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Chapter 51 Bai Su treats, the group of demons danc

  Six and a half, 351 dormitory all out. Truthfully, in fact, wait for a few douchebags to finish packing, Li Dong has some regrets about not wanting to go. It is not the face, too embarrassing! The night led a group of demons and monsters out, Li Dong really afraid of being beaten. "Fatty ……" dawdled to accompany a few people down the dormitory building, Li Dong was a little bit wanting to say but still. Meng Qiping blinked hard, revealing a puzzled look. Li Dong held back and held back, took several deep breaths, and finally side-stepped: "Do you have heat?" Meng Qiping shook his head, full of fat face with the shaking head movement shaking non-stop. Li Dong forced a smile and said, "The night is also very hot, fatty, why don't you go back and change into a cooler clothes." "Why? I am not hot ah!" "Don't you think this dress up one? It seems …… as if there is a tight …… "Li Dong in good conscience again reminded a sentence, the heart is already cursed mother! Other people also forget, sultry one Li Dong can also be ignored. But Meng Qiping this guy really can not stand ah! This hot day, the dead fat man wearing a slim suit, a fat taut. Especially the stomach piece, as if the whole body's flesh is squeezed together, and pregnant like, simply ** to home! Not yet hot, face are starting to oil up! Meng Qiping is unconscious, wildly throwing his big head: "This is the style, tight skinny!" "Style your sister ah!" Li Dong cursed in his heart, his mouth still advised: "This style is not suitable for you." "Brother Dong, you don't understand, women like this style!" Meng Qiping said, "You're not afraid that I'll steal your thunder, are you?" "Roll!" Li Dong fiercely rolled his eyes, is really too lazy to persuade, anyway, the embarrassment is not himself. He actually wanted to ask a question, which woman blind will like you this ** style? But think about it or forget it, let the fat man get high! …… Chuanfu family. When Li Dong arrived, Bai Su had already come. The room is not only Bai Su a person, plus Bai Su a total of six girls, should also be the dormitory full strength. Li Dong can call out the name of only Bai Su and Huang Shanshan, the others look familiar, but for a while just can not remember the name. Li Tie, the class president, had more dealings with them and greeted several girls separately. The other girls were Cheng Nan, Zhao Tingting, Li Wan and Song Juan. Cheng Nan and Li Wan are above average, and Li Dong, the human scoring machine, gave them a high score of 75. Zhao Tingting also looks okay, is the person black, Li Dong barely a 70 points. As for Song Juan …… well, the machine malfunctioned, automatically a poor rating, failing! Of course, all this is a flash of thoughts in the mind of Li Dong, he did not dare to really come out, or he suspected that he could not walk out of the hotel. See 351 people arrived, Bai Su they also got up and greeted several boys respectively. When the line of sight fell on Meng Qiping, Bai Su's eyes widened abruptly, then couldn't help but cover his stomach and laugh. A few other girls are almost the same, laughing and trembling, really Meng Qiping this dress is too comical. The big-hearted Cheng Nan also laughed and joked: "Meng Qiping, dinner also brought the child along, too calculating, right?" "Pfft!" The men and women in the room almost all laughed out loud. Meng Qiping also did not think, he wanted this effect, did not see the girls eyes are focused on their own it. Laugh it up, the fat master is thick-skinned anyway. The fat man playfully said: "The child is brought, but there is still a lack of a mother, which of you want to be?" "Go to hell!" "Shame on you!" The …… girls laughed and cursed a few times, and because of Meng Qiping, a living treasure, the crowd, which had previously been a bit rusty, was suddenly much more relaxed. When the wine and food were served, the atmosphere was more lively than just sitting dry at the beginning. Wine is a good thing, can open the conversation, but also to ease the embarrassment. Li Tie first filled a glass for himself, squeezed his eyes towards 351 people, and got up and said, "Let's all toast to Bai Su, if not for Bai Su's suggestion, we wouldn't have the opportunity to drink with all the beauties at the same table!" The boys hurriedly got up, even Yuan Qingfeng, who did not deal with Li Tie, gave face to Li Tie at this time, no, it should be to give face to the beauty, and picked up a glass of wine and drank. Bai Su also took a sip from her cup and smiled, "I was negligent, if I had known that the class leader's dormitory was full of talents, I should have eaten this meal earlier." The others didn't care about Bai Su's words, and thought she was being polite. Li Dong is secretly wary, how to listen to the words have a sense of a bad person ah.