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Chapter 53 - The wolf is coming!

  On October 2, Yuanfang Supermarket launched its membership card system. Playing several elements of free application, discountable and accumulated points for gifts, Yuanfang Supermarket launched a powerful publicity work. Newspapers, outdoor advertisements, leaflets, and students walking around with the supermarket's slogan …… made Far Eastern Supermarket the talk of Dongping people after dinner and tea again, and the opening day crowd in front of the supermarket was reproduced. On the 2nd day alone, more than 800 membership cards were applied for, and the shopping cards launched were also very popular, with more than 36,000 yuan sold on the first day. on October 3rd, the news that the shopping cards could be bought back at a 10% cash discount from the original price also spread. Many more people came to buy shopping cards on that day. And and the first day housewives for the mainstream different, this day a lot more men, the handwriting is also more than those housewives, easily tens of thousands of are a lot. The cold-eyed Li Dong can see at a glance the origin of these people, most of them are local Dongping businessmen and some government agencies of the logistics department personnel. That night the supermarket to take stock, for membership cards nearly 1,000, shopping cards sold more than 180,000 yuan. By the end of October 6, ……, Yuanfang Supermarket had handled a total of 5,700 membership cards and the total value of the cards was nearly 800,000. 5,700 membership cards were equivalent to 5,700 families choosing Yuanfang, and as long as the services and prices of Yuanfang Supermarket were in place, these people were the loyal customers of Yuanfang. As for the shopping cards, excluding the 200,000 that were sent out, all the million shopping vouchers launched in the early stage were sold out. These shopping cards will not be circulated in the supermarkets soon, and will even become a kind of circulation currency in disguise, perhaps never to be used in the supermarkets. This is equivalent to Li Dong has more than 800,000 liquid funds on hand, and this is just the beginning. Li Dong believes that, when the wave of gift-giving frenzy at the end of the year, shopping cards sold ten million is not a difficult task. Membership card and shopping card launch, the additional effect is the supermarket turnover to a record high. During the six days of National Day, the total sales of Yuanfang Supermarket exceeded 6 million, and the average single day sales exceeded one million! ……6 In the evening, Li Dong met Sun Tao who hurriedly came back from Qingyang city. Sun Tao is darker and thinner than before. Li Dong saw some heartache, people get along for a long time, there are always feelings. Before Sun Tao in his view is a professional manager, but now Li Dong treat him as a real partner, see the situation can not help but say: "Sun brother, there is no need to do everything, we recruited so many people, not let them eat idle rice! Sun Tao smiled, slightly tired and said, "Mr. Li, I am happy in it." On the one hand is the incentive of dividends, on the other hand is the sense of achievement, unparalleled sense of achievement! Far Eastern supermarket development and growth, he Sun Tao is an integral part of! Said to bypass this topic, Sun Tao asked rhetorically, "You're leaving tomorrow?" Seeing that Sun Tao did not want to discuss this topic, Li Dong had to let go and nodded, "I'll leave tomorrow morning." The National Day holiday was almost over, plus the shopping mall over in Longhua had to be fixed as soon as possible, so Li Dong had to go. Sun Tao slightly silent for a moment, want to say something but want to say but stop. Several times down, Li Dong also see that Sun Tao has something to say, so said: "Sun, what is worth so difficult for you?" Sun Tao frowned slightly, did not first say the main topic, but asked, "How is the side of Longsheng?" Li Dong saw the situation and did not force him, if there is really something Sun Tao will definitely talk to himself. Seeing him bring up Longsheng, Li Dong disdainfully said, "Recently their business is less than half, scabies, there is no need to pay too much attention." A series of actions of the far side completely confused Longsheng, earlier they played price war can still barely compete with the far side, now the membership card, Longsheng no way to fight back. If not for Li Dong's desire to drag Longsheng, as long as a few more promotional offers, completely defeated Longsheng is not too difficult. Sun Tao actually did not see Longsheng in the eyes, otherwise it would not even mention it before and Li Dong mentioned. After asking Longsheng, Sun Tao is silent again. Li Dong look straight frown, dissatisfied: "Sun, something you say, dragging is not like you." Sun Tao took a deep breath and said, "Mr. Li, China Resources already holds Su Guo!" Li Dong raised his eyebrows, just want to say this has nothing to do with him, his mind suddenly remembered the memory of the latter days, immediately attached importance: "Su Guo to enter Jiangbei?" "Yes!" Sun Tao's face was heavy and said, "I'm not worried about other large supermarket stores entering Jiangbei, what I'm afraid of is Sugo!" "Their target market overlaps with Yuanfang, the 'pack wolf tactics' proposed by Ma Jiarong is very marketable, what they like to do is to open stores intensively in the regional market, to do through the business district, so that competitors have no way out …… "