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Chapter 55 - The fight is on

  As soon as the National Day holiday is over, Li Dong began to get busy. As if back to the time when he was reborn, when Li Dong for the lobster business is also this early in the morning and late at night. School supermarkets on both sides of the continuous rotation, just a few days Li Dong has lost a circle, causing Meng Qiping are afraid to walk with him again. As for why Meng Qiping actually had to follow him that day, Li Dong was too busy to ask again. …… In the evening of this day, Li Dong dragged his tired body back to school from Longhua Square. Just walk to the dormitory building, see Zhang Hao wind and fire from the distance ran over. As soon as he saw Li Dong, Zhang Hao was overjoyed and said in a terrified tone, "Brother Dong, there is a fight!" "What's the fight?" Li Dong was confused, and before he could ask what was going on, he was pulled forward by Zhang Hao and ran. Zhang Hao while running, while anxiously explained to Li Dong: "is Chen, he and people fight, he is alone, the other side of many people ……" not waiting for Zhang Hao finished, Li Dong drank: "I go first, you go to the dormitory to call people! " Finish Li Dong speed up the pace, behind the faint sound of Zhang Hao's reminder, "in the 6 building over there, next to the girls' dormitory ……"…… Li Dong ran to the girls' dormitory in one breath, far away to see The open space to the right of the dormitory is surrounded by a circle of people. Pushing aside the crowd of onlookers outside, ignoring the complaints, Li Dong saw Xu Chen at a glance. Xu Chen's condition is very bad, is surrounded by three boys in the middle, one of them more than one meter eight boys choking him, Xu Chen's face has risen red. Too late to think about it, Li Dong hurriedly went forward and pushed away the two boys on the periphery and bellowed at the taller boy, "Let go!" "You fucking care less ……" the tall boy has not finished cursing, Li Dong kicked over, the other party a stumble, had to let go of the choke on Xu Chen's hand. No time to ask the reason, Li Dong quickly asked Xu Chen, "Is everything okay?" Xu Chen covered his neck and shook his head, his eyes fiercely glaring at the taller boy without saying a word. Li Dong then had time to pay attention to the others, turned to look at the tall boy who was about to come up again, drinking: "What, want to kill someone!" "Chen Fang, don't do it yet." One of the short-haired boys who had been pushed away by Li Dong pulled back the angry tall man and said to Li Dong: "Your friend started it, Chen Fang was also defending himself." "Self-defense your mother! If I don't come you guys want to strangle him to death?" Li Dong did not listen to his explanation, there is a difference between close and distant, he is naturally to Xu Chen. The other side is still three people, Xu Chen and thin, how can they get an advantage in their hands. The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market. The boy named Chen Fang was even more angry and rushed up again, this time the short-haired man did not pull again. But Li Dong is not Xu Chen, his experience in fighting is very rich. The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers. Chen Fang's center of gravity was unstable and he fell into a fart squat, covering his stomach and grunting. Li Dong sneered, and did not continue, just stared at Chen Fang disdainfully said: "When I fought you still piss and mud play, play cross you are still young!" Chen Fang was ashamed and angry, got up and ready to continue, this time the short-haired boy pulled him again. Chen Fang roared: "Xiao Ran, you let go, I'll kill him!" The short-haired boy also known as Xiao Ran frowned and drank: "You first calm down, fighting can solve the problem?" As if the prestige called Xiao Ran is not, Chen Fang although still angry hard to subside, but is not rushed up to find Li Dong trouble, but only with a murderous look deadly glare at Li Dong. Li Dong simply did not take it seriously. Don't three a look at know how to fight students, is the social mix of old oil he also don't care, when doing sales in order to grab a single also don't know how many times the hand. Turned around and asked Xu Chen: "They started it?"