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Chapter 48 - Master

  After a few twists and turns, Li Dong eventually met the person in charge of the Longhua Recruiting Office. The manager's surname is Wang, I don't know if he is related to the girl just now, Li Dong suspected that the other party came in through the back door. Wang Yunqing saw Li Dong very polite, sent Wang Jia to pour tea, then invited Li Dong to talk together in the conference room. Li Dong sighed, this is the style of a large company. Not to judge people by their appearance is the basic requirement, who knows which guy wearing slippers may be the boss of a certain listed company. Besides, he did not wear slippers today, just a little younger people. Into the conference room, two people face to face to find a seat down. After Wang Jia poured a cup of tea for both of them, Li Dong got up, reached out and introduced himself: "Hello, Manager Wang, I am Li Dong, general manager of the Yuanfang supermarket chain!" "Hello, Mr. Li, nice to meet you!" Wang Wang Yunqing also hurriedly got up and shook Li Dong's hand. Although he had never heard of this Far Far Away Supermarket chain, but he had been through the mall for a long time, so naturally he would not say such disagreeable words. After a few words of courtesy with Li Dong, Wang Wang Yunqing opened the topic and said, "Mr. Li is ready to let the Far Far Away chain into Longhua this time?" "Yes, there is this idea." Li Dong nodded his head. Since he was here naturally to rent a room, Li Dong did not beat around the bush and opened the door: "I wonder if the second floor of Longhua has been rented out?" When Li Dong finished speaking, Wang Yunqing froze for a moment. He thought that Li Dong was only prepared to rent a few small stores to open up the market, but did not expect the other party to open up the second floor. The good thing is that he has a lot of experience, and soon returned to his senses: "Not yet, the second floor we are indeed ready to rent a large supermarket, but ……" the next words did not finish, but is obviously not optimistic about Li Dong side. A small supermarket that has not even heard of the name, a twenty-year-old company president, but the whimsy to open a Pingchuan largest supermarket. Well, Wang Yunqing admitted that he had judged people by their appearance. Li Dong was not surprised and laughed: "Manager Wang can give me an introduction to the details?" Wang Yunqing's head cleared up, no matter whether the other party really has an idea or just blowing the air, since the door is a potential customer. Even if the second floor can not be rented, rent a few smaller stores is also good. Cleared his throat, Wang Yunqing began to introduce: "Longhua second floor total construction area of 12,820 square meters, the practical area of 11,800 square meters ……" Wang Yunqing is in charge of renting, the situation of the mall can be said to know everything. The several points that Li Dong is concerned about Wang Yunqing has highlighted, so that Li Dong also has a number in his heart. When Wang Yunqing finished, Li Dong suddenly said: "Sell?" Wang Yunqing is really confused, at this moment he has no doubt, Li Dong is to amuse him! Good cultivation let him hold back his anger back: "Sold, 6000 a flat, the total price of 70 million Mr. Li can buy back!" The last sentence "70 million" said extra loud, just like telling Li Dong, no money to get out! Li Dong smashed his mouth, and did not care about Wang Yunqing's attitude. He does not have money, if he had money he would really like to buy it. Only 6000 a flat only, ten years after the first floor of Longhua Square's prime store unit price of 50,000 a flat are grabbed by people crazy, the peak of even 70,000 to 80,000 a flat have. Although the second floor is not as good as the first floor, but 40,000 to 50,000 a flat is not difficult. Nearly seven times the rate of return, a profit of 400 million in ten years, faster than robbing money. But now is not the time to fantasize, 70 million killed Li Dong can not take out. Li Dong returned to the topic: "If you rent, how do you calculate the rent?" Wang Yunqing breathed a sigh of relief, he was really afraid that Li Dong continued to stir up nonsense. Seeing Li Dong asked about the rent, immediately returned: "Annual rent of 8 million, the contract can be signed for five years and ten years of two, the first year's rent paid in a lump sum." This kind of large area of stores generally have a long lease term, five years ten years is normal. "8 million?" Li Dong silently calculate a moment, the rent of 8 million a year, in fact, is not too expensive, after all, the place is large enough. But according to the current market price, 8 million would be too much, more than 11% of the purchase price.