dong will not do, as for Li Tie is not difficult he does not care, so many people in the class Li Dong do not believe that without their own can not be. Rejected by Li Dong, Li Tie's face is a little ugly. Not only because of Li Dong's refusal, but more importantly, did not complete Bai Su's request. He wanted to chase Bai Su is not a secret, Li Dong should also be aware of, so do not give him any face! But finally did not say anything unpleasant, silently finished a cigarette and went back to the dormitory with Li Dong. ……