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Chapter 54 - Li Dong's Pranks

  (Request collection and recommendation vote ah, brothers support it, thanks! October 7th. The first thing you need to do is to get back to school. 351 dormitory only Meng Qiping and Yuan Qingfeng are in, the others are not there yet. Yuan Qingfeng is too far from home, this holiday did not go home. Meng Qiping is completely lazy, this guy is afraid of the trouble of taking the bus back and forth, refused to go back. When Li Dong entered the door, he was smoked by the smell in the dormitory, pinching his nose and cursing: "Are you pigs? Haven't you cleaned for seven days?" Meng Qiping lay on the bed half-dead and replied, "Brother Dong, if you guys don't come again, I'll starve to death, so I won't have the strength to clean." "Holy shit!" Li Dong cursed, looking at Meng Qiping bed under all the noodle buckets, suddenly speechless. "You didn't really sleep in school for seven days, did you?" Li Dong swept a glance at him with some incredulity, otherwise how to eat noodles every day. This guy Meng Qiping is not short of money, from the usual life can see that the family should be quite rich, no reason to eat noodles every day. Unless, this guy simply did not go out to buy food! Meng Qiping laughed dryly twice, without his voice Li Dong understood. What do not want to say, only one word - convince! Then look at Yuan Qingfeng who is sleeping in the bed next to him, Li Dong doubted: "You also slept for seven days?" Yuan Qingfeng yawned, shook his head and said, "I went to my high school classmates to play, and only came back last night." He glanced at Meng Qiping and said, "If I had slept for seven days, I would have died of hunger, I don't have that much fat to burn." Li Dong lost his smile, took out a packet of snacks from his backpack and threw it to Meng Qiping, saying, "Eat it, starve to death!" Meng Qiping hehe smiled and did not say, under the hand action is not slow, quickly unpacked a bag of potato chips to eat up. "Finish eating down to clean up, I do not want to live in a pigsty." Li Dong cursed, turned around to go out. Seeing this, Meng Qiping hurriedly said, "Brother Dong, where are you going, I'm going too!" "You honestly clean up the hygiene before, I have to go out." "No, brother Dong, I have not gone out for seven days, take me with you!" The fat man hurriedly threw down the potato chips, wearing pants and rolled out of bed. Li Dong saw some funny, "I am really something, you follow me why." Since last night and Sun Tao some talk, Li Dong is ready to speed up the pace, today is to go to Longhua side to pay the money to take possession of the room. I didn't expect that the fatty wouldn't comply, and had to go out with Li Dong, was swollen from sleep and wanted to go for a walk. Li Dong some speechless, no good: "You go, who cleaned the health?" "It's okay, it's not too late to come back and clean up." Meng Qiping did not hesitate to say back. Li Dong swept a suspicious glance at him, this guy had to follow his own why, did he really just want to go out for a spin? Seven days have slept, now have to go out with himself, not to have any idea about himself, right? Thinking of this Li Dong a bad chill, the dead fatty is not a special hobby it. Just want to refuse, Meng Qiping said: "I'll go out and go around, you have something to do, I will not bother you." The strike also looked at Li Dong with a supplicating face, and the pathetic look made people look funny. "Whatever you want." Li Dong also did not again, later let the fatty wait for himself outside is, anyway, he does not know what he went to do. Dropping these words Li Dong went straight out, turned around and looked, Meng Qiping really followed. Li Dong stared at him for a long time, straight to the heart of the ghost of Meng Qiping look at the eyes wandering before slyly said: "You just wear pants to go out with me?" "Ahem, that …… you wait I will!" Meng Qiping some embarrassment, finished this sentence will be a slip of smoke rushed into the dormitory. In less than a minute, this guy got dressed and caught up with Li Dong. …… until out of the school, Li Dong suddenly said: "Fatty, who ordered you?" "Huh?" Meng Qiping's eyes darted around, eyes slithering up, some panic and shook his head: "What do you mean? I just want to go out for a walk, what's the point of being suspicious!" Li Dong smiled and glanced at him, and did not ask. Just a scam this guy, it seems that this guy is still genuinely bad, is ready to kidnap himself inside and outside collusion? But thinking about it, Li Dong thought it was impossible, Meng Qiping is not that kind of person. Even if there is that mind, he does not have the guts, which Li Dong thinks he will not be wrong about the person. The only time I spent money generously was when Yuan Qingfeng lost his MP3, but it was only a few hundred dollars, so it shouldn't be worth anyone's time. Can not think of Li Dong will not bother to think, no matter what the purpose of this guy, it should not be a big deal. Walked about ten minutes, Longhua Square arrived.