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Chapter 49 wear out in the sun

  When Li Dong walked out of the leasing office, he was excited and apprehensive. Excited is the shopping mall rented, preempting Tesco step, worth celebrating. Apprehension is the stall is big, lack of people, lack of money, lack of experience, lack of everything! The contract was finally set for ten years, or value-added contract, but the annual increase was reduced to three percent, and the first year's rent also became 6.8 million. Li Dong paid a deposit of 100,000, and agreed to pay the remaining 6.7 million within 45 days to get the right to use the mall. If the rent could not be delivered within 45 days, Longhua had the right to cancel the contract, and the 100,000 deposit would be lost. In fact, according to Wang Yunqing, 100,000 deposit or a little less, and finally or Li Dong argued to sign the contract. 6.7 million rent, plus the cost of renovation, no 10 million certainly can not take down. The key is where does the money come from? Dongping's Yuanfang supermarket profit is rich, September is not yet over, but Sun Tao is expected not less than 1.5 million. But there are still four branches in Qingyang waiting for money, tens of millions of funds from where to squeeze out? Not to mention the renovation, the rent of 6.7 million must be settled within 45 days, which is even more difficult for Li Dong. Li Dong sighed, the money to the use of Fang hate less, their own wealth of nearly 10 million rich people are not not short of money. …… Just as Li Dong walked out of Longhua Square, there were people not far away who were also discussing him. "Shanshan, look, is that Li Dong?" Huang Shanshan glanced in the direction of Bai Su's finger and said with some confusion, "Li Dong? Is it the Li Dong from the class president's dormitory?" Although and Li Dong is a class, but only met once when the class meeting, how can Huang Shanshan recognize who Li Dong is. Li Dong is not a handsome handsome man, can remember the name thanks to Li Tie, the class president's housemates a few class cadres or know the name. Bai Su also knows that he asked the wrong object, counting on Huang Shanshan to recognize people, simply miserable. Today's holiday, she and Huang Shanshan out together ready to buy something, did not expect to just see Li Dong. And also the suit Li Dong, if not seen yesterday, she doubted that she was wrong. On this day, hot as hell, Li Dong either has a head problem or a big secret! Then look at the place where Li Dong came out, Longhua Plaza she knows, recently advertised a lot, but not yet open. A shopping mall that is not open, Li Dong wearing a suit to go there for what? Looking for/part-time job? Not quite like that, there are no merchants in residence, looking for what part-time jobs. Bai Su's curiosity exploded and said to Huang Shanshan: "Let's follow him and see where he goes!" "Not good ……" Huang Shanshan before the end of hesitation was pulled by Bai Su ran, did not finish the words hard was held back in the stomach. …… Pingchuan Park. Li Dong sitting on the park's leaning chair is talking to Sun Tao. "Brother Sun, can the supermarket raise 7 million in cash by mid-November?" "Cough ……" Sun Tao, who was overseeing the renovation of the Qingyang branch, coughed up when he heard Li Dong's first words. It took a while before he said quietly, "Mr. Li, let me tell you, if the speed is fast, the four branches will be renovated and open for business in two months." Li Dong froze for a moment and said, "You mean there is no money?" Since the new store has finished renovating and started operating, there will certainly be a large amount of expenses to pay for the renovation, as well as laying out the goods and preparing the reserve. "You are right, the four stores renovation to the end of the business, the investment of no less than six million, completely on the Dongping side of the blood supply, which there is money left. I'm afraid we won't be able to pay dividends for the next few months, and staff salaries will probably have to be diverted from the payment." "Yes, there is still money for goods, first draw out the emergency." Li Dong hurriedly said. The payment can be postponed for three months, there is a three-month buffer, the profit of Yuanfang is enough to pay off the payment. Sun Tao hesitated for a moment and asked, "Mr. Li, the payment can be borrowed first, but the Pingchuan side ……" Sun Tao was really worried about Li Dong making a big commotion on the Pingchuan side. Unlike Dongping, Pingchuan's market is not a blank, four supermarket chains are not small, with the strength of the Yuan Fang can fight them? If they lose money, it's not just a matter of losing money. He was afraid that the failure of Pingchuan's investment might deal a major blow to Li Dong, thus affecting the entire Far Eastern industrial layout. "Don't worry! I came over with nothing in the beginning, big deal, I'll start all over again!" Although Li Dong put most of his energy on the supermarket, it doesn't mean that the supermarket is his only choice. Even if the supermarket is sunk, Li Dong has the confidence to create a base business again, who let him be reborn.