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Chapter 50: Meng Qiping, the God of Song

  (Request for collection and recommendation) September 27th, Monday. In the afternoon, there was only one English class for international trade majors, and it was not yet four o'clock when Li Dong returned to his dormitory. In the dormitory Xu Chen is playing CS, Zhang Hao moved a chair to sit behind and watch. Li Dong entered the door two people did not head back, a serious play, a serious look. Li Dong shook his head, some admiration said: "You cow, class is still less than ten minutes, you two are sharp enough!" Even going up and down the stairs will take several minutes, these two guys must have pedaled their bikes to come back so fast. When Li Dong finished, Xu Chen two people knew that Li Dong had returned. "Brother Dong, when will you also buy a computer, let's play together ah!" Xu Chen still did not turn around, eyes dead on the screen, fingers nimbly operating the mouse. "Feel like I want to buy a computer to play games with you, right?" Li Dong laughed, and was not prepared to buy a computer now. Now the computer is expensive, the memory is also very small, on a network card to die, he did not want to buy. Previously, Li Chengyuan was prepared to buy him a private money, but then the private money was confiscated by Cao Fang, the family convenience store also need to invest, Li Chengyuan also did not mention this. Although Li Dong himself is not short of money, but also do not want to spend ten or twenty thousand to buy an old thing. The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers. The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers. "Where is Fatty?" Li Dong looked around and found the reason for the quietness, Meng Qiping guy was actually not there. "Back!" Meng Qiping's voice came in from outside the dormitory, the little fatty was a bit sullen. When he entered the dormitory, he didn't say anything and sat down on his desk and started to dwell. Li Dong was a bit curious, this guy is usually quiet for a while, what's wrong today? "What's wrong? Wu Qin confessed his love to you?" "Pfft!" Li Dong just finished the crowd erupted in laughter, Xu Chen even the game can not care anymore, pounding the table laughing hard. Even Yuan Qingfeng also grinned and wanted to laugh but held it back. Meng Qiping face a little white, fiercely glared at Li Dong did not speak. Who is Wu Qin, that is a fighting hen in the hen! Meng Qiping himself is fat enough, but there are strong hands in the strong, people Wu Qin a nearly equivalent to his two. The thought of Wu Qin if he really confessed to himself, Meng Qiping simply shuddered. At once also do not pretend to be deep, and hurriedly said: "Not Wu Qin, is Bai Su ……" "Holy shit, really fake!" "Are you hallucinating?" "No way!" …… Meng Qiping hadn't finished speaking, the dormitory exploded. Li Tie even gasped and shouted, "Don't joke around!" Usually he rarely loses his temper, but now he can't help but hear Meng Qiping's words and get angry. Meng Qiping was speechless and said, "Wait for me to finish, okay?" "You say!" Li Tie, despite realizing that he had lost his temper, hurriedly pursued the question. "Bai Su said to invite me to dinner ……" finished looking up and swept a glance, see the crowd and signs of a storm, Meng Qiping scratched his head dry smile, "Well, it is to invite all of us 351 to dinner. " "She invited us to dinner for what?" "Yeah, how come Bai Su didn't tell me, you and she are not familiar." Li Tie now had some suspicions that Meng Qiping was lying. It is said that even if Bai Su wants to invite them to dinner will not go through Meng Qiping, he and Bai Su often meet, the invitation should also be looking for himself as a middleman. Meng Qiping skimmed his mouth, ignored Li Tie and continued: "Do not mention it, it is enough to talk about the fire." Said a brief account of what happened, just finished to find the crowd sighing, a sympathetic look on their faces. Of course, not sympathy for Meng Qiping, but sympathy for Bai Su. Li Dong could not help but laugh out loud, too funny, Bai Su will not be ready to cut himself to death, right?