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Chapter 52 - Longsheng Supermarket

  Since that day after dinner, the 351 dormitory has changed a little compared to before. Xu Chen has less time to play games and often pulls Zhang Hao together to go around the girls' dormitory. At first Li Dong did not care, until Meng Qiping told him that Xu Chen was pursuing Huang Shanshan, Li Dong then woke up. Although Li Dong did not see eye to eye, but still gave his blessing, hope that Xu Chen will get what he wants. When he returned from the orientation party on the 30th night, Xu Chen became much quieter and Li Dong realized that something was wrong. Because the evening just received a phone call from Qin Yuhan, Li Dong did not go to see the party. But from the mouth of Meng Qiping, who returned to the dormitory a little later, Li Dong still learned the reason. It turns out that Huang Shanshan also had a singing performance at the party, and eventually overwhelmed the crowd, even Bai Su's piano song was suppressed by her, winning the unanimous praise of the College of Economics and Management. Huang Shanshan is not bad looking, and she is also a match for Bai Su. When she stepped off the stage, many seniors flocked to her, just roses Huang Shanshan received, of course, the same treatment and Bai Su. Originally this is not much, the girl grew beautiful is too normal to be chased, see Li Tie did not have much reaction. The key is that Huang Shanshan and a sophomore handsome senior seems to know, not only received someone's rose, but also jokingly let people send her back to the dormitory. This came to make Xu Chen, who was secretly following behind, sad. Li Dong heard is also slightly shaking his head, this is also no way things, people you love me, he wanted to help also can't help, can't beat the lovebirds it. Besides, he can't be bothered to get involved in this kind of thing now. Tomorrow is November, the school holiday, whether it is the Qingyang side or Longhua side have a lot of things waiting for Li Dong to deal with, he also did not have time to comfort the injured Xu Chen. …… October 1, Li Dong boarded the bus back to Dongping early in the morning. To pick up the station is Yang Yun, Sun Tao is now presiding over the work in Qingyang city, people are not in Dongping. Seeing Yang Yun, Li Dong thought of Qin Yuhan. Qin Yuhan did not go home on the National Day this year, originally wanted Li Dong to see her in the capital. But Li Dong still has a lot of things on hand to deal with, no choice, had to postpone the time to go to the capital. When he saw Yang Yun, Li Dong didn't make too much of a courtesy and asked straight out, "How are the several branches in Hechuan, Nanping, being renovated? Did you encounter any trouble?" Although there is usually telephone communication, but some things are not clear on the phone. "Everything is still going well, Mr. Sun is preparing to open four branches at the same time in December, now the progress on the Qingyang side may be a little unable to keep up, Mr. Sun is supervising." Although Yang Yun has been doing the financial aspects, but recently Sun Tao is often not in the store, Dongping matters almost all to her responsibility, so talk about these things is also concise and clear. Li Dong nodded, four branches opened at the same time or he and Sun Tao discussed, in order to create a big momentum. "What about the Dongping side?" Originally Li Dong just casually asked, after all, Dongping side has been developing well, there should not be any problems. But Yang Yun was hesitant for a moment, until Li Dong stopped and looked over, Yang Yun said, "The situation is not so good." "What's going on?" Li Dong frowned, Dongping is the key, at this stage is not only the branch of Qingyang waiting for Dongping blood transfusion, Longhua side is also counting on Dongping support. If there is a problem with Dongping, resulting in tight payments, Li Dong's layout in Pingchuan will be a loss. "Another supermarket has opened on North Street, which has a certain impact on the business of Far Far Away." Li Dong fell into contemplation, it seems that history has returned to the right track. Originally, the memory was that the first supermarket would appear in Dongping on the eleventh day of this year, but now, although he was preempted by himself, he still failed to change history. However, Li Dong quickly reacted to the fact that today is the eleventh, if the other side opened today, it would not have had an impact on the far side so quickly. "When did that supermarket open? Is it a prosperous supermarket?" Yang Yun some strange Li Dong's reaction, but still returned: "opened half a month, the supermarket is not called prosperous, is Longsheng supermarket." "Half a month, Longsheng ……" Li Dong muttered, memory still changed. Originally not so, prosperous supermarket is no longer, but more a Longsheng. Li Dong is not in a hurry to go home, let Yang Yun take him to the newly opened that supermarket to see. …… the same location, the same sign, the supermarket name has changed. The change is not only the name, the boss is not the original boss, but a person Li Dong did not expect and in reason. Feng Bin, Feng Jinsong's father, Dongping's premier tycoon. Feng Bin is worth a lot of money, contacts are also wide, know that the supermarket to make money to insert a foot is normal.